25 Objects to Decorate Your Shabby Chic Interior

Give shine to your home with decorative objects to decorate your shabby chic interior. Dare to create magnificent objects that will seduce your guests as well as the inhabitants of the house. Each day, you will be brought to live in this cocoon that you have chosen to establish. So, to find all the peace and comfort there, bring her all the elements she needs to showcase her strengths. Get inspired by our ideas that are sure to charm you.

1. The shabby candle holder

The shabby candle holder (1)

The candle holder below pleases with its oriental style. It gives a zen atmosphere to your living rooms.

2. Wooden candle holder with the heart motif

wooden candle holder with the heart motif (1)

This wooden candle holder has a particular style with the heart motif that occupies its center. This decorative wooden object offers a warm atmosphere while illuminating your interior.

3. Wooden and glass candlesticks

wooden and glass candlesticks (1)

These 2 wooden and glass candlesticks appeal with their sophisticated design. They hang on a wall to light up a room. Heart and bird motifs transform a room into a real cocooning space.

4. Candle in old-style

candle in old-style (1)

This candle in old-style decorates any room with its neutral color and way of diving into a certain nostalgia. The diffused light illuminates your rooms.

5. Flower pot with heart pattern

Flower pot with heart pattern (1)

The flowerpot below decorates a side table perfectly with its clean style and faded gray color. The heart pattern adds the romantic touch that sublimates the whole.

6. All-white flowerpot with colorful flowers

all-white flowerpot (1)

The all-white flowerpot brings softness to your interior decoration . It enhances the colors of the flowers. The wooden planter- shaped pot imitates the appearance of a basket in which you arrange the flowers.

7. Glass pot and its crochet pot cover

glass pot and its crochet pot cover (1)

This glass pot and its crochet pot cover offer a warm atmosphere to your living rooms. The “heart” patterns add a romantic and soft touch to your accessory.

8. Designer cage

designer cage (1)

This designer cage attracts all attention with its immaculate color . A floral decoration brings a natural touch to the whole.

9. Decorative cage with a refined style

decorative cage with a refined style (1)

This decorative cage with a refined style pleases with its finesse and its solid white color . It houses a candlestick which serves as lighting for your rooms at nightfall.

10. Industrial-style cage

industrial-style cage (1)

These industrial-style cages appeal with their natural appearance . They can serve as a shelter for your decorative candles.

11. Plate rack

Plate rack (1)

Plates and kitchen utensils will be easily accessible with this wall shelf. What’s more, you will save space.

12. Wall shelf

wall shelf (1)

Your soup bowls and other kitchen utensils will be highlighted with these beautiful pairs of wall shelves with hooks. This piece of furniture also allows you to free up space in your kitchen.

13. Kitchen island

kitchen island (1)

An all-white kitchen with a rectangular wooden island as a workspace is beautiful and very practical.

14. Trolley

trolley (1)

Integrate the trend into your kitchen with this very functional STENSTORP service: 1) Its multiple trays offer several storage places; 2) Its casters will allow you to move it easily; 3) Its dimension does not take much space.

15. Shabby sofa

Shabby sofa (1)

The sofas with EKTORP armchairs placed in a living room are elegant as a decoration and their cushions are known to be very comfortable.

16. Wardrobe

wardrobe (1)

You can easily store and display your favorite things with this cabinet consisting of four shelves in the living room.

17. Pedestal

pedestal (1)

Opt for a pedestal for an eye-catching decoration of your living room and place a pretty vase with plants on it.

18. Side table

Side table (1)

A magnificent original and stylish table for your living room. It is light and you can easily move it at any time to change the decor.

19. Shabby dining table

Shabby dining table (1)

A rectangular table in white color and modernized by its authentic legs is perfect for a dining room in shabby chic decor.

20. White and wood display cabinet

White and wood display cabinet (1)

The white display case is currently very popular for the living room to store and showcase collectibles. The beauty of this cabinet is enhanced by the fact that it is made entirely from pine.

21. Cute flower pots

Cute flower pots (1)

Dress up your walls with cute flower pots. Beautifully decorated, they will give a graceful look to your walls. In addition to bringing them light, they will be a decorative element that will not fail to seduce the inhabitants of the house as well as the guests.

22. Victorian style furniture

Victorian style furniture (1)

Create a shabby chic interior with Victorian style furniture. Fancy a life in a castle? Do not be satisfied with this desire any longer: materialize it. These beautiful pieces of furniture and these utensils will give character to your interior, especially since they go perfectly with a modern decor.

23. Beautiful princess mirror

Beautiful princess mirror (1)

A shabby chic interior? Fall under the spell of this beautiful princess mirror. Bring magic into your room. A beautiful white color to recall softness and chic, nothing better for a successful decoration.

24. Sublime old clock

sublime old clock (1)

Decorate your wall with a sublime old clock. Elegant and authentic, it will give character to your wall. Vary the eras in your home with different decorative elements.

25. Original lanterns

original lanterns (1)

Put the light on your walls with original lanterns. On a board, tie a rope so you can hang it on the wall and put your lanterns on it. An authentic idea that will make people envious.