20 ideas of Bohemian Christmas Decor

For a bohemian Christmas, we definitely adopt beige and light colors. The natural is appropriate for Deco warm: so use the canvas Jute to cover the pot fir are used branches and sticks for hanging Christmas decoration … In short, a Bohemian Christmas, allowed room for authenticity, the kind and mind pampering. We also let ourselves be tempted by green, by touches, reminiscent of fir branches and coniferous forests.

For an interior full of softness, discover 24 ideas for a successful Christmas decoration in the bohemian and warm spirit.

1. Mini tree

Mini tree (1)

We love the DIY mini tree: fir branches in Dame Jeanne.

2. Plant suspension

plant suspension on wall

Create plant suspensions with a piece of wood and fir branches for a bohemian decor.

3. Fir bouquets

Fir bouquets (1)

Decorate the New Year’s Eve table by sliding fir branches and feathers into small vases.

4. Bohemian Christmas Wreath

Bohemian Christmas Wreath (1)

The Christmas wreath is surrounded by pompoms for an original bohemian decor.

5. Dream Catcher in Christmas tree

Dream Catcher in Christmas tree (1)

Don’t forget to hang a dream catcher on your bohemian Christmas tree.

6. Christmas tree in dried flowers

Christmas tree in dried flowers (1)

Step out of the ordinary and adopt the Christmas tree in dried flowers.

7. Stocking


Hang the Christmas sock on your fireplace to receive gifts. We opt for a model with pompoms.

8. Window decoration

Window decoration

The Christmas atmosphere invites itself to the windows with bohemian pendant lights.

9. Fireplace

decoration of fireplace (1)

On the fireplace, add snowballs, stars, and a mini tree for a bohemian Christmas atmosphere.

10. Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher

The essential of the Bohemian Christmas decoration: the dream catcher!

11. Tinted suspensions

Tinted suspensions

Decorate woolen suspensions with dye for a bohemian decor.

12. Bohemian decor

Bohemian decor

The bohemian decor invites itself for Christmas with cushions and plaids for a cocooning interior.

13. Wool tree

Wool tree

We change from the traditional tree and we fall for the wool tree.

14. Fir branches

Fir branches

On the fireplace, we install fir branches for a successful Christmas decoration.

15. Bohemian New Year’s Table for Christmas

Bohemian New Year's Table for Christmas

We make a bohemian New Year’s Eve table with an animal skin effect blanket and plant suspensions for Christmas.

16. An original Christmas tree

An original Christmas tree

For a bohemian and natural Christmas, we put on a solid and thin tree branch on which we will hang some warm decorations.

17. A beige Christmas

A beige Christmas

To adopt the bohemian trend even at Christmas, we put on a tree in beige colors and support natural material. The wicker rug is also a good figure to receive this tree.

18. A bohemian and cocooning Christmas

A bohemian and cocooning Christmas

For a bohemian and cocooning Christmas, we put on Christmas socks in beige/ecru wool.

19. Christmas tree skirt

Christmas tree skirt

We forget the traditional Christmas tree skirt and replace it with a pretty knit!

20. Lanterns

Lanterns (1)

The small paper lanterns hanging from the wooden branch will create a warm and so bohemian atmosphere.

21. Tree in a basket

Tree in a basket

The tree in a basket is a must. We keep the decoration of the tree very minimalist for a refined effect.

22. Bedroom decor

bedroom decor

This winter bedroom looks so cozy. The pom pom blanket, string light, tree, and star decorations are perfect for an open space like a loft.

23. Pompom tree

Pompom tree (1)

This tree super-loaded with pompoms and colorful decoration makes us fall for it. We quickly forget the snow outside to travel to Mexico!

24. Hang branches with small dolls

Hang branches with small dolls (1)

This Christmas decoration is too pretty. We group with its most beautiful colorful and vintage decorations for the Christmas tree (hello Russian dolls) and we hang them from branches that we hang from the ceiling (or ceiling light).