Flower garlands are trending

Flower garlands are no longer exclusive to large events. We suggest that you make a space for them in your home. It’s already spring. Check out tips to fill your home with joy through colors, materials and nature. Did you know that one of the biggest trends of the season is flower garlands?

The warming temperatures and the warm sunshine are telling you the fact that spring is really here! And when it comes to spring, the activity of viewing flowers is indispensable. If you don’t want to go out, then you can buy some flowers and go home to make beautiful and creative garland door decorations, so that your home can also be stained with the breath of spring.

What began years ago as an exclusive proposal for events such as weddings, communions or baptisms, today manages to reach the most intimate corners, beautifying and filling spaces with romanticism. If you liked the idea, keep reading, because we will bring you great tips.

1- Flower garlands are trending

Creative Garland Ideas to Garnish Home in Spring

Today we will give you many ideas to use flower garlands and brighten up your home. If you like DIY, you can embark on the adventure of creating your own arrangement, whether with dried, natural or artificial flowers.

Of course, if you decide on fresh flowers, remember that they will only last a few days, but they can be a nice addition to a big party.

In contrast, both artificial and dried flowers last much longer. There are many tutorials on YouTube that explain this very clearly and the result is beautiful. Find the type you like best and do it yourself.

Some flower wreath ideas

Some flower wreath ideas

If you need some inspiration, don’t worry. Here are some beautiful and original ideas that will help you fill your home with romanticism.

2- Rustic flower garlands

Rustic flower garlands

If you like the farmhouse style, you’ll love the wreath we found on Pinterest. It is made with twigs, cotton, flowers and green leaves. The most interesting thing is that it was placed in an aged wooden window frame, and the result is very interesting. You can place it on one of the walls in your entrance hall or create a beautiful composition.

3- For the most romantic

 For the most romantic

On some occasion we have already talked about Lucía Be, a brand that produces real jewels. If you go to their website, you will see that there are two garlands capable of making anyone fall in love.

 For the most romantic. 1

One is made from lavender and the other from oat, and both are made from dried flowers, ensuring more durability. They are ideal for decorating your bedroom, although they also look great in a rustic living room. Where would you put them?

4- Mini Version

In mini version

Another way to decorate with garlands is in small doses. Surely you’ve seen them on the backs of chairs during a special event. Did you like this idea?

Just have a wire in a circular shape and the flowers of your choice. You can place flowers around the entire circumference or just on one side. That way, it will look beautiful and give a boho style to the event. We suggest you add some eucalyptus to make it look very original.

5- Flower garlands for the entrance to the house

Flower garlands for the entrance to the house

Another of the many ideas floating around on Pinterest is using an old bicycle wheel to make the wreath. You can leave a quarter of the circumference free for an even more original piece.

The process is very easy. Place the branches you chose with the help of wires, modeling and creating that rounded shape. The flowers should be on top, and if you want, you can even add some fruits like oranges or apples. The result? A beautiful spring ornament to place at the entrance of the house.

 Flower garlands for the entrance to the house 1

Flower garlands are beautiful, original and able to fill every corner with romance and color. Be sure to use them to decorate that special wall or any piece of furniture you want to beautify.

As we’ve already said, it’s a decorative feature that you can make yourself and it just needs a little inspiration. If you prefer to buy, there are many decorating companies that offer them ready to use.

6- Rose wreath

 Rose wreath

It is mainly composed of yellow roses, decorated with some white flowers, and finally hung with a white ribbon, which is fresh and beautiful.

7- Vanilla wreath

 Vanilla wreath

A variety of flowers are matched to form a colorful and beautiful garland, which is full of vitality.

8- Birdhouse wreath

Birdhouse wreath

A small birdhouse hangs in the middle of the wreath, calling for the arrival of spring.

9- Dried flower wreath

 Dried flower wreath

Dried flowers last longer, choose some brightly colored flowers to match!

10- Forsythia garland

 Forsythia garland

Does it look like a spring flower? But forsythia and jasmine are not the same plant. But no matter which one is made into a garland, it is very beautiful.

11- Succulent wreath

 Succulent wreath

The chubby succulents get together and look very cute.

12- Lavender Wreath

 Lavender Wreath

 Lavender Wreath

Make a lavender wreath and hang it at the door, so that the graceful lavender fragrance permeates the whole home.

13- Pussy Willow + Egg Wreath

Pussy Willow + Egg Wreath

The swirling branches are beautiful and cute with a circle of candy-colored eggs.

14- Rosemary wreath

 Rosemary wreath

Simple and green, tie a ribbon for a more festive look.

15- Vine wreath

 Vine wreath

Small purple and yellow flowers are buried in the clusters of green leaves, and the round eggshells are embellished, and the country atmosphere is full.

16- Reindeer Moss Wreath

Reindeer Moss Wreath

Fluffy bryophytes are cute and gracious! Do you like it?

17- Tulip Basket

tulip Basket

Use a bunch of white and peach pink tulips to decorate a super beautiful and super dream big flower basket.

18- Magnolia Wreath

Magnolia Wreath

The pure and flawless white magnolia is as lovable as a girl’s heart. And speaking of magnolia, the editor thought of Liu Shishi and Wu Qilong who got married two days ago. The wedding was so romantic!

19- Umbrella


The old umbrella can also become the home of the flowers, use it to express your love to your loved ones!

20- Chrysanthemum wreath

 Chrysanthemum wreath

The green wreath is dotted with a lot of small chrysanthemums, not stunningly beautiful, but pure and moving.