Romantic vintage Home Decor Ideas for Valentine's Day

Looking for inspiration to set up a beautiful table, I found several amazing suggestions and decided to share them here. You will see that a simple detail, like a flower vase or a candle, makes all the difference.  Here’s a good reason to start the week with a smile on your face. I love going out to eat, but, on dates like this, I prefer to stay at home (because, let’s face it, waiting in line at a restaurant ends the mood…).

1- Old Porcelain 

Old Porcelain 

Old porcelain can become beautiful vases.

2- Little Bottles

Little Bottles

Is there anything cuter than these little bottles with harpsichords used as a centerpiece?

3- Spices


Spices also look beautiful in decor. It’s worth using lavender, basil, mint or whatever else you have in your garden. In addition to being beautiful, the plants perfume the table. 

4- Cutlery Holder

Cutlery Holder

A flowering branch removed from the arrangement and placed inside the fabric cutlery holder is a simple and very welcome detail. If you don’t have a cutlery holder like this one, place the flower on the napkin.

5- Mix Candles

 Mix Candles

Look how fun it is to mix candles of different sizes.

6- Egg Holders

Egg Holders

Do you know those egg holders kept in the cupboard? They can be brought to the table in the form of beautiful candlesticks. Isn’t the effect beautiful? 

7- Use of Candles

 Use of Candles

Here’s another cool way to put candles at the table: use a small glass of liqueur as support and place it inside another glass.

8- Stylish Look

Stylish Look

The agate bowl and the Renaissance lace towels give an old-fashioned and very stylish look.

9- Jars and Perfume Bottles

 Jars and Perfume Bottles

There is no requirement to invest in sophisticated flowers – see how charming, these mini daisies in jars are. It’s even worth using empty perfume bottles as a vase! 

10- Brigadeiro Syrup

Brigadeiro Syrup

The Brigadeiro syrup that accompanies these rain dumplings is delicious in itself. But, served like this, in a heart-shaped bowl, it’s simply irresistible.

11- Funky Vases

Funky Vases

Empty bottles of olive oil, wine and even small pepper sauce bottles can become funky vases.

12- Centerpiece and Vases

Centerpiece and Vases

In this suggestion by interior designer Ari Lyra, the decor is refined. The work of Rochelle Costi, used as a centerpiece, brings a lot of originality, and the vases with colored roses, a touch of delicacy.

13- Vintage Feel

Vintage Feel

The embroidered tablecloth and the old-fashioned teapot, give this breakfast table a vintage feel (how about surprising your lover when you wake up?).

14- Colorful Cups

 Colorful Cups

The colorful cups give an extra charm to the table decorated with white tableware, also perfect for an inspired breakfast. Even better if there is an outdoor table in your house.

15- Beautiful Towel

Beautiful Towel

If you have free time or prefer to celebrate in advance, you can bet on a picnic on the weekend. A beautiful towel, like this one, makes the atmosphere even more pleasant. Also, pay attention to the snacks, which should be easy to carry and eat – sandwiches are good options.