20 Ideas of Rustic and Modern Kitchens (1)

When we hear the word ‘rustic’ all that comes to mind is woodwork in every corner of a room. We also sometimes think of brass. It’s a far cry from the perfectly neat and sleek modern style, but did you know that it is indeed possible to mix them up? Yes, the designers have found a way to blend rustic with modern, and it turns out the result is fantastic. You may not expect it but a modern rustic kitchen is really beautiful.

Today we are going to show you uniquely styled kitchen interiors. Modern rustic kitchens are probably rare to see, but for sure they do exist. If you would like to add some woodwork to your home, you will definitely like the kitchen designs that we offer you below. Besides wood, other rustic elements are also highlighted.

1. Authentic

Authentic (1)

We love how the woods are showcased in this stunning kitchen that complements the gray floor tiles. Other beautifying elements are present, such as pendant lamps and steel elements.

2. Airy

Airy (1)

This kitchen is a reproduction of the 1950s home style where the architectural finish and accessories have been chosen to match the rustic yet modern industrial style desired by the customer.

3. Fabulous

Fabulous (1)

Besides the wood, we can also see the use of bricks for the walls. They are so fabulous in their rustic appearance.

4. Friendly

Friendly (1)

The exposed beams accompanied by the wooden floor reflect the rustic style in this modern space. Notice the white counter that provides balance to the whole.

5. A Gulf Islands Residence

A Gulf Islands Residence (1)

This model has a modern look while also reflecting a rustic feel through the few added elements.

6. In a farmhouse style house

In a farmhouse style house (1)

With a modern and rustic note, highlighting a large island, this kitchen seems very distinguished. We can only love the marriage of the color white to the tone of wood.

7. Warm

Warm (1)

The rustic character of this kitchen is simply wonderful, as the stones and wood work together to give a stunning result. We can also notice the use of these pretty pendant lamps above the kitchen island.

8. Modern kitchen with sleek accessories

modern kitchen with sleek accessories (1)

A modern kitchen with sleek accessories includes not only wooden cupboards but also beautiful ceramic tiling for the backsplash.

9. Simply beautiful

Simply beautiful (1)

Apart from the woodwork, we like the white color of the walls; excellent for highlighting the wood tone.

10. Loft kitchen

Loft kitchen (1)

In this kitchen, original wooden beams and masonry walls have been used which make the combination of rustic and modern designs a true masterpiece.

11. Chef’s kitchen 

Chef's kitchen (1)

Aside from highlighting the rustic feel, you may certainly have noticed the classic charm of the white subway tiles used for the backsplash.

12. Refreshing ambience

refreshing ambience (1)

I love the green plants on the dining table so much! They bring a refreshing ambience to the space where wood and white are combined.

13. Lots of wood features

lots of wood features (1)

While this one used lots of wood features and exposed beams, you’ll notice it used modern fittings in the kitchen.

14. Modern, rustic and neat kitchen

modern, rustic and neat kitchen (1)

Who wouldn’t love the colors of this modern, rustic and neat kitchen? I love the wood texture and how it goes well with the white and black accents in the area.

15. Rustic modern kitchen in steel and wood

Rustic modern kitchen in steel and wood (1)

Don’t like the rustic functionality of the natural wood kitchen countertop? It is an amazing and very remarkable product in the kitchen.

16. Modern kitchen

Modern kitchen (1)

It’s really very modern and I like the crispness with all the features that I look for in a kitchen.

17. Bright Loft

Bright Loft (1)

A magnificent kitchen area flooded with natural light. Note that the white kitchen island counter has a wooden front.

18. Wood is everywhere

wood is everywhere (1)

Such a beautiful kitchen indeed! You can see wood is everywhere and it has two kitchen islands with counter height stools for guests and family. Also note that there is a skylight in the area to bring more light to the space.

19. Combination of white and black

combination of white and black (1)

Despite the combination of white and black, this kitchen still looked rustic because of the wood on the walls.

20. Small rustic kitchen

Small rustic kitchen (1)

And for a small house, a small kitchen like this will also work well. That’s not to say that just because it’s small, it can be boring. This one looks very creative, do you agree?