25 Decorative Candle Ideas for Christmas Decoration (1)

Is there a better time of year besides winter to decorate with candles? Certainly not. Candles may have been used a lot during the Halloween party, but most of them were hidden inside pumpkins. On the occasion of Christmas, it would be better to decorate with candles well highlighted in the house. And the best option to enhance their beauty is choosing a good candle and candle holder.

1. Trio of Festive Souvenirs mini candle jars

Trio of Festive Souvenirs mini candle jars (1)

Partylite puts on its festive colors with a whole panoply of candles that smell of tradition with red and green winter colors, candles drawn from fir trees, and also chalets, igloos …

2. Porcelain Christmas tree decorated candle

Porcelain Christmas tree decorated candle (1)

The Bernardaud house offers a large collection of scented candles inserted in decorated porcelain jars, including those dedicated to Christmas.

3. Glitter decorated candle

Glitter decorated candle (1)

For the end of the year celebrations, the Onno brand presents candles with very designed containers. Its Nature collection thus offers glass jars worked by hand with wild patterns, here more organic, there more animal. 

4. Candles in a copper vessel

Candles in a copper vessel (1)

Sublimated in sumptuous mirrored copper vessels – and sold with their marble cover – the London candles by designer Tom Dixon diffuse a fantasized scent of the streets of London that mixes the scent of red brick with the scents of the city’s parks, their crocus, nettles …

5. Swirl Ball candle

Swirl Ball candle (1)

The wax of these candles illuminates design works by Tom Dixon. These cubic or spherical containers are a mixture of marble dust, pigments, and resin.

6. Tuck soy wax candle in a stoneware jar

Tuck soy wax candle in a stoneware jar (1)

Do you want authenticity and originality mixed together? Then fall for the quirky candles from the Danish brand Ferm Living.

7. The most concrete candle

The most concrete candle (1)

The young Elise Tsikis stood out for the finesse and singularity of her high fantasy jewelry. And also because it has decided to reduce, on its own scale, the environmental impact of its collections by using only recycled 24-karat gold. It is this same gold that gives shine to its very first candle. A luxury that contrasts with the raw design of its concrete pot. This alchemy of opposites is also found in the clever scented marriage of the candle between the delicacy of the patchouli flower and the power of musk.

8. Very ethical scented candles

Very ethical scented candles (1)

At Ponoie, candles are not only beautiful and original. Made in France, handmade in Paris, in the district of Antwerp, they are also organic and vegan – therefore without animal products, without beeswax for example. The wax used by this young house is made from non-GMO soybeans, the encrusted dried flowers are absolutely natural, all without additional fragrance.

9. Owl candle

Owl candle (1)

The botanic garden specialist has joined forces with the Bougie La Française brand to create an eco-friendly candle (rapeseed wax, 100% cotton wick) in the shape of an owl in order to support the League for the Protection of Birds.

10. Trendy ceramic candles

Trendy ceramic candles (1)

The famous luxury house Louis Vuitton publishes a range of the latest chic mineral wax candles. Each of them is presented in a custom-molded ceramic pot by an expert craftsman. This pot is enhanced with a leather strap and accompanied by a golden snuffer. The latest scented candle in the collection is called L’Air du Jardin. 

11. Colorful ceramic jar candles

colorful ceramic jar candles (1)

At Caravane, these colorful ceramic jars are candles made from vegetable wax for 80% and mineral wax for 20% – mineral wax allows the fragrance of scented notes to be preserved for longer. Choice of: floral, amber, and musk notes; or woody, leathery, and amber; or woody, tobacco, spices …

12. Naturally decorated candles

Naturally decorated candles (1)

Christmas is a holiday that can be celebrated with any style of decoration; but this time we are going to focus on one particular style: the rustic style. Talking about a rustic decoration brings us directly back to the use of a particular material which is none other than wood. For a rustic and warm decoration, consider buying or making wooden candle holders.

13. With pine cones

With pine cones (1)

You can also use pine cones as a candle holder. The idea is to find a few of the right size so that you can insert the candles. Or if it’s too complicated, collect your pine cones and then find the candles that can accommodate them. With glitter, the pine cones will be more festive. If natural pine cones don’t make it easy, buy artificial ones.

14. Wooden decorated one 

Wooden decorated one  (1)

If the first wooden candle holder intrigued you, know that you can also use birch wood. The advantage is that you will have the opportunity to add some patterns to the bark. 

15. Cinnamon decorated candles

Cinnamon decorated candles (1)

To enjoy the scent of cinnamon somewhere other than your cup of tea, use it as a candle holder.

16. Cocooning candles

Cocooning candles (1)

Sweaters aren’t just for clothing. You can use it to dress your candles differently during the winter. To avoid setting the house on fire, put your candle in a glass candle holder and this is the one you will put on the sweater.

17. Jar candle holders filled with candies

Jar candle holders filled with candies (1)

So as not to overdo sweets during the holidays, use some for decoration. Etsy shop sells these beautiful jar candle holders filled with colorful candy. This idea is both interesting and very simple. You can make it yourself.

18. Decorate with Christmas candy

Decorate with Christmas candy (1)

Why not use sweets consumed especially during this time of year?

19. Shaped candles

Shaped candles (1)

In case you would like to have very simple candle holders – like a dish – but with candles having a special shape, you can make some using the right cookie cutter.

20. Candles in the shape of decorative balls

Candles in the shape of decorative balls (1)

These white candles with small golden stars imitate the decoration balls of Christmas trees.

21. Large white candles placed in glass candle holders

Large white candles placed in glass candle holders (1)

With the snow outside, you will feel safe and feel immense joy by placing these large white candles near your window. For a festive touch, silver numberings have been added to the candles. To bring out the beauty of your Christmas candles, you can also embellish the candle holders they are in with colorful ribbons and flowers.

22. Gather your candles in one candle holder

Gather your candles in one candle holder (1)

Transparent mold or any other decorative object of transparent shade will do the trick. You can also place these candles in the kitchen. Yes, it’s Christmas everywhere, not just in the living room where there is the Christmas tree. Place four large white candles in a container of your choice then add small decorations to simulate snow.

23. Lavender scented candles

Lavender scented candles (1)

Candles come in many shapes, but also in different scents. Those in this image below are scented with lavender. After all, who said you can’t celebrate Christmas in purple? No one, the proof: the fir kernels were even painted purple.

24. Choose pink and fuchsia candles

Choose pink and fuchsia candles (1)

Christmas candles are not necessarily large and white in color. The following candles are long and colored, they are pink and fuchsia. It is true that the most used colors during the Christmas holidays are white, green, and red; however, anything is permitted, as long as it invokes joy. Small branches, some greenery, decorative balls, and stars have been placed on the holder to turn these ordinary candles into Christmas candles! Something to see Christmas in pink!

25. A large golden-silver candle in the center of the decoration balls

A large golden-silver candle in the center of the decoration balls (1)

It is also quite feasible to light only one candle, however, it would still have to be large. This large candle with gold-silver patterns is perfect for a large table. The green leaves and the decorative balls placed around it only bring out its splendor.


Scottish Christmas candles

Scottish Christmas candles (1)

Celebrate Scottish Christmas! These large red candles with golden streaks look simply stunning alongside these tartan pattern bows. Brew great coffee and enjoy it in your living room with these beautiful Christmas candles.