20 Bohemian Bedroom Designs With a Four Poster Bed (1)

We love it for its bohemian, cozy, magical side … The canopy gives charm to our room and invites us to spend sweet nights …

1. Lightness and freedom symbolized by white

Lightness and freedom symbolized by white

When decorating your home, and especially your bedroom, you shouldn’t just focus on the visual. Besides, the most important thing is how you feel there. For the big dreamer gypsy, white is ideal to create a dreamy atmosphere that is both inspiring and relaxing. The four poster beds below make all relevant bedrooms airy and lightness is felt. This is a good thing in bohemian decoration because it allows to have a certain freedom to decorate the rest of the room with all the decorative accessories collected without losing the notion of lightness.

2. A dream design

A dream design (1)

If the Bohemian style of decoration were defined by rules, there would no longer be any reason to call it by its name. This sumptuous four-poster bed completely defies the laws of rustic decor with its magical cottage-inspired bedroom presence.

3. Bedroom to breathe travel

Bedroom to breathe travel (1)

A gypsy soul cannot do without travel. However, you have to rest well at some point. If you’d like your bedroom to breathe travel, make it as open as possible. Create a gypsy oasis that opens up to nature.

4. The freedom to use colors

The freedom to use colors

If there is one word that symbolizes the bohemian style, it is “freedom”. The color wheel is your limit! Be free to use the colors that you like and that inspire you. The bed is an opportunity to integrate beautiful colors into the interior of your room. Don’t you think the bedding on these canopy beds is gorgeous?

5. Cozy

Cozy (1)

Thanks to the curtains, the bed becomes the flagship accessory of decoration!

6. Ambiance

Ambiance (1)

The canopy here warms the atmosphere and brings style to the room.

7. Vacation

Vacation (1)

The canopy offers a real sleeping area in the middle of this large room.

8. Magical effect

Magical effect (1)

Add a light garland to your bed canopy for a magical effect.

9. Bohemia

Bohemia (1)

100% bohemian spirit in this warm and colorful room.

10. Design

Design (1)

The canopy bed is reinvented by playing the minimalism card!

11. Cocoon

Cocoon (1)

The bed canopy here offers a small corner of privacy, very soft and poetic!

12. Zen

Zen (1)

We fall for this room with a zen and authentic spirit!

13. Elegant

Elegant (1)

Chic and unique, the bed canopy gives character to the bedroom.

14. Natural


Natural colors and wood for a successful bed canopy! 

15. Four poster bed

Four poster bed (1)

In this bedroom, the four-poster bed has a reclaimed canopy! 

16. Light string

Light string (1)

The light garland is used as a bed canopy. Original! 

17. Branch canopy

Branch canopy (1)

Use driftwood branches for an unusual bed canopy. 

18. Wall hanging

Wall hanging (1)

Use drapes to create a bohemian canopy. 

19. Fairy

Fairy (1)

We fall for the very magical side of this pink bed canopy.

20. Modern


Discreet and less bulky than the classic models, this bed canopy is simply placed on a four-poster bed.