20+ Tips for Arranging a Family Living Room (1)

Friendly, the living room is a place to read, listen to music or watch television . Its layout consists of choosing the ideal furniture by adapting their volume to the available space. The same goes for colors and lighting so that the room is practical and design.

1. Adapt furniture to the volume of the room

Adapt furniture to the volume of the room (1)

Unnecessary, bulky items are not recommended. Instead, choose comfortable, small-sized furniture (such as two-seater sofas, gathered and snug armchairs, a pull-out coffee table, etc.). Multifunctional furniture (sideboard, bookcase with an office area, etc.) also have their place depending on the configuration of the room. The latter can be: 1) Square (corner arrangement with two sofas); 2) L-shaped (living room and office or dining room); 3) In length (a perpendicular sofa is ideal).

2. Optimize circulation and lighting in the living room

Optimize circulation and lighting in the living room (1)

Enabling the room to be enlarged by optical illusion, this trick consists in keeping a minimum of 60 cm between the pieces of furniture and in freeing the openings to the outside. Since the living room is multifunctional (for reading, playing, conversing, watching TV, dining, receiving guests, working, etc.), it must ensure optimal visual comfort. To do this, simply install LEDs, street lights, candles or small spotlights in suitable locations (on the fireplace, next to the play corner, near the sofa, etc.). In design suspensions to serve as main light or illuminate a targeted part, these lights will enhance the room. Placing the atmosphere and narrowing the living room , the simple ceiling light or halogen is not recommended.

3. Determine the location of the sofa

Determine the location of the sofa (1)

The sofa is a key part of the living room. To save space, it is advisable to position it against a wall, orienting it towards the fireplace, the garden, the landscape or the television, the entry of light into the room being taken into account.

4. Take care of the decoration

Take care of the decoration (1)

To do this, all you have to do is: 1) Dress sofas or armchairs in textiles to make them more comfortable; 2) Hang pictures, posters or photos on the walls and equip the windows with curtains or light and light curtains; 3) Install furniture such as a coffee table (matching the size of the sofa), a TV cabinet with a box (to accommodate the decoder, DVD player, Internet box, etc.), occasional armchairs (from on the other side of the sofa to immerse the living room in a contemporary atmosphere), a library (to store books, decorative objects or game boxes).

5. Install TV first

Install TV first (1)

The living room is above all a living room where the family usually meets. It must take into account the habits and desires of each. Once the comfort of the inhabitants is assured, the television can be placed on a TV cabinet or in a library (framed by shelves).

6. Sofas facing each other

Sofas facing each other (1)

For a friendly living room, it is recommended to place the sofas face to face so that everyone can communicate and have a good time around the coffee table.

7. A living room around the TV

A living room around the TV (1)

What could be better than getting together around a good movie? Then place the television in the center of the living room and make sure that all the seats allow you to see the screen well.

8. One sofa, several spaces

One sofa, several spaces (1)

Because family members don’t always feel like spending time together, consider creating multiple spaces within the living room so you can group together with kids on one side and adults on the other.

9. A lounge for children too

A lounge for children too (1)

The living room should also be suitable for children. So we are accommodating and we allow them to play in the living room. For this, we can install a soft carpet so that the children can play in the living room when the adults are chatting.

10. A playful table

A playful table (1)

Consider opting for a playful coffee table that sets the tone for the family living room. We think for example of a table that we customize with stickers presenting the first name of each member of the family for example.

11. A spacious sofa

A spacious sofa (1)

So that everyone can settle down at their ease, we opt for a sofa of good size, welcoming the whole family and deep enough to be able to lie down.

12. Small modular seats

Small modular seats (1)

So that the living room corresponds to each person in the family, also think about using small seats that can be moved: you can sit there as you wish and change your mind as many times as you want.

13. An expression lounge

An expression lounge (1)

Finally, why not dedicate a wall to the expression of the family? We will use a magnetic board and hang photos and little notes for everyone.

14. A mobile lounge

A mobile lounge (1)

A big family in a small space! The solution: bet on mobile furniture that has not forgotten to be decorative. Here, we bet on an industrial style that will appeal to the whole family. Coffee table, shelves and armchair can be moved to suit the guests.

15. A show where everyone likes to meet

A show where everyone likes to meet (1)

Comfortable sofas, bright colors, movable seats call for a gathering where everyone finds their place. Far from being sad and monotonous, this living room sports contrasting colors that call for good humor and promise lively discussions.

16. A warm living room

A warm living room (1)

Take care of your living room so that your tribe does not run away. On the menu: warm colors, comfortable materials and a pleasant wood stove that warms the atmosphere.

17. A soothing living room

A soothing living room (1)

Relax the atmosphere by focusing on a decoration in light and soothing tones. Beige, soft green, pearl gray go hand in hand and combine perfectly to create an atmosphere that promotes communication.

18. A living room that does not forget the children

A living room that does not forget the children (1)

Children will invite themselves into the living room if you don’t put their toys aside. Instead of hiding them, integrate them into the decoration of your living room by focusing on harmonious and adapted furniture that will provide a beautiful exhibition space.

19. A lounge for teenagers

A lounge for teenagers (1)

Teens love seating that takes on a relaxed position. To do this, bet on floor cushions that you have around the coffee table. And good news, they are more economical than armchairs and take up less space.

20. A clutter-free living room

A clutter-free living room (1)

Streamline the access to the lounge so as not to obstruct the passage and purify the atmosphere so that everyone feels at ease. A versatile decoration that will appeal to both adults and children.

21. A well-organized trade fair

A well-organized trade fair (1)

Take care of your space and make sure everything is in its place so that everyone can find their way around and don’t waste time looking for the remote control or the TV program. Low cabinet with drawers, side table, ottoman are therefore essential!

22. A living room made with love

A living room made with love (1)

Pamper your little world by not ignoring the little details. Bouquets of fresh flowers in the center of the coffee table, decoration that harmonizes with the tones of the season … will create a conducive universe where everyone will feel good and will take pleasure in meeting.