15 Ideas for Designing a Beautiful Outdoor Kitchen (1)

Summer is the best season to spend time on the patio enjoying the pool or barbecuing with family or friends. The dream place for someone with a kitchen fanatic is the outdoors; because it is more convenient to cook outside in hot weather, exceptionally during the summer, as we mentioned above. An outdoor kitchen can be arranged and decorated like the one inside; the difference is the absence of walls, which could obviously be its advantage. It can also be considered as an extension of the interior kitchen. And if you have the idea to make something out of your backyard, why not create an outdoor kitchen? In order to inspire you, we’ve put together some outdoor cooking ideas.

1. Nice outdoor kitchen

Nice outdoor kitchen (1)

This kitchen is so nice, isn’t it? Who wouldn’t love to have a kitchen like this? With a solid granite floor and a very neat arrangement and very practical for outdoor cooking.

2. Elegant

Elegant (1)

This lovely outdoor kitchen has a really cheerful air. It has been decorated in a really elegant way, with a certain vitality and perfect for a barbecue on Sunday.

3. Contemporary

Contemporary (1)

These metal bar stools are perfect for a super contemporary and modern setting of an outdoor kitchen. With an extremely attractive view, the location of this kitchen is just fantastic!

4. In natural stones

In natural stones (1)

Natural stone walls provide a rustic air to this cool beautiful kitchen, with built-in kitchen appliances and rattan and wicker furnishings. This kitchen is open to the living room; a place of relaxation to wait for the meal to be ready.

5. Stylish kitchen

stylish kitchen (1)

Wow !! Not everyone can have a great outdoor kitchen like this, but we all dream of it! Stylish kitchen appliances, a swimming pool and greenery nearby; everything looks beautiful!

6. Spacious

Spacious (1)

Here is a dream location. An outdoor kitchen with a bar table made of natural stones and other high-quality items, near a swimming pool, isn’t that every homeowner’s dream?

7. Amazing

Amazing (1)

The Brazilian cherry wood flooring provides a truly natural and daring feel in this already so relaxing and beautiful outdoor kitchen. Here, everything is relaxation and comfort and the green nature contributes to the beautification of the decor.

8. U-shaped design

U-shaped design (1)

This outdoor kitchen has been furnished in a classic and formal manner. It is perfect for a sunny Saturday. Its U-shaped design gives it extra functionality and looks fabulous.

9. Outdoor kitchen with lots of cabinets

Outdoor kitchen with lots of cabinets (1)

Have you been saving up for a few years to renovate your backyard? Do you have a budget that allows you to fit out larger facilities? Perhaps the next 5 kitchens will interest you! Lots of wardrobes, a large workspace, chic materials …

10. Large covered terrace with kitchen

Large covered terrace with kitchen (1)

Do you spend a lot of time outdoors in the sun, but when it comes time to relax, do you prefer to stay in the shade? If your means allow it, one of your options would be to arrange your outdoor kitchen with a pretty sheltered terrace.

11. An outdoor kitchen on the roof terrace

An outdoor kitchen on the roof terrace (1)

If the convertible space in your backyard is limited, an original possibility would be to develop the roof terrace with a kitchen and a lounge area! You could delimit these two spaces with different choices of flooring to create a more dynamic atmosphere.

12. Outdoor kitchen with brick built-ins

Outdoor kitchen with brick built-ins (1)

For a style that combines industrial, colonial & ancestral looks at the same time, brick is a material that offers different options while providing a warm decor to your back kitchen!

13. Outdoor kitchen with lunch island

Outdoor kitchen with lunch island (1)

Small, medium or large families, a lunch island with high seats to sit on is always pleasant when you want to chat while cooking dinner or even just enjoy the view while eating! In addition, the island and its seats will bring a little friendly and sympathetic touch to the outdoor atmosphere, allowing the chef to chat with his guests while the meal is being prepared!

14. Adding a Kamado BBQ

Adding a Kamado BBQ (1)

Are you big fans of BBQ parties? Arrange a Kamado Joe BBQ in your new back kitchen. In addition to offering a modern look and giving you the look of a cook, this BBQ is used as a grill, smoker and pizza oven; ideal for your summer evenings! You could also display the wooden logs to give a little additional decorative touch to the layout of this kitchen area!

15. Small outside corner for the kitchen

Small outside corner for the kitchen (1)

To set up your outdoor kitchen, you don’t have to lay out a large part of your backyard or patio to be successful at doing something right. You can just find a little nook where the kitchen layout would be ideal.