The Paris, London, New York, and Milan are a pilgrimage for fashionistas. Every season of every year, these cities are flooded with the followers of art, fashion, and trends of the apparel and beauty industry. And every time, the masters of the craft deliver their best designs and models of perfection before the world.

Equally, participating in the advancement of the industry are the critics. These masters are constantly checking quality controllers of the craft. Without critics, the designers would never try to outrun their own creations. Which, in fact, would bring the evolution of fashion to a halt.

The fashion experts believe that the coming seasons would experience a trench of fusion of the classic period with the modern art forms.

1.Fanny Packs

Fanny packs, or as they are commonly known, multi-belt bags are the evolutionary cousins to the waist-bags. With multiple segments of a bag, gathered together on a single belt, these are probably the best street trend ever. With functionality and stylish looks, these bags keep things secured to your waist. Pair it with a blazer or a fur coat. Belt it around tank top and you don’t have to carry your stuff in your hands. This stylish solution to carrying things securely is soon believed to hit the streets around the world. These could be a perfect option for those who like to keep their hands free in style.

2.The Shoulder Pads From The ’30s

Originally, designer Elsa Schiaparelli made this style prominent around the ‘30s. She actually incorporated the shoulder pads used by football players to a jacket. The design soon disappeared from the charts around the ‘80s. Recently it has been sensed at the fashion shows and reported by fashion magazines that the trend from the ‘30s is making a comeback. As Elsa used to say, ‘all women around the world dress the same way, to annoy other women.” Maybe her trend may top the charts once again. Women would love to create the illusion of a thinner waistline with their seemingly broader shoulders. Pair jackets and blazers with cigarette trousers or with skinny fit jeans. The flawless styling option to look fitter effortlessly.

3.Feel The Freshness Of Mint

The delicate mix of blue and green, with a tincture of white, the color mint is maybe the coolest color. This season, mint has sophisticatedly made waves on the ramps. This cool and fresh pastel shade looks super fashionable. From trench coats to headbands, this chromatic shade can be blended into endless patterns and designs.

4.The Harness Lingerie Is Turning Accessory From Intimate Apparels

Bold colors, leather or fabric textures, designs, and patterns have never ever all together transformed a niche product. What once used to be an intimate product, is now hitting the shelves as an accessory. The past season saw a huge rage for harness style lingerie over the more contemporary ones. Essentially, not lingerie but harnesses made from leather, fabric, or chains are the accessorized versions. A stylish way to tie up all the parts of your dress together in just one loop. The fashion critics have never undermined the thought that this trend has a huge potential to transform the fashion statement. Nevertheless, this trend is expected to hit the streets anytime this year.

5.How Can There Be No Contender For Sunglasses?

Pastel shades have long been following the leads in the fashion charts. Eyewear industry has been the foremost in the race to flag the triumph for pastel signatures. The retro trends have long been in the line, to enter the market once again. They have been making trips indeed. The splurge in the women’s eyewear recently has developed a curiosity in the critics. It is expected that the shades like rose and pink-hues may hit the shelves this coming autumn. Don’t be fooled by the elegance of these shades, they can sley almost every trend that has been floating in the market. Cute yet edgy, feminine yet not feminist, the pastel shades can put up some real challenge forth this season for the designers to come up with new designs. Adding the necessary pop to any color or shade of your dress, these pastel shades are a must buy.

6.Androgynous Fashion Devoid Of Gender Obsession

The gender stereotypes may observe a change in the direction of thought-flow. The recent years have witnessed a lot of changes in the androgynous fashion. The haircuts being unisexualized, the apparels being fused for a fresh taste, and the accessories not specified to any gender anymore. These changes have swiftly managed to fade away the border between the gender-specific fashion trends. Oversized blazers, slacks shirts, rugged jackets, are gaining extreme popularity in recent years. Rebelliously pushing the boundaries between gender norms, with sleek and fluidic designs.

7.Cuban Link Chains

Ever tried any handmade and handcrafted product? Yes, the Cuban link chains are handmade. What once used to be a signature for the lords of the streets in Cuba, is now hitting top brands and stores. David Chapman from Frost NYC says that a Cuban link chain is a staple in New York City streetwear. What already is a staple for the big apple, is nowhere soon stepping out of the limelight. From Hollywood stars to the spoiled brats, everyone has tried the street look. For the ‘90s look, these chunky neck accessories are going to rock the charts once again in the coming fashion weeks from Milan, Paris, and London.

8.Silver Age Has Not Ended Yet

Attractive and eye-catchy, silver is making its way to fashion blogs and magazines. Boots, blazers, coats, jackets, purses, or even hair-clips, are expected to make a comeback this season. Never ever focused much before by the fashionistas, this radiant color is now competing for the limelight more than ever.

9.The Game Of Fluorescence

Keeping warm in the winter and radiating away the heat in the summers, fluorescent colors have long awaited their chance to prove worthy of a crown. Neon colors can turn any piece of clothing zesty with a fresh twist. Yellow, orange, green, or pink. The shades may differ but the essence of fluorescent fashion can be very indulging.

10.Camel Toes

Also known as split toe boots or the Tabi trend has been an Avante Garde. Famously introduced by the designer Margiela, camel toes have an edgy advantage over the regular ankle boots in disguise. Shaped like camel hooves, heeled boots are a unique addition to any pair of the outfit. Strutting the streets of Milan for almost half a decade now, this trend will soon transform the footwear industry with its comfortable yet elegant stance. The leading fashion forecasters assume that top brands will soon be introducing a whole new line-up just for camel toes.

Fashion trends are not definite. Even the topmost fashion designers cannot precisely predict any trend. Following up with the past trends and studying the transformations between trends, fashion designers try to offer a design that has the potential of becoming fashion statements. Let’s wait and watch what the coming fashion weeks have in their closet for the fashionistas. Arguably, considering what the blogs and magazines are publishing, fashion trends are soon to observe these changes. Make sure that if any of these trends hit the store, you try and buy them. Because, no matter if they burst the charts or slack behind in the ranks, these designs are still pretty awesome and can help you flaunt your personality in an all-new way.