You can upgrade any look by putting on a great pair of sunglasses. Whether you’re sporting a classic suit, sleek sportswear, or the most casual pair of blue jeans, having a great pair of sunglasses will instantly make you look more put elegant and put together. Purchasing sunglasses can be easy but there are a lot of factors to consider if you want to land the perfect pair.

For example, a common mistake lots of men make is they choose shades that are trendy instead of choosing shades that suit them. All style icons have one thing in common: they know what looks good on them.

Identify your face shape.

There’s no one good shape: different sunglasses suit different face shapes. For example, aviator shades are incredibly flattering on those who have sharp, angular faces while square glasses often look wonderful on people with rounder faces.

A lot of online stores will have options similar to MyFit that will allow customers to upload a photo so you can see how the sunglasses look on. This will give you a concrete idea of how the sunglasses will work with your facial features.

Decide on a purpose.

Think about the activities you’re going to be doing while you’re wearing these sunnies–this will help you choose your priorities. If you’re very sporty and will be outdoors and physically active, it might be best to put endurance and flexibility on the top of your list of priorities.

In contrast, if you’re just going to be indoors or by the pool, it might be best to put style and aesthetic first. The activities that you’re going to be engaging in will define the purpose of your sunglasses–and this will determine the kinds of sunglasses that you should buy.

Choose the materials.

The two materials most commonly used for sunglasses are plastic and metal. Steel frames usually give off a more polished and elegant vibe, but they aren’t really ideal for wearing when you’re doing rigorous activities.

In contrast, plastic frames are sturdier but they also look a lot more informal. While they’re great for wearing when you’re out on a hike, they might not look the best when you’re wearing a suit or walking around the city. Always ask yourself: what will you be doing while you’re wearing the sunglasses?

When you match your sunglasses to what you’re wearing, you come up with looks that are cohesive and flattering. If you love wearing pops of color, try to get a neutral pair that will go with a lot of your outfits. If you often wear neutral clothing like black or beige, go for something bright that will add a touch of playfulness to your outfit.

Choose a lens color.

Lenses and darkness don’t really have a lot to do with protection. Protection is more addressed by the UVB and UVA technology imbibed into the lenses. When you’re choosing the color, it’s better to think about the purpose of your shades and also who you’ll be meeting when you wear them.

A lot of people prefer to keep eye contact while they’re wearing sunglasses, but there are others who may prefer to wear reflective sunglasses so as not to reveal too much emotion.

You can also consider aesthetics and style. If you like the way that playful sunglasses look, go for lighter lenses. If you enjoy the mysterious, sophisticated vibe, then darker lenses are definitely for you.

Check the UV Protection.

UV protection is often seen as something that’s just an added perk when you buy sunglasses. However, it’s actually very important because sun exposure to the eye area can cause something as mild as astigmatism to something as lethal as skin cancer.

When you’re shopping for men’s sunglasses online, make sure you check that the pair you’re buying has UV protection. Ideally, you should pick a pair that has both UVA and UVB so that you have all bases covered. The broader the protection, the better.

Picking the perfect pair of sunglasses for you as a man doesn’t have to be difficult at all. You just have to know what you’re looking for and have your priorities in check. Next time you go online to shop at Great Southern Sunnies or Amazon, make sure to keep our top tips in mind. Make the mindful choice and make sure you get the perfect sunglasses for you!