20 Ideas of Nature Inspired Decoration (1)

A natural decoration in your interior infuses a lot of zenitude and a soft and soothing atmosphere. Ideal for lazing at the weekend at home or in the evening when you come home from work to relax. It is not because your decoration is natural that you cannot give it colorful elements, patterns and above all a modern and design spirit.

1. Comfortable place with a zen and relaxed atmosphere

comfortable place with a zen and relaxed atmosphere (1)

A nature decoration perfectly meets the needs of a person who needs peace and silence. It’s like taking a walk outside , in a soothing and wild environment while staying at home , within its four walls. Nature has found a way to impose itself in the interiors, thus sublimating the decoration to make the house a comfortable place where a zen and relaxed atmosphere reigns . Isn’t it tempting to imagine a natural-looking oasis of tranquility in an apartment in the heart of the city?

2. Nature decor is perfect

nature decor is perfect (1)

The nature decor is perfect to recreate such a place. In addition, it allows those who do not find the time to go out to the park or in a natural environment to reconnect with nature. To create a decoration honoring nature, all it takes is a little: plants , wood , colors and other accessories that recall the natural environment and its calm.

3. A natural decor in white

A natural decor in white (1)

If green is the first color that comes to mind when evoking natural decor, it is not, however, the only one. Indeed, the natural environment is rich in colors. The blue, the brown, the yellow and beige are the most frequently encountered. So, do not hesitate to opt for an olive yellow or sky blue paint to immerse the house in a natural decor. A chocolate brown or pure gray theme in the bathroom helps mimic the color of a cave. These colors reminiscent of nature can also be combined to give a harmonious result.

4. Nature and arty decor with timeless wicker furniture

Nature and arty decor with timeless wicker furniture (1)

To enrich a natural decor, bet on natural materials such as raw wood and cork for furniture, floors or wall coverings. Wood plays an important role in creating a natural and peaceful environment. In the living room, it is interesting to set up a wooden bookcase to accommodate books. For more originality, it suffices to give the bookcase the shape of a tree with ramified shelves imitating the branches. This trick gives character to a natural decor.

5. The solid wood plank railing of the staircase

The solid wood plank railing of the staircase (1)

Also adopt the spirit of recycling in a natural decor for its ecological side . A coffee table in raw wooden slats with a flowered vase on top or a wooden log as a bedside table creates a minimalist and naturally irresistible decor. On the textile side, favor linen for table tablecloths, cushions, bath towels or even the covering of the sofa. This soft material fits perfectly with the desired nature decoration.

6. Plants and nature decoration

Plants and nature decoration (1)

Inseparable from nature, plants are the pillars of nature decoration and are sustainable. They can be arranged in different ways throughout the house, from the kitchen to the bedroom, they are of different kinds: simple green plants such as potted aloe vera, flowering plants such as orchids, hydrangeas or flowers. azaleas or shrubs such as palm or lemon with an uplifting scent. The addition of plants facilitates the escape to a calming and calm universe. Another great option is to hang the plants in pots or glass jars. Do not hesitate to create a real small indoor garden with aterrarium or a green wall with varieties of plants intended for this purpose to enrich the decoration and optimize the presence of nature in the house.

7. Accessories for a natural decor

Accessories for a natural decor (1)

While remaining minimalist to guarantee a calming atmosphere, other small details can be added in this natural interior environment. In the hall, for example, use a discreet and chic wooden coat rack that is sure to captivate the eyes at the entrance. In addition, it is possible to optimize the presence of plants in a natural decoration by integrating with frames presenting flowers and dried leaves hanging on the wall, botanical posters decorated with the names of the plants exhibited or plants under a bell for one side. romantic and mysterious. However, it is recommended not to overload the decoration so as not to destroy the soothing atmosphere.

8. Bring in natural materials

Bring in natural materials (1)

Natural materials such as wicker, macrame, raw wood are back on the front of the decorative scene, it’s time to take the opportunity to bring a natural spirit to all your rooms. You can multiply macrame on the walls and large wicker baskets for storing a lot of things easily.

9. Plants galore!

Plants galore! (1)

As in this bathroom, you can multiply the plants in suspension or not, the cacti, the bouquets of flowers so that nature enters your home. It’s a calming atmosphere and if you choose your plants well, they can even clean the air in the room. You can also opt for bouquets of dried flowers for a natural decoration with Naturosphere , timeless and imperishable. They avoid the hassle of buying bouquets over and over again and are ideal for dark rooms with no openings.

10. Textiles and natural objects

Textiles and natural objects (1)

Wood, cotton, feathers and faux fur, everything is there to bring a natural atmosphere to this room, it is all these small details that set the tone and allow to obtain a relaxing and cozy atmosphere.

11. Soft and poetic atmosphere

Soft and poetic atmosphere (1)

The soft atmosphere of this little corner with the gray color and the wood, the glass vases, the flowers, the plants, the golden cage, the rattan bring a very natural side, but also very refined to this space. We love the carpet and the plaid which further accentuates the cozy and cocooning spirit .

12. Fresh and natural atmosphere

Fresh and natural atmosphere

This piece is very fresh and natural. It only takes a few biases to achieve this result. Green paint juxtaposing white for freshness and luminosity. The bohemian nature aspect is very trendy nowadays and in this example, the main codes are perfectly combined: basket, Craft bag, white wooden furniture, plant, patterns on the cushion and notebooks, and crate repainted in green.

13. Leave room for the garden

Leave room for the garden (1)

The French window makes it possible to abolish the border between garden and interior. The exuberant nature is then completely part of the decor of the room. We then play on the natural keys to ensure continuity between the outside and the inside and it must be admitted in this case, it is particularly successful! Enough to give you great ideas if the configuration of your interior lends itself to it.

14. Cozy nature lounge

Cozy nature lounge (1)

Here, it is the materials and natural colors that take over to bring a little taste of the garden into your home. A lot of charm and softness in this room which invites you to relax and rest!

15. Nature and sobriety

Nature and sobriety (1)

Small details that change everything, but which remain discreet to bring a very cocooning spirit to this little corner of obvious charm.

16. Evocative details

Evocative details (1)

A large bouquet of eucalyptus in a wicker basket, the marble reminiscent of the mineral side. Two very simple ways to recall nature.

17. Simple crates

Simple crates (1)

Simple crates to make a pretty, very natural piece of furniture. Here, the white and the natural wicker baskets give style and rhythm to this piece of furniture. The transparent Jeanne lady and her few eucalyptus branches are perfect in this atmosphere.

18. Baskets for you

baskets for you (1)

There are baskets for you, just to bring in more natural materials and give in to this trend. They house plants, linen, magazines, throws, cushions, they are very functional and aesthetic.

19. Sets the scene and recalls nature

sets the scene and recalls nature (1)

In this design and contemporary atmosphere, it is this tree that sets the scene and recalls nature. With its upturned flowerpots and drooping plants, it also brings a very aesthetic touch of originality. A superb idea so that nature is at the heart of the room without however declining it everywhere!

20. Natural materials

Natural materials (1)

In addition to natural floors, use natural materials for your furniture and decoration. Wooden furniture, such as coffee tables and living room cabinets, is an obvious choice. You can also opt for salvaged parts for a more sustainable lifestyle. To add texture and visual interest, you could add indoor wicker furniture. Stone countertops in the kitchen and exposed brick walls add a natural touch. And sisal rugs, organic throws or woven baskets provide a nice finishing touch.