40 ideas of place cards for christmas

What could be nicer when you are invited than to find your first name on a pretty golden paper? We thus have the impression of being expected, we look curiously at our table neighbors, and at the end of the dinner, we slip this little place card in our pocket, like the memory of a successful evening. What if for Christmas you made your own?

Get out your scissors, your small papers, your glue, and your good ideas to create original place cards that will make your Christmas table sparkle! Here are the 40 inspirations for that.

1. Succulents as place cards or plate gifts for Christmas

Succulents as place cards or plate gifts for Christmas (1)

To bring a touch of greenery to the Christmas table decoration, nothing like a place card made with a succulent plant and a piece of paper stuck on a stick. It’s up to you to find a container to house your succulents. Mini terracotta pots will do the job perfectly, but you can also bet on more fanciful little planters or colorful containers.

2. Vegetal place card

Vegetal place card (1)

Cheap and easy to make, these place cards are another vegetal idea that will easily find its place on the festive table. All you need is vines, string, and a few cardboard labels for the names of your guests. If you don’t have a vine, opt for a few sprigs of rosemary or artificial fir. In addition to injecting a good dose of creativity into the table, these mini Christmas wreaths are great rings for fabric napkins.

3. A little magical staging placed under a glass jar!

A little magical staging placed under a glass jar! (1)

Did you know that all kinds of glassware, including jars, vases, Christmas ornaments, and mason jars, can be transformed into a wonderful winter landscape to put on your dinner plates? A very good alternative to vegetable place cards, this small DIY glass place card is not only an important part of the festive decoration but also a very good last-minute surprise to offer to the guests.

4. A name tag made of cinnamon sticks to try

a name tag made of cinnamon sticks to try (1)

Line up the cinnamon sticks horizontally, leaving a small gap in between, and secure them together with a few drops of hot glue. You will need the gap left between the sticks so that you can slip the small cardboard with the guest’s first name. Cut it out of paper. With a ruler and a gold marker, draw the frame of the cardboard and write the desired name on it in pretty calligraphic letters. Finally, slide the cardboard into the gap between the sticks to secure it. For an even more festive look, add a small sprig of fir.

5. Glittery and express reindeer horn place card

Glittery and express reindeer horn place card (1)

Perfect for both December 25 and 20, this upcoming DIY place card is among the easiest to make. Made of kraft cardboard, it is adorned with a pair of glittery reindeer horns and with the name of its recipient. Easy and express, this name holder will not neglect any table decoration, but will go particularly well with a table with natural and rustic touches.

6. Boat place card

This will be so easy to make and it’s also cheap but beautiful and unique.

7. Christmas ball name holder for a minimalist table

Christmas ball name holder for a minimalist table (1)

Give your old Christmas balls a second chance by turning them into original and minimalist place cards. A stroke of paint, a decorative ribbon. Your name badges are ready to embellish the cloth napkins placed in the festive tableware.

8. The Christmas napkin ring becomes a place card in no time!

The Christmas napkin ring becomes a place card in no time! (1)

The napkin ring is a table accessory used for many occasions. Made from coniferous branches, red berries or twigs, this accessory becomes an integral part of the Christmas table. As a bonus, it turns into a pretty place card thanks to a single piece of personalized paper. The proof, above!

9. Bouquet

Bouquet (1)

This personalized bouquet is the little touch that will please your guests.

10. Balanced candy

Balanced candy (1)

We cannot say it enough, two barley sugars are better than one!

11. Blue glittery pine cone

Blue glittery pine cone (1)

Ride the frosty trend with blue pine cones! Unusual!

12. Ski

Ski (1)

With ice cream sticks and toothpicks, make this funny place brand pair of skis.

13. Poetic

Poetic (1)

Fun and poetic, will the most creative of you dare to embark on the creation of this pretty little deer?

14. Gift packages

Gift packages

Small Christmas gifts with our names to immerse yourself in the end-of-year atmosphere. We prick the idea.

15. Fruity


And when dessert time comes, everyone loses their place!

16. Forest

Forest (1)

We can’t resist the little ears of these charming creatures!

17. Playful

Playful (1)

Here is a place card that will not go unnoticed on the Christmas table!

18. Pictures on the cork

Pictures on the cork (1)

Even better than the first names of the guests: their faces on identity photos!

19. On the glass

on the glass

This is the solution so that no one loses their drink during New Year’s Eve.

20. Gourmet

Gourmet (1)

Chic and gourmet, we love these chewable place cards!

21. Place card with fir

Place card with fir (1)

Sober and cute, this little red tree will sparkle your festive table.

22. Under the bell

Under the bell (1)

Make place markers where you can place pretty figurines like a Christmas tree or a deer, in addition to the name of the guest!

23. Nature

Nature (1)

Simple and effective, these place cards made with a piece of Christmas tree.

24. Nuts

Nuts (1)

Fun and easy to make, we definitely adopt these walnut place cards!

25. Popcorn place card

Popcorn place card (1)

A place brand that is both gourmet and originally made with popcorn.

26. Fir and sugar cane

Fir and sugar cane (1)

For an original place card, hang a candy cane on a small fir branch, which you place on the napkin.

27. Log of wood

Log of wood

Use logs to create 100% natural place cards.

28. Place card candle holder

Place card candle holder  1

In a glass jar, slide a candle and hang fir branches or moss around it. Add a star with the first name and there you are with an original place card!

29. Christmas’ balls

Christmas' balls

Do you have any unused Christmas balls? Use it to mark places on the New Year’s Eve table!

30. Labels


Add labels to the fir branches, to mark the places in an original and vegetal way!

31. The sticks

The sticks (1)

Simple personalized ice cream sticks in the Christmas version for simple but very effective place cards!

32. Small golden crowns

Small golden crowns (1)

We love these little golden crowns that will enhance your holiday table!

33. Small trees

Small trees

Make little trees on which you will write the names of your guests!

34. Pine cones

Pine cones

Opt for originality by making these pretty name holders placed under the sign of ecology and nature. Tie ribbons to the base of the pine cones and attach place cards with the names of your guests!

35. Snowmen


Pretty snowman place cards to make with clothespins. A fun manual activity that will appeal to your children.

36. Leaves place card

Leaves (1)

To bring a natural and elegant touch to your party tables.

37. A pebble place card

A pebble place card (1)

Adopt indigo blue, synonymous with the seaside, to create an atmosphere on your table that smells of holidays. With a few souvenirs brought back or clever ideas, your table decoration is sure to make an impact.

38. Star place cards and cutlery holders

Star place cards and cutlery holders

On a white star, the name of each guest is inscribed with a turquoise blue marker, in the colors of the Christmas holiday table, for a place card and a two-in-one cutlery holder.

39. Scrabble cookies for place cards

scrabble cookies

Want an original decoration for your table? Make these little Scrabble shortbread cookies, to invite your guests around a playful, surprising, and very tasty decoration.

40. Place card cake pops

Place card cake pops

These little round lollipops will give a real gourmet party air to your table decoration. An excellent plate gift for a wedding, for example.