If you live in the southern hemisphere and have not yet taken advantage of spring cleaning to give your home a fresh touch, we invite you to discover these ideas to decorate your home in Spring. Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy a house according to the summer season. It is the period for you to fill the spaces of your house with plants and pastel colors. It’s finally Spring, so you have the ideal excuse to make some changes in your house without your family calling you “complicated.” After all, it’s so hot that looking to cool down the different places in your home doesn’t hurt.

From putting more plants inside your home to opting for pastel-colored curtains, it can all add up to making your home look much more spring-ready (and much more comfortable at the same time). It is time to renew, light colors and flowers. It is the perfect time to clean, order, and “take the cold out” of the environment.  Spring invites us to change. And our house cannot be left aside. Spring suggests a fresh decor, with cheerful colors and many flowers. With minor and only a few simple tricks, a style will allow you to renew yourself. We leave the tips so that the season of love enters your home.

1. Paint fresh colors

Painting is an economical and simple way to renew an environment, mainly if you paint yourself. Choose colors like green, light blue, or classic white to refresh the room.

2. Decorate with flowers

Spring is synonymous with flowers, and you can use this inspiration to decorate your home. But don’t just limit yourself to decorating with real flowers! You can use patterned fabrics with floral motifs for curtains, upholstery, and even pictures with floral motifs.

3. Choose green

Bring nature indoors using green trim and accessories in whatever shades you find fresh and energizing. From a rug to the curtains to the coffee table, anything goes when it comes to giving your home a spring touch.

4. Add plants

Aside from using green in your décor, nothing makes us think of Spring faster than some glossy green leafy plants in the home. Do you want an extra? Decorate with plants that give colorful flowers!

5. Use rocks

Rocks are also part of nature and combined with natural colors and plants, and they can help create a new and original environment. From the beautiful rocks you find by the side of the road or on the shore of a lake or stream to the impressive agates or amethysts, the rocks will give your home an extraordinary personal touch.

6. Do not forget the interior

Now that you’ve spring-cleaned and cleared out cabinets, closets, and closets, take advantage of decorating the inside of these with colorful wallpaper. This way, you will feel inspired even when you choose what clothes to wear or take out the dishes for lunch!

7. Decorate with photo books

Find your most beautiful photo books and display them throughout the house, from the library to the dining space table and, of course, the coffee table if you have a landscape and nature photo books, much better!

8. Change the bedding

Swap thick winter sheets for lighter, cooler-toned bedding or, better yet, stark white. It is also an excellent time to change the towels for lighter colored ones to match the rest of the decoration.

9. Shelves full of plants

Plants such as Aloe Vera, the Bond of Love, and the Boston Fern are great purifiers of the air in the environment and, therefore, effective in reducing heat. Opt to place pots on bedroom Nightstands, the dining room table, or the desk.

10. Pastel curtains

Right now, it would help if you took advantage of the sun’s rays. That’s why curtains made of thin fabrics and pastel shades are the best option. So your home will receive natural light (you will not have to turn on the lights), it will look fashionable and cheerful, just like the spring season.

11. Flower walls

Although “Miranda Priestly” would say that flowers are not very original in Spring, the reality is that they are still a must for decoration. Choose to use tablecloths, wallpaper, and rugs with floral prints, and your home will have more life.

12. Seasonal fruits

The fruits are meant to be eaten, but they can also serve as part of the decoration in the meantime. For the same reason, take the opportunity to place large and colorful containers full of oranges, mangoes, apples, or kiwis on the coffee table in the living room, the entrance of your house, or the bedrooms.

13. Landscape Paintings

For now, the pandemic is keeping us on lockdown, but no one has said you can’t let your creativity run wild while at home. Placing landscape paintings, such as a field full of flowers or the sea, will transport you to magical moments that you have already experienced in similar places.

14. Cleaning time

It is the ideal time to clean and order everything we collect during the winter. Open the windows, take advantage of the warm temperatures to let the sun enter your house, and get relieved of all those extra things that take up space and, you admit, are useless.

15. Bye rugs

In winter, nothing better than putting your feet on a warm carpet. But enough! Roll them up and replace them with others made of thread and fresher textures and light colors.

16. Reorient the furniture

It is best to set up your living room around the stove on cold days. Now, if you can, rethink the location and arrange the furniture facing the window, the balcony, or the garden.

17. Flowers, flowers, and more flowers

Do you have artificial flowers in vases? Save them for next winter! Spring arrives with the joy of nature, and it is time to decorate with natural flowers. You can put some pots on the balcony and even inside. In addition, a bouquet on the table is the inevitable detail.

18. Betting on the colors

If you have to, put together your natural perfumes. An idea: in a glass jar, you can mix cinnamon and cloves. Leave it open and enjoy the smell of Spring!

19. Whatever you want!

This is your space because your house is yours, and that very personal touch is in your hands. Choose colors and objects that you like: it will be the best to welcome the season of love in your home!

As you can see, there exist many easy ideas to prepare your house for Spring that you can apply with minimal effort and investment. Choose the ones you like the most and make a simple but impressive renovation in your home! Remember that to redecorate your home. You do not need to make a considerable expense or invest a lot of time; instead, you need to use your imagination.