15 Original tree made from Christmas bells (1)

Characteristic of the end of the year celebrations, Christmas bells are an inexhaustible source of inspiration when it comes to integrating them into the decoration of our spaces. Bells and bells are endless: a variety of models, sizes, and colors are available to any DIY enthusiast. So, if you are one of the DIY Christmas enthusiasts, our ideas are sure to impress you. Discover them in the photo gallery below.

1. Original tree made from Christmas bells

Original tree made from Christmas bells (1)

This year, why not opt ​​for an original Christmas tree, without thorns? Creative, fun, and more ecological, the alternative tree is an excellent idea for personalized and 100% unique decoration. And what do you think of the original tree above? Made from lots of bleached Christmas bells, and beautifully decorated with paper snowflakes, this miniature party tree makes a great table decoration.

Original tree made from Christmas bells 1 (1)

It couldn’t be simpler to make, the Christmas tree made from bells is ideal for your express party decoration. Monochrome or multicolored, the design depends on personal taste and can be adapted to the existing decor. All you need to do is get bells in the size and colors of your choice, a polystyrene cone, fixing clips, and around the clamp.

2. Original and simple table decorations to have magical parties

Original and simple table decorations to have magical parties (1)

Combine the two iconic elements of the holiday season – Christmas bells and poinsettia flowers – and you will succeed in creating a very elegant and attractive decoration. Just fill a transparent vase with golden Christmas bells and add some poinsettia flowers to it. According to individual wishes, it is also possible to tie a red ribbon for an additional decorative touch.

3. Centerpiece for coffee table

Centerpiece for coffee table (1)

The following party decoration idea with Christmas bells is ideal for the living room coffee table. Simple to make, this elegant composition combines silver bells, cylindrical candles, and white candles – all placed on a white tray. Add a fresh and colorful touch by creating a chic floral arrangement, like the one above.

4. Christmas bells diverted into super original napkin rings

Christmas bells diverted into super original napkin rings (1)

Original in themselves, Christmas bells are perfect for replacing traditional napkin rings. And the example above is living proof! The golden bells contrast nicely with the red napkins and produce an effect that is both traditional and modern.

5. For table decoration

For table decoration (1)

Here is another excellent proposal for table decoration with Christmas bells. It is a composition of red and golden bells, installed in a round transparent glass vase. Regarding the container, it is surrounded by a crown of decorative greenery, adorned with red and golden berries and golden leaves.

6. Door handle hanger

Door handle hanger (1)

How do you like this door handle hanger? If the answer is yes, we’ll show you how to make this wonderful idea your own. The door handle hanger, just like the door wreath, makes it possible to accessorize the porch and bring the magic of Christmas even outdoors.

Door handle hanger

The first step in the DIY is to take the cotton swab and use it to draw dots of gold paint and black paint on the wooden ornament. If the decoration in black and gold does not suit you, swap the colors for flashy tones. Bet on associations between pink and blue; blue and silver or yellow and green. Jovial atmosphere guaranteed! Finally, all you have to do is assemble a few bells using a piece of metal wire and you’re done. As well as using them to decorate the front door handle, these pretty ornaments can be hung from the branches of the fir tree or simply strung in a garland with rope or thin ribbon.

7. Christmas wreath made from bells to make yourself

Christmas wreath made from bells to make yourself (1)

An emblematic element of the holiday season, the Christmas wreath is the first decoration that guests see when they arrive at their hosts. It is therefore essential that it is in harmony with the rest of the decor in the house. With this in mind, if you want to be creative by making lots of decorations from Christmas bells, why not adopt the idea of ​​a bells wreath? Obtain a set of bells of equal or different sizes and string them in a garland with a thin ribbon. As decoration, you can use bows, miniature cookie cutters, origami decorations, etc.

8. Christmas tree ornament

Christmas tree ornament (1)

String a dozen Christmas bells in a small garland and make a super original and decorative Christmas tree ornament. Of course, you can use a ribbon, but chenille threads are better. Prefer silver chenille yarns and combine them with silver-colored bells – in this way, you will achieve the magical and stylish Christmas decoration.

9. In red and white

In red and white (1)

Do you dream of a traditional Christmas decoration? If so, the following idea will be sure to suit you. This is a Christmas tree decoration in red and white, made from bells and decorated with a small two-tone bow. Super nice and original, this ornament promises to warm up your decor and your party.

10. Creative Christmas Gift Wrapping Decoration Idea

Creative Christmas Gift Wrapping Decoration Idea (1)

Super decorative in themselves, Christmas bells are a great decorative element to use in decorating Christmas gift wrapping. All it takes is a little imagination and the bells can be turned into a setting worthy of admiration. A great idea would be to wrap a gift in music paper and decorate it with string and Christmas bells. Simple to make and super original, this packaging promises to impress the recipient of the gift.

11. Use old Christmas bells

Use old Christmas bells (1)

The following DIY Christmas tree ornament idea is perfect for rustic decor. The decorative object is in the form of a small wreath made from several rusty-looking Christmas bells. A used-look ribbon gives the final touch to the creation.

12. Bells with bow

Bells with bow (1)

We continue with DIY ideas for door handle decorations for Christmas. This time around, it’s all about pairing some oversized Christmas bells with a battery-powered string light and a red and green checkered bow. The ornament looks very stylish and festive!

13. Chic decor

Chic decor (1)

This Christmas ornament is very elegant and can be hung on the handle of the front door as well as that of a kitchen cabinet for example. The combination of green Christmas bells and golden elements is very chic and infuses a glamorous note into space. The whole is fixed on white support which highlights the green and golden tones.

14. Table decoration with Christmas bells

Table decoration with Christmas bells (1)

The bells of Christmas are the most responded symbol of this great party, but how can we use them in our decor? You could for example transform the bells into decoration and paint them in bright colors or add a red ribbon to them! Wreaths and garlands made from bells are also a great idea. You could still use them for table decoration as a centerpiece or decorate with the Christmas tree. 

15. Design garland with Christmas bells

Design garland with Christmas bells (1)

You can attach these bells with light-colored pom-poms in a string to make a garland of these bells and this will create a boho atmosphere.