Instagram is one of the social media giants that are in huge demand for generic users and businesses. Yes! Instagram for business has increased, driving numerous brands to take advantage of this social channel for branding and sales. Interestingly, many users have turned into popular influencers, giving the business owner another great opportunity to collaborate and invest in influencer marketing. Undoubtedly, many brands still do not use Instagram, resulting in low output from expectations. 

So, the major question is why Instagram is the key channel for influencers and why brands consider it as the ideal platform to promote their product/services. Well, marketers know that users no longer react to direct advertising. It brings in demand for an intermediate (Influencer) who can promote your products and build trust across their audience. 

Influencers give you a pre-build user base to promote your products and engage them via word-of-the-mouth. It provides an excellent opportunity for businesses to collaborate with influencers and jumpstart their brand with a new user base. Undoubtedly, influencers promoting your product have a higher ROI than direct advertising on various channels. However, what matters here is how influencers serve their followers. Quality content with quality followers is the key to fruitful influencer marketing results.

Now, many of you still wonder why Instagram is still a popular preference for influencer marketers. Below are strong reasons that support the massive demand for Instagram.

Higher Engagement Rate: When comparing all social platforms, Instagram delivers a high engagement rate. Factually, Instagram delivers a 23% more engagement rate than Facebook, making it a good option to collaborate with influencers. This means promoting your content on Instagram won’t disappear. Instead, it will deliver you results higher than other social channels.

Huge Userbase: Userbase is always checked before selecting a social platform for promotion. Instagram has a nearly 2 billion userbase making it the highest social channel with a massive audience. Among them, 37% of US users are adults, which give you another great reason to plan influencer marketing on Instagram.

These two reasons are worth enough to prove why Instagram is still ruling for influencer marketing. Now, you have planned your coming month’s strategy with influencer marketing. However, it’s essential to consider a few points when putting your marketing budget on Instagram.

Define Your Objectives: Without defining your goal, it’s tough to evaluate results. Hence you must find your motive to invest in influencer marketing.

Know KPIs: KPIs will help you evaluate your efforts and they worked for your business. Engagement rate, conversions, traffic are some common KPIs that marketers consider when calculating their efforts.

Select Right Influencer: It takes time, but selecting the right influencer is crucial to make a substantial impact on the audience and get the most out of Instagram. You should always search for a potential influencer like Josi Maia, a famous blogger who shares makeup tutorials across various social channels, including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

With that said, you can now move ahead with influencer marketing and get expected results.