20 Ways to Position a Sofa in Your Interior

A major element of the room, the living room sofa should be well positioned to give your interior even more charm. Central, along a wall, in front of the fireplace … How to position your sofa? Focus on 20 configurations.

1. Against a wall

Against a wall (1)

The arrangement against a wall is undoubtedly the most natural because it is the one which wastes the least space. The sofa follows the lines of the wall and, thanks to its return, structures the entrance into the room. This kind of arrangement is possible in any situation: whether or not there is a lack of space! If the example chosen here is a room with a large surface area, it is also quite possible to imagine the same layout in a much smaller space.

2. In front of a window

In front of a window (1)

Installing your sofa just below a window is undoubtedly the most pleasant position since you benefit from maximum light. To install this type of sofa, the space must naturally be rather large. This type of arrangement allows many accessories: a rug, an occasional chair, a coffee table, a magazine rack …

If natural light is undoubtedly a plus in terms of comfort, in summer, you must however provide sun protection.

3. In a corner

In a corner (1)

No need to have a large space to carry out this type of arrangement: on the contrary! The smaller the space, the more the surface will be optimized and the atmosphere will be friendly and warm.

4. In the middle of the room

In the middle of the room (1)

The layout is said to be central when the sofa does not come to rest against one of the walls of the room. Installed in the middle of a space, it becomes a structuring element: it is sometimes used to create a new axis of circulation as here, sometimes to create a separation between two spaces within the same room. But also to strengthen user-friendliness.

5. In a circle or in an arc

In a circle or in an arc this circle (1)

The round layout, which consists of arranging the sofas in a circle or in an arc, is undoubtedly the most user-friendly of all! And for good reason: it is the one which offers the greatest seating capacity and which best promotes discussion. All family members can see each other, which is especially nice.

6. In front of a fireplace

In front of a fireplace (1)

Placing a sofa in front of a fireplace or on the side, this is done regularly but installing it perpendicularly, this is rarer! This original arrangement is nevertheless interesting because it allows to give rhythm to the room.

7. The face-to-face layout

The face-to-face layout (1)

Very friendly, the face-to-face layout allows the whole family to enjoy the living room and look each other in the eye. One can indeed imagine the parents taking place in one sofa and the children in the other. A bit like the arrangement in the round! Except that the latter takes up much more space!

8. Under stairs

Under stairs (1)

Under a staircase, a sofa mainly exploits a space often left empty or used to store various objects. Here, the sofa creates a cozy little cocoon, which benefits from a generous supply of natural light in addition to a shaded area thanks to the structure of the staircase.

9. A back sofa at the entrance to the living room

A back sofa at the entrance to the living room (1)

Having a sofa with your back at the entrance to a living room is strongly recommended to fit out a small apartment that would not have a hallway, for example. The main advantage of this arrangement is that it defines the living room from the entrance. For this type of arrangement, the corner sofa will perfectly fulfill this function. Be careful, once again to choose a sofa large enough and why not with a high backrest to complete this layout.

The plus of a sofa back to the front door in a living room? In a studio or a small apartment, the sofa on its own, depending on its shape (angled or curved) can very well fully embody the living room and thus be satisfied with a coffee table and a carpet to create a kind of island living room from the entrance.

10. A sofa back to the window

A sofa back to the window (1)

Having a sofa back to the living room window allows you to benefit from a pleasant supply of light. Sitting on the sofa, you can feel the heat of the sun and enjoy a room bathed in light. However, this type of layout requires choosing the right model of sofa. This should not have a backrest too high so as not to interfere with the opening of the windows.

This type of arrangement makes it possible in particular to match the look of the sofa corner with the cushions to that of the curtains in the living room to play the card of total harmony.

11. Exactly under the stairs

Under the stairs (1)

The sofa under the stairs creates a cozy and original space.

12. Leaning against a piece of furniture

Leaning against a piece of furniture (1)

In a small space, we lean the sofa against a piece of furniture to create a separation and divide the space.

13. In front of the chimney

In front of the chimney (1)

When placing the sofa near the fireplace, be careful that it does not get damaged under the effect of the heat.

14. In an arc

In an arc (1)

When the sofa is arranged in an arc, conviviality is at the rendezvous!

15. In front of the TV

In front of the TV (1)

If you want to enjoy cocooning evenings in front of a series or a film, the best thing would be to place your sofa in front of the television!

16. Near the entrance

Near the entrance (1)

You can also place the sofa near the entrance with a piece of furniture to separate the spaces!

17. To note

To note (1)

Obviously, avoid setting up an office area there, otherwise you will not be able to make the best use of your devices and their screens. Conversely, you can combine the characteristics of the sofa (colors, possible patterns) to recall the window and its color or materials, but also the curtains!

18. In a circle

In a circle (1)

This configuration uses the principles of that of the arc of a circle. You will favor conviviality and exchange by adopting this arrangement!

19. Eccentric

Eccentric (1)

You can also place your sofa slightly off-center to form a sofa with it!

20. In the entrance

In the entrance (1)

If you are lucky enough to have a large entrance, you can place a bench or sofa to put on and take off your shoes easily and comfortably.