20 Ideas of Trendy and Unique Bedroom Headboards (1)

Once purely functional, the bed has now become a decorative element in its own right. For it to be absolutely unique, choose an original headboard! To make yourself or to customize, these 20 examples in pictures should inspire you.

1. Original headboard in brown leather

Original headboard in brown leather (1)

The braiding of the brown leather that makes up this headboard is very original. A way to bring natural matter into the bedroom! A play on the relief and the color which brings a chic decoration. Simple installation between the wall and the box spring mattress. Combined with a raw wooden easel, a mirror surrounded by plant fibres, an earth-coloured rug, this headboard reveals its full decorative potential.

2. Driftwood Headboard

Driftwood Headboard (1)

A design so artisanal that one could imagine it homemade! The principle of this headboard is simple: an assembly of perfectly aligned driftwood branches. This decor is ideal for homes by the sea. A teak note that changes the way you look at the layout and gives off good vibes. We thus develop an original decor, soothed and refined.

3. Macrame in headboard decoration

Macrame in headboard decoration (1)

If you are planning your bedroom in a bohemian atmosphere, this original cotton and rope macramé headboard will lay the foundations for an ethnic decor. The staging takes a few seconds. All you have to do is provide a hanging point on the ceiling and hang the wire connected to the wooden strip there. The plant panel will fall like a curtain behind the bed. Then, it’s up to you to accessorize and multiply the wooden elements, natural vibes, colorful prints…

4. Black headboard with gold patterns

Black headboard with gold patterns (1)

A sophisticated proposal that consists of a solid mango wood structure combined with a golden geometric print. This black headboard with its golden patterns sets the tone you want to develop in the bedroom. Faux-fur plaids, golden travel trunks, black and copper bedside tables develop without false note, the invitation to dream.

5. Original metal headboard

Original metal headboard (1)

Like the old metal crib beds, this original headboard creates an enveloping space thanks to the small return on each side. An industrial influence that also works very well in southern country homes. A bias for the purity of the room furnished with sobriety. A set of frames on the floor, bed linen in neutral shades and the decor is planted.

6. Original headboard in green and natural rattan

Original headboard in green and natural rattan (1)

Cut into two symmetrical and identical parts, this headboard with an original design plays the 100% natural card. The two-tone rattan gives rise to an outline painted in green. A design that breathes freshness and invites you to hang pretty sun mirrors on the wall, bring vegetal notes to the bedside tables… A very trendy bohemian chic spirit.

7. Natural Wood Headboard

Natural Wood Headboard (1)

This natural wood headboard is mounted on a metal structure. Its irregular lines made up of wooden slats give it a raw and contemporary design. A contribution of nature to the bedroom that is accentuated by multiplying the objects in natural material, like the bedside lamp with its driftwood foot. The bed linen plays in soft hues.

8. Rattan headboard for an original decor

Rattan headboard for an original decor (1)

Nostalgic for the 70s and bohemian style? This rattan headboard with its original shape inspired by the peacock wheel brings a good dose of nature and plants to the bedroom. A simple accessory that sets the scene. We play on materials such as velvet, copper, we combine plants, gray-grey on the wall to create a nostalgic brown decor, while remaining in tune with the times.

9. Contemporary Design Hanging Headboard

Contemporary Design Hanging Headboard (1)

Practical, this suspended headboard offers the advantage of positioning itself exactly at the height you want. The metal bar slips into two brackets that are fixed to the wall, or to a wooden beam, to hang the textile part. The two natural leather legs that make the link in an airy way bring an aesthetic touch to the whole.

10. Vintage-style cane headboard

Vintage-style cane headboard (1)

Placed against the wall to mark the space, this original headboard model with a caned black frame brings its natural decorative touch. With this module, the bedroom takes on a country air that is accentuated with bed linen in floral prints. We stack the cushions for a cocoon effect in which we like to immerse ourselves in complete confidence. On the vegetable theme, the green color is perfect.

11. Custom Velvet Panel Headboard

Custom Velvet Panel Headboard (1)

More than a headboard, this model is custom-designed and takes on its full ease in height. It dresses and defines the sleeping area with panache. Velvet fabric is chosen in a wide range of colors. Here, the golden yellow is cheerful. The copper sconces bring two halos of warm light.

12. Play with paint to create a headboard

Play with paint to create a headboard (1)

In a more graphic way, everyone can visually create a painted space in the frame of the bed. This trick allows you to choose the color, determine the dedicated surface, paint the wall directly or choose a wooden support… This simple idea opens up all the possibilities at a lower cost.

13. An old piece of furniture turned into a headboard

An old piece of furniture turned into a headboard (1)

Use a low piece of furniture, such as a console or a small sideboard, as a headboard. It will thus play the double role of storage and headboard, a real asset saving space!

14. A headboard like a niche in the wall

A headboard like a niche in the wall (1)

Create a niche in the wall behind the bed. We can thus adapt its size to that of the bed, to that of the room, and to the desired space for storing the alarm clock, the lamp and the book.

15. A headboard covered with an arty cover

A headboard covered with an arty cover (1)

Order a fabric cover decorated by one of MyQuintus’ partner artists to dress my headboard with an ultra-original pattern. We also dare to match the legs of the bed!

16. A headboard symbolized by an alcove

A headboard symbolized by an alcove (1)

Use the existing alcove in the room to install the bed in this protective cocoon-like hollow.

17. A headboard in old doors

A headboard in old doors (1)

Lean the double bed against an unused molded door in the room. The gray doors symbolize the headboard while giving elegance to the room… and thus gaining a lost wall.

18. A whimsically shaped headboard

A whimsically shaped headboard (1)

As in a chic and pretty hotel, the decoration is resolutely glamorous and feminine, right down to the headboard which represents a knot.

19. A perfectly coordinated headboard

A perfectly coordinated headboard (1)

A top-of-the-range bed dressed in a blue gingham fabric, which gives a timeless Scandinavian style to the bedroom.

20. A distressed padded panel headboard

A distressed padded panel headboard (1)

The headboard consists of a padded leather panel and two lights. The headboard here gives all the personality to the bed which, without it, would be just one element lost among others in a large room. Thanks to the aged-looking leather, we manage to give cachet to a bed that is nevertheless new!