15 ideas of headboards with storage (1)

The shelf headboard is a two-in-one piece of furniture that is both decorative and practical. This clever creation allows you to integrate storage into the bed to optimize space, decorate and have your favorite accessories and books close at hand. Some models have modular storage, while others incorporate a bedside table for more practicality.

In pictures, discover 15 models with multiple designs to easily integrate into your bedroom.

1. White bookcase headboard for a bed base

White bookcase headboard for bed base

Both functional and aesthetic, this bookcase headboard offers plenty of storage thanks to its three niches, its shelf and its side storage, one of which closes. Note the reminder of the interior of the niches with the wood of the bed, which creates a harmony of colors. 

2. Solid oak headboard shelf

Solid oak headboard shelf (1)

The color of this solid oak headboard shelf goes perfectly with the white and blue of the bed, and the gray of the floor, and brings a little warmth to the room. On the shelf, one or two small drooping green plants will bring a vegetal touch and will sublimate this model.

3. Headboard with industrial style storage

Headboard with industrial style storage (1)

The little extras of this model are the single niche and the two drawers with their black metal handle on each side. You could almost think that there is a desk behind this bed! Take a look at the cushion that recalls both the brick wall and the mango wood color of the headboard.

4. Shelf above the bed

Shelf above the bed (1)

This model is not really a headboard but rather two shelves that fit together on the sides to create three additional storage spaces without taking up too much space. Here, it harmonizes with the decoration of the room, in black and light wood.

5. Headboard with integrated storage

Headboard with integrated storage (1)

This model is a real eye-catcher! If it is more like a headboard without storage, it is obviously quite the opposite that is proposed. Behind the first fabric panel hide several storage niches, including a large shelf that allows you to hide small objects and pocket books, and to reveal a beautiful vase with dried flowers for example.

6. Headboard with hidden storage spaces

Headboard with hidden storage spaces (1)

This clever modular headboard offers a retractable bedside table on each side thanks to its wheels. Thus, depending on your needs or your desires, you can fit the two tables into the structure of the headboard. Neither seen nor known! 

7. Teak headboard with adjustable shelves

Teak headboard with adjustable shelves (1)

If you like the “pallet” style of this teak headboard, you’ll love its shelves to slide into the slats to create a headboard with personalized storage

8. Contemporary Design Oak Niche Headboard

Contemporary Design Oak Niche Headboard (1)

The least we can say is that this model is truly original. Already by its play of grooves and bars really atypical for a shelf headboard, then by its screen-like sliding doors, which allow you to create a headboard according to your mood of the moment. 

9. Girl’s Bedroom with Shelf Headboard

Girl's Bedroom with Shelf Headboard (1)

The bookshelf headboard is a great option for a child’s bedroom. It allows you to store your personal effects, such as your favorite stuffed animals or your little boxes of tricks, and to have a mini-library available for evening stories. Not to mention the space saving, for an (almost) tidy room!

10. Metal and Wood Shelf Headboard

Metal and Wood Shelf Headboard (1)

If we gladly put this headboard shelf with a slightly industrial look in a bedroom of the same style, it is true that it has its place in an ethnic decor, with African inspiration. The colors of the shelf are recalled by the beige and the black of the cushions and the carpet, the metal is found in the piece of furniture which supports the lamp and in the African masks. Like what, diverting one style into another can give style! 

11. Library headboard for sleeping

Library headboard for sleeping (1)

Single 90 cm beds can also have their bookcase headboard! Here, it fits perfectly into a child’s room with a girly spirit and offers additional storage space with its central niche and recesses on the side. 

12. Headboard cabinet with storage

Headboard cabinet with storage (1)

More than a classic headboard, this model is a real storage unit. It has two large sliding doors that allow you to store books and small objects out of sight. It can be worn in different ways. In the first photo, a 140 cm bed base is placed across the width; in the second photo, the 90 cm box spring is lengthwise. 

13. Headboard with built-in bedside tables

Headboard with built-in bedside tables (1)

This headboard integrates two bedside tables to create a harmonious bedroom. Designed for double beds (140 or 160 cm), it is made up of two colours: white enhanced by a light wood frame which brings brightness. We would totally see this headboard with bedside tables in a bedroom with Scandinavian decoration

14. Bed with storage


Well, we grant you, it’s not a headboard but rather a box spring with storage. Admit that the idea is rather good: having spaces to store and decorate just at the foot of your bed is quite unusual and it gives a touch of originality to the bedroom with ease.

15. Bedroom with headboard fitted with storage for a bed base


This headboard fitted with storage is not really a headboard strictly speaking, but rather a small bookcase-shelf which easily accommodates books, objects and decorative accessories. To optimize storage space, it is combined with a 140 cm double bed equipped with drawers, ideal for storing bed linen and decluttering floor space.