25+ Ideas of Original Coffee Tables for the Living Room (1)

A friendly and warm living room without a coffee table? Unimaginable! Today the creativity of designers is limitless to offer this living space the best coffee tables that will allow you to have tea or an aperitif with friends, to dine frugally with the family in front of the TV or even to store a few books. or magazines. Elementary room, a table gives rhythm to your decor. In wood, metal, glass, rattan … all the materials allow to implement the craziest ideas of the creators. Cozy lounge and design guaranteed!

1. Scandinavian spirit

Scandinavian spirit (1)

This table in particle board and oak veneer and its compass legs fits perfectly into the Scandinavian trend. Its central top in fibreboard with a length of 105 cm makes it ideal for small living rooms. Very clever, the removable central panel opens onto a mini box for remote controls and small accessories and becomes a green velvet-like play mat once turned upside down.

2. Factory style

Factory style (1)

Industrial spirit for this table in recycled elm slats nicely imitating an old parquet floor. The metal base gives an authentic character to your interior.

3. Minimalist

Minimalist (1)

This concrete and metal table captivates with its simple design but where the two raw materials are elegantly combined. The concrete acquires an astonishing lightness thanks to the metallic structure. Its water and oil repellent surface makes maintenance extremely easy.

4. Graphic and colorful

Graphic and colorful (1)

This coffee table is made up of 3 levels of tempered glass storage. Its design is very current and in tune with the times with a happy mix of materials in a mix & match spirit.

5. Space saving

Space saving (1)

Hyper clever, these tables turn into storage space when you open them. The lid also serves as a tray to transport glasses and bottles to parties with friends.

6. Do It Yourself

Do It Yourself

After inventing many concepts that have continued to make our lives easier, Ikea reiterates with this table… bookcase, to make yourself! Offering a nice surface area, it hides 6 boxes in the lower part for maximum storage. Ideal for small apartments. Coffee table made with Knagglig boxes.

7. Air transparency

Air transparency (1)

In 100% transparent tempered glass, this coffee table knows how to be discreet with a lot of elegance and refinement. Inspired by Burano, it reminds us of glass floors that reveal the wonders of the seabed.

8. Special small space

Special small space (1)

Very refined and minimalist, this table has a laminate top with thick edge and a lacquered aluminum base.… It is perfect for a zen and raw interior.

9. Asperity of wood

Asperity of wood (1)

Its rounded shape gives it a lot of softness, and its natural asperities sign a magnificent creation of the brand, which has always been passionate about driftwood rejected by nature. Here, the marble plays the perfect mimicry with a tree stump. Stonebark coffee tables in white marble and wood, available in black marble and lacquered steel.

10. Ecological

Ecological (1)

Not only does this table bring nature into your living room, but it also has a huge storage box very practical to store a multitude of objects. You don’t like plants? No problem, the basin can also be used as an ice cube or drink bucket…

11. Creative and timeless design

Creative and timeless design (1)

New to the world of decoration, the By Cactus brand offers us in its first collection functional tables but above all with a very creative and timeless hexagonal design. Placed together or separately, the choice is yours! The materials used are noble and give these tables a lot of refinement. Set of three solid oak tables. Lacquered MDF and lacquered metal base. Available in 6 colors.

12. Aerial duo

Aerial duo (1)

Very airy with their metal tube base, these tripod pedestal tables give a subtly Scandinavian but very graphic and modern touch to your living room. You can combine them like nesting tables or separate them and put them at the end of the sofa. Olympe coffee tables, petrol blue color.

13. Coffee table or brazier?

Coffee table or brazier (1)

A true editorial favorite, this outdoor or indoor living room table is also… a brazier. For the outside, it is ideal for cool evenings, its contemporary design hides in its central part a tray for the fire. Indoors, this bin serves as storage. A lower part allows you to store wood or books.

14. Bi-functional

Bi-functional (1)

Indoor or Outdoor, this very simple and refined teak table gives a very elegant lounge atmosphere to your living room. Rectangular aluminum coffee table, teak top.

15. Lacquered steel coffee table

lacquered steel coffee table (1)

Tray which means tray in English is the name of this lacquered steel coffee table which is covered with a… tray! Alone she seems a little lost (except in a small living room) but as soon as you put her in the company of her little and big sister, she furnishes the living room brilliantly. It exists in black, gray, white and in several sizes.

16. Made from mango wood and metal

Made from mango wood and metal (1)

Made from mango wood and metal, this Scandinavian deco-style coffee table will bring a touch of impertinence to your living room thanks to its graphic patterns.

17. White coffee table

white coffee table (1)

To continue at Roche Bobois, here is a white coffee table with a modern design presented here in the living room of a magnificent loft overlooked by a mezzanine with a fully glazed wall.

18. Tempered glass plate coffee table

tempered glass plate coffee table (1)

Made up exclusively of tempered glass plates, the Atlantis coffee table designed by Lorenzo Arosio offers a light and airy style. But be careful, with it, there is no question of hiding a mess under the table or not to dust! Also watch out for fingerprints!

19. Dyname coffee table

Dyname coffee table (1)

The Dyname coffee table by Junddo can be custom configured online. Width, height, depth, with or without container, wood type. If you choose the version with an opening in the top, you can place vases, bottles … Or vinyl records!

20. Mixture of glass and wood coffee table

Mixture of glass and wood coffee table (1)

The famous “Coffee table” edited by Vitra and designed by Isamu Noguchi. Its base is made of wood and its top is made of glass. You can buy it from your favorite Vitra furniture distributor. It goes wonderfully in a living room with eclectic decoration.

21. Coffee table with Eiffel legs

Coffee table with Eiffel legs (1)

The legs of this table mean nothing to you !? But yes, they are reminiscent of the Eiffel legs of the Eames chairs and it is no coincidence since it is signed by the couple Charles & Ray Eames. Its little name: Occasional Table LTR. It exists in white, gold and black.

22. Coffee table replaced by ottoman

Coffee table replaced by ottoman (1)

Here is a clever decorative idea to furnish your living room: to save space in a small living room, you can skip the coffee table! In this Ikea living room, it has been replaced by an ottoman. Place a tray on it and you get a very stable surface to put your glasses of champagne.

23. Pallet table with wheels

Pallet table with wheels (1)

In the same spirit as our pallet table with wheels, here is “Howard” from Factory Chic. Casters, a wooden tray, it has everything for it and in addition it exists in a multitude of dimensions.

24. Solid wood table

solid wood table (1)

With its cross base, this solid wood table will add a unique touch to your living room decor.

25. Work of art

Work of art (1)

A coffee table? No, a work of art! T2 is a table composed of a solid solid wood top in paddouk and beech. The turned legs are made of solid wood and stainless steel.

26. Coffee table design of the 50s

Coffee table design of the 50s (1)

The Fifties coffee table from the French brand Red Edition is inspired by the design of the 50s. It exists in two sizes and fifteen colors (solid oak, chocolate, cream, gray, yellow, blue, sky blue, red, white, black, mineral green, olive green, pink, orange).

27. Round rosewood (exotic wood) coffee table

Round rosewood (exotic wood) coffee table (1)

In its Scandinavian Niels collection, Tikamoon offers this round rosewood (exotic wood) coffee table with a white top. In addition to its very successful vintage design, this table is clever: it is possible to fold it up and thus to store it very easily! Ideal for optimizing space in a small apartment.

28. Coffee table with compass legs

Coffee table with compass legs (1)

At Tikamoon I also fall for this beautiful 1950s style living room table with compass legs.