We are in one of the most beloved seasons of the year, spring! With its flowers and a pleasant climate, it offers us beautiful landscapes and encourages us to enjoy special moments with family and friends outdoors. In addition to enjoying these moments, we can also bring this special climate to our environments by transforming corners and creating spaces that provide a total spring atmosphere indoors. Do you have a small porch, a huge backyard, a dull wall or a lifeless corner at home? So get ready to turn them into the most inspiring places in your home.

Spring starts on September 22, and many regions of the country are already feeling that the typical heat of the season, which only tends to increase as summer approaches. However, in addition to the heat, spring brings with it, of course, flowers – and, let’s face it, who doesn’t love the colorful nature of blooming, right?! And this is the best time to give that house and garden a makeover and, why not, adopt flowery in different ways and corners. Come on, our spring decor inspirations are beautiful!

Below we have selected several super special tips that will help you prepare the house for this very special time of year, spring!

1- How to use flowers in decoration during spring?

How to use flowers in decoration during spring

Spring is synonymous with flowers, lots of flowers! And how about bringing the beauty and color of flowers into the house? A good idea is to make floral arrangements and spread throughout the house. When using arrangements, anything goes, because the most important thing is that you feel good about them. Some species of flowers that do well indoors are: astromelias, daisies, carnations, gerberas, roses, sunflowers and calla lily.

In outdoor areas, invest in flowers such as hydrangeas, lilies and anthuriums. These flowers are very resistant to the external environment, especially direct sunlight. If you don’t have a large backyard or it is cemented, plant the flowers in pots or planters, it looks beautiful and you even have the advantage of being able to move them around in the future.

2- Spring decoration indoors

Spring decoration indoors

Spring decorations are not just natural flowers. Nowadays it is possible to find decorative items, paintings, wallpapers and decorative panels with this theme and thus bring more color into the house without having to take care of a plant.

3- Refreshing the feet

Refreshing the feet

 Refreshing the feet 1

If you live in regions of Brazil, where the climate is very hot all year round, you have certainly used this tip in your home. Using cold floors to cover the house is a way to regulate the temperature, leaving the climate of your internal areas cooler and more pleasant. Ceramic and porcelain floors have the characteristic of not absorbing heat easily, which makes the temperature of the internal areas not rise so much. Your feet will thank you for the refreshment days of intense heat.

4- Let the spring breeze in

Let the spring breeze in 1

Let the spring breeze in

Still talking about breeze, wind and refreshment, how about promoting the entry of air into the house through cabogó walls? It is a modern resource with high decorative power, as in addition to promoting air circulation, it also allows light to enter, creating effects and making spaces more illuminated. They can be found in different materials, colors and formats and are suitable for both indoor and indoor projects. Take advantage of this feature to better ventilate your kitchen or balcony with a lot of charm and personality.

5- Private garden

Private garden

Private garden 1

Plants and flowers are essential elements to decorate our spaces, and not just in spring. They have the power to renew and refresh the air, creating a pleasant and cozy atmosphere in the environments, for this reason they will always be welcome. Use them not only on balconies, gardens and backyards but also indoors. Place them on the furniture, on the floor and, if space is lacking, hang them on the walls or through hooks in the ceiling. Having a little green corner at home can be inspiring.

6- Shall we eat out?

 Shall we eat out 1

Shall we eat out

Enjoy the good weather and your outdoor space and welcome guests on the balcony, garden or backyard. Is there anything better than promoting lunches and dinners at home and bringing the whole family together? Creating a space to have meals in your outdoor area is simple, just invest in resistant furniture and protection against the weather. The beauty of a space like this is in the fun of being able to have breakfast on a weekend with the morning breeze, in the simplicity of a moonlight dinner and in the power to make your guests feel “at home”.

7- Paint with the colors of the flowers

- Paint with the colors of the flowers

Paint with the colors of the flowers 1

With spring, landscapes are filled with colors and if you stop to think about it, this fact can be a beautiful inspiration to decorate your home. Bring the colors of flowers and plants to your walls, creating living spaces full of character. Choose a wall to apply your favorite color or create patterns, with the help of masking tape, and apply the paint on only half a wall or abstract shapes. A little color brightens up any environment.

8- How about a refreshment?

How about a refreshment 1

 How about a refreshment

Have you always dreamed of having a pool at home but limited space or limited budget prevents you from fulfilling that desire? Then installing a shower may be the ideal option for you! A shower installed on the balcony, in the garden or backyard can provide refreshing moments and help to face the heat of this time of year. A fun and economical option to wash the soul on the hottest days to come.

9- In the ebb and flow of spring

 In the ebb and flow of spring 1

 In the ebb and flow of spring 1

Imagine being able to relax and rest in the backyard, cooling off with the breeze coming and going from a charming hammock… The perfect plan for the end of a busy day, don’t you agree? Hammocks are a trending element in decorating and nowadays they are not only used on balconies or backyards but also started to decorate living rooms and bedrooms. Invest in this simple and inexpensive element, which has everything to do with the season, to add value to your home.

10- Tonight will be beautiful

Tonight will be beautiful

Tonight will be beautiful

A charming tip to set the mood for your spring nights is to use light bulb cables in an unpretentious way on your balcony, garden or backyard. The feature is simple and in addition to helping to decorate, it also creates a cozy atmosphere, with a soft light, perfect for long nights of conversations accompanied by a good wine in the open air.

11- Living room in the spring

Living room in the spring

A super simple way to bring spring into the house is to use spring-themed pillow covers, that is, very colorful covers, with plant prints and lots of green.

Another simple tip is to bet on prints and engravings, so invest in frames with botanical prints and tropical plants.

However, if you don’t like to use many colors or flowery prints, a golden tip is to use and abuse the color green. That way you bring a little bit of nature into the house, but in a discreet way.

12- Room decoration

Room decoration

Use and abuse spring-themed bedding sets. However, if you don’t like flowers very much, bet on brightly colored sheets. If you’re in the mood, this is a good time to change your wall colors to more cheerful tones. Bet on various adornments that refer to the theme, such as: birds, plants, florals.

13- Spring kitchen

Spring kitchen

To give the kitchen a fresher air, bet on plate games over time. Nowadays it is easy to find this type of crockery, and they add an extra touch to the table. When setting the table, in addition to the dishes following the theme, it is also worth putting a beautiful flower arrangement as a centerpiece. Use a more neutral towel so it doesn’t conflict with other flowery items.

14- Spring and renewal

Spring and renewal

Take advantage of the change of season to renovate your home. Get rid of what’s broken, donate what can still be used by others and let that spring energy flow through your home.

15- Spring decoration needs flowers

Spring decoration needs flowers

As cliché as it may seem, spring decor has as its main characteristic the use of floral elements. But that doesn’t just mean adopting different arrangements, no! Here we want to sharpen your creativity and make you think outside the box and innovate. So, a cool idea is the use of wallpapers. Practical, they don’t make a mess and, with a little practice and patience, you can put them on yourself. And the prints, of course, are many, and you can even choose your favorite flower.

16- Printed furniture, why not?!

Printed furniture why not

Far beyond the arrangements, did you know that flowers can be in prints? But it takes common sense not to exaggerate, okay? After all, spring decor allows daring, but the mix of many different patterns can leave the environment visually charged, and no one wants that, right? Especially when it comes to furniture, understand your home decor style so you don’t overload. Sometimes, just one floral piece is more than enough to give the spotlight to spring, and remember: the colors of these prints will set the tone of the entire composition, whether colorful or more neutral.

17- Welcome, Tropicalismo

Welcome Tropicalismo

Tropicalismo was a movement of Brazilian artists started back in the 60’s, in which the customs and all the characteristics that make our country what it is were evoked. This Brazilianness, colorful and full of joy present in the most different aesthetic and cultural sectors also invades the decoration and has everything to do with spring, you know? Use a lot of green, flowers and fruits, in the same tune, and with that libertarian footprint so characteristic of this time. The colorful here has a time is the protagonist in spring decoration.

18- Nature all around in spring decor

Nature all around in spring decor

Go beyond the arrangements and make your home a natural retreat. Plants, naturally, are more vibrant, colorful so why not leave them in every little space of the house, right? And so, we don’t even need to say the importance of choosing natural plants that can adapt to their environment, right? The smell and texture of natural plants can give your environment much more authenticity – something that no artificial plant can do.

19- Vases on the wall

 Vases on the wall

Once again the wall can be a good way to decorate without fuss or renovations. But here we have a different proposal for the arrangements – so common at this time of year. How about putting them on the wall? Did you know that there are special structures for this and even entire vertical gardens within this idea? The coolest thing is that this alternative doesn’t take up space and even gives another face to that lifeless wall that spent the entire winter erased.

Did you see how decorating and preparing the house for spring can be pleasurable? This is the ideal time to make the house more colorful, cheerful and flowery. There is no shortage of inspiration to make your home decor mega attractive and full of life in spring.