20 Ideas of Natural Stoneware for the Table Decoration

Originally the sandstone comes from a sedimentary rock composed and consolidated of grains of quartz and natural cement . Stoneware is one of the coverings offering the most possibilities in terms of size, use, finishes and layout. In addition, one of its strengths, and not the least, is that it is extremely easy to maintain. Waterproof and insensitive to stains, it therefore does not require special treatment. In wall coverings, floors and more, stoneware brings elegance and refinement to any decoration.

So soup plates, dishes, glasses, bowls or even mugs, stoneware lends itself to anything. So come on and get inspired by the many styles of natural stoneware dinnerware!

1. Bring curvature with these round plates

Bring curvature with these round plates (1)

Flat, soup or dessert plates, I love this sea green combo. I really like the simplicity of their details. The fine white lines on the first plate or the irregularity of the bubbles on the second immediately confer an authentic and bucolic spirit. In addition to the design, the cool and bluish tones immediately plunge us into Nordic waters. Indeed, we find the Scandinavian style through these plates. Finally, by incorporating brass accessories, such as napkin rings or cutlery, the result is immediately more modern.

2. Scandinavian tableware

Scandinavian tableware (1)

Moreover, this is the collection that accompanies me on a daily basis, my Scandinavian tableware from Broste Copenhagen. Yes, we find the simplicity of the details, such as the thin white stripes on a bluish background.

3. Blue and beige gradient also works wonderfully

blue and beige gradient also works wonderfully (1)

Much more unstructured in shape, the second set of round and oval plates accentuates the artisanal aspect of natural stoneware tableware. Indeed, the irregularity of the lines and curvatures suggests that they were designed by hand. Moreover, it is the same concerning the color. Navy blue paint, slightly erased, these have been washed away by time.

4. Gray and white shades

gray and white shades (1)

Between gray and white shades and bluish reflections, these bring a relatively dark atmosphere. They thus provide body and character to your table decoration.

5. Oval shape for original dishes

Oval shape for original dishes (1)

Minimalist, irregular, oval and pastel-colored lines, plunging us back into a fresh, soft and luminous universe. Water green, powder pink or even mouse gray, these colors merge perfectly. The idea here would be to create a soft and bucolic tableware by mixing the different colors with each other. This trick thus avoids a table decoration that is too bland and monotonous.

Once again, modern notes are making a comeback to enhance the world of table decoration. Here, copper cutlery with minimalist shapes has been delicately arranged.

6. Square plates with textured looks

Square plates with textured looks (1)

I really like the design of this set of plates. Square with round edges, gray tones and a checkered effect, these plates provide more relief and texture. Combined with elements in natural fibers, such as linen or hemp towels, a country atmosphere takes over.

7. Bring lightness with this natural stoneware tableware

Bring lightness with this natural stoneware tableware (1)

In addition to the plates, the bowls are also entitled to their share of authenticity. I love the mottled background of these. We find once again this form of irregularity at the level of patterns and colors. Indeed, each bowl is different and this is what brings all the charm to your table decoration.

8. Greener tones

greener tones (1)

In much greener tones, fine brown lines encircle the bowl. Adopt these bowls to bring a rustic and natural note to your tableware. I can see a summer table with emerald green natural stoneware crockery, such as this one. Then, to spice it up, add brass accessories for a contemporary touch or natural fiber elements to accentuate this country spirit.

9. Water green stoneware

Water green stoneware (1)

Another decorative inspiration, this set of natural stoneware tableware with water green notes. These are ideal for bringing lightness to your table. Finally, the darker finishes, turning slightly brown, accentuate the natural look. Each of the colors harmonizes perfectly.

10. Warm up your table decoration with these warm assortments of bowls

Warm up your table decoration with these warm assortments of bowls (1)

In a warmer spirit, these brown and terracotta cups are ideal for perfecting an aperitif. Peanuts, olives or an assortment of dried fruits, these hand-designed Norman cups will warm the atmosphere.

11. Deep bowls with colorful gradations

deep bowls with colorful gradations (1)

On the other hand, these deep bowls with colorful gradations are just as ideal for a dinner with friends. Hot and cold colors, there is something for everyone. The linear appearance as well as the finishes are all different depending on the bowl. Some colors merge, others brush against each other, I think it’s a rather vintage atmosphere that emerges.

12. Plain colors for this natural stoneware tableware

Plain colors for this natural stoneware tableware (1)

Glasses, mugs or even cups, everything goes there. Yes, natural stoneware dishes are suitable for all types of dishes. Green and off-white, these tea or coffee cups with minimalist lines, simply with a slight relief.

13. Carbon black cups

carbon black cups (1)

In addition, these small carbon black cups with a contemporary design are ideal for a coffee break.

14. Natural stoneware tableware for a two-tone atmosphere

Natural stoneware tableware for a two-tone atmosphere (1)

Cream and carbon color, these shades clash and counterbalance each other. Then, the matte finish erases the shine, thus offering more elegance and character to the table decoration.

15. Two-tone cups

two-tone cups (1)

These two-tone, pink and white cups. I really like the universe of these mugs. In salmon and rosé tones, they offer freshness and softness. Finally, the irregularity of the tasks plunges us back into this artisanal universe.

16. A desire for sustainable decoration and zero waste on the table

A desire for sustainable decoration and zero waste on the table (1)

Ecological issues are increasingly influencing the way we consume and the decoration of our interiors. For the art of the table, we therefore favor artisanal products or made from sustainable materials.

Paper napkins and plastic straws are banned from the table. We’re back to the good old cotton or linen towels, more chic and more durable.

17. The right color associations

The right color associations (1)

The longer the stoneware remains in its natural color obtained after firing, the more successful the result. For an elegant table, you can choose a brown or a light gray which will be easy to associate with your table linen. For more character, prefer darker colors but then be sure to introduce lighter touches in your accessories to make the dishes stand out. Also note that stoneware is sometimes decorated after firing and this allows you to add another color. In this case, the right associations will be with green or blue, colors that will marry wonderfully with the original shade of the sandstone without altering its natural appearance.

18. Stoneware plates, the choice of authenticity

Stoneware plates, the choice of authenticity (1)

Authenticity is to stoneware plates what refinement is to porcelain plates . Natural and raw, the stoneware plates impose charm and grace on your table. The material also stands out with its rustic spirit, ideal if you want to compose a country-style table. These dishes can be used easily on a daily basis. These plates are equally suitable for special occasions. They also adapt to all styles. For a chic and modern table with a slight rustic touch, for example, sandstone guarantees you an excellent rendering.

19. Stoneware plates, raw or colored?

Stoneware plates, raw or colored 1

If you want to showcase authenticity in your decoration, raw stoneware tableware is for you. These models elegantly reveal the beautiful imperfections of artisanal shaping. In this case, the plates are offered in sober tones: gray, beige, off-white, etc. To reconcile tradition and modernity, bet more on enamelled stoneware plates . These are available in an infinity of colors and patterns. Vibrant solid color, very pop polka-dot plates or even ultra-contemporary graphic patterns, the choice is yours.

20. Sandstone, discovering a material

Sandstone, discovering a material

Stoneware is relatively less known than porcelain and yet it is a material from the same family as the latter, ceramic. In other words, stoneware plates are made with terracotta, more precisely clay heavily loaded with silica. Baking at around 1300 ° C vitrifies the surface of the stoneware, an operation which not only marks the aesthetics of the material but also its resistance. Delicately placed on the tablecloth of your table , these plates will bring an original character to your decor.