20 Ideas for Creating Your Meditation Room (1)

Are you starting out in meditation or just need some inspiration for a makeover? Here are 20 inspirations for your meditation corner!

1. A meditation cushion, called a zafu

A meditation cushion, called a zafu (1)

Above all, choose a quiet and secluded place. Then, to be able to fully disconnect with the current world, nothing better than to be well installed. The arrangement of a corner to meditate thus begins with the choice of a good seat: the zafu . This cushion, often in natural fibers (cotton or linen), is essential for the practice of meditation at home. Most of the time round, square or in a half-moon, there are more or less large, plain or patterned zafus. After trying several in specialty stores, it’s up to you to choose the one that inspires you the most! You can also opt for a yoga mat.

2. Candles for a Zen corner

Candles for a Zen corner (1)

Once the seat is installed, think about creating a Zen atmosphere in what will be your future meditation corner. To do this, opt for a few candles here and there and light them when meditating in order to create an atmosphere conducive to letting go. Play with the sizes, shapes and colors of your candles, but also choose scented candles to work on the olfactory aspect. You can also install lanterns, candle holders or a small light garland.

3. Plants for proximity to nature

Plants for proximity to nature (1)

Meditating without a few plants around you is rather rare. Welcome nature into your meditation space by installing some green plants to create a zen place. Get closer to nature and its benefits while bringing a nice little decorative touch to your meditation corner.

4. Incense for a relaxed atmosphere

Incense for a relaxed atmosphere (1)

Another idea for setting up your place of meditation: incense. As it burns, it releases a sweet scent, thus promoting relaxation and relaxation , states of mind essential to fully benefit from the benefits of meditation. Jasmine or lavender and linden incense are often used during a yoga or meditation session for example. Like incense, the diffuser of essential oils allows your body and your mind to relax and thus release any tension, harmful to the practice of meditation …

5. A singing bowl for meditation

A singing bowl for meditation (1)

Tibetan meditation instrument, the singing bowl allows you to concentrate and to clear your mind . By focusing on the goal of achieving a pure sound (using a mallet, rub the top of the bowl in rotating movements), you will eliminate any fuss. Besides increasing your concentration, the singing bowl can also be displayed in your meditation place as a real decorative element.

6. Stones for meditation

Stones for meditation (1)

The colored stones above correspond to the 7 main chakras, energy centers that are found all along our spine. Meditating with these stones allows our body to free itself from all blockages. So, incorporating these stones in your meditation corner is a great idea.

7. Sit in front of a window or nature

Sit in front of a window or nature (1)

Meditating in front of natural light is interesting, just like sitting in front of nature if one of our windows overlooks the garden, the mountains or the sea. So choose a corner that opens onto nature, but be careful not to let yourself be too distracted by the outside world in order to meditate serenely. If this is not possible, you can also sit facing a wall and / or in a room isolated from noise.

8. A miniature zen garden

A miniature zen garden (1)

Finally, you can easily install a miniature Zen garden on a small table with a pretty indoor fountain to create a universe conducive to meditation. Miniature gardens help ward off stress, anxiety, tension and all other negative emotions. Decorative and beneficial, we validate!

9. Do not neglect the seat

Do not neglect the seat (1)

The seat is one of the imperatives to be respected in order to practice meditation well. It can be of a particular style or, on the contrary, more classic, more touching the ground. The important thing is that you feel good during the meditation.

10. An interesting play of light

An interesting play of light1 (1)

Here is an interesting inspiration for a meditation corner: natural light is supplemented by a few candles for an atmosphere conducive to meditation!

11. Meditate in the open air

Meditate in the open air (1)

Do you have a garden or are you near a large green space? Take the opportunity to meditate outside! Being in communion with nature can be beneficial for your search for appeasement. 

12. Inspiration for outdoor meditation

Inspiration for outdoor meditation (1)

Another example of an outdoor arrangement for outdoor meditation. 

13. A good planning idea

A good planning idea (1)

This space fully dedicated to meditation and tranquility should give you ideas! 

14. Simple layout

Simple layout (1)

A simple interior can very well serve as a meditation space, as long as you feel good in it! 

15. Combine the useful with the pleasant!

Combine the useful with the pleasant! (1)

Running out of space? No problem ! Create a cozy corner that can serve as both a relaxation and meditation area!

16. Simple and sufficient

Simple and sufficient (1)

A few pillows may be enough to create a comfortable environment conducive to meditation. © Arts

17. Simple layout with greenary

Simple layout with greenary

Here is an example of a simple layout in which greenery has its charm. 

18. Even think about the details

Even think about the details (1)

Incense and other scents can also make you participate in a good meditation session. 

19. Sit on the ground

Sit on the ground (1)

A seat on the ground can also be suitable for meditation. 

20. The choice of seat is yours

The choice of seat is yours (1)

If a seat on the ground is not suitable, you can have recourse to have one, and at your convenience!