Would you install dark cabinetry in your kitchen space? It’s a bold decision that you have to make when you are thinking about remodeling your kitchen.

How about we share some pros and cons of black kitchen cabinets to get you started? This information will help you decide if dark is a theme that you can use in your kitchen.

Benefits of dark cabinetry

Sophisticated look 

Not so many homes have dark cabinetry, making this option a unique one. It has a touch of sophistication that can help you enhance the look of your kitchen. With it, the look of your kitchen will always be different from the rest.

Helps you hide scratches and stain marks 

Did you know that dirt, scratches, and stain marks can be hidden if you install black kitchen cabinets? Well, you don’t have to worry about cleaning your cabinets regularly because they will always look clean.

Contrast light well 

You could also use dark cabinetry to contrast the light in the kitchen. If it is done well, the aesthetic view of your kitchen will be amazing. You just need to play with the lights well and get the right color match.

Drawbacks of dark cabinetry

They make the room look smaller 

Whilst dark cabinetry has great benefits, you also need to be wary if you have a small kitchen space. They work to make the kitchen look even smaller. This is because dark colors absorb light instead of reflecting light, thus, making the room feel smaller than it is.

Therefore, you should invest in black kitchen cabinets if you have a large floor space or if your interior designer has great ideas of how to play with light to produce a reflective effect of light.

Limitation of style

Once you have decided to use black, you should know that you will be limited to the number of styles that you can adopt in your kitchen space. Dark colors are very specific to the colors they blend with, thus, you must select your colors wisely.


The choice of whether to install black kitchen cabinets or not relies on the above-mentioned pros and cons. However, personal preference also plays a big role in determining if you will choose this color for your kitchen cabinets.