Women dress differently for different occasions and in different styles. If I may ask, who do women really dress for? There is a way a woman can dress and you can tell from the outright that she was not dressing for her mother. The simple answer is women dress to impress men! Take or leave it, it is a fact. We have three classes where women orient themselves to; working-class women, single ladies, and married women. All of them adhere to a certain style of dressing and you must be glad today because I am here to give you some style tips you can apply from any category to confidently stand out of the crowd and be respected.

Working-class category

I believe that if you are a working-class woman, not every dress code you pull off every day should conform to an office space. But you should dress in a modest and office-appropriate style. But strictly keep within the guidelines of your style. If you prefer colors, don’t mind to include as much as your style deserve. And you like wearing heels, put them on unapologetically. If lipstick is your thing, put them on and make sure you balance statements with more neutral and conservative pieces. Keep everything in moderation so that you don’t showcase loud statements or print neutral expression. Keep confidence at an acceptable level and I know with the right and provoking dress code, you will leave every man in your workplace a fuss.

With the right formal outfit, you will nurture your true self and bring out your best leadership skills and with the right level of confidence, you will walk tall that the rest and earn respect from your juniors and seniors alike.

Even your boss will treat you fairly unlike when you dress like a housewife going to shop at a nearby mall. I suggest you visit Bellelily clothes to take your formal style dress code to the next level, read their online reviews and listen to what happy clients got to say about their experience.

As a working-class woman, you have to invest in quality and staple pieces. I know there is a way you may be tempted to think investing in your wardrobe is not worthwhile. The cost may seem unbearable, but trust me you, the cost per wear is lower compared to cheap down street pieces. Quality fabrics will seem expensive but will last a long time.

While crafting your wardrobe and adding style to it, take note not to buy clothes that will show too much skin. They may encourage negative attitudes from colleagues especially male counterparts, the worst of all you may face sexual harassment in the long run.

Single ladies

As a single lady, there is no excuse in dressing to disappoint. With plenty of choices to borrow a leaf from, you have a wide level field to showcase what mama gave you to the world and especially the potential suitors. There is a way you can dress and scare all the boys around you away, you should be careful when choosing your dress code for any occasion. If you are not so well-off, never mind, walk the streets and I bet you will get the best dresses and shoes for any occasion without breaking the bank.

I know this could surprise you but do not overdo makeups. If you like bold lipstick you can go for it but keep the rest neutral. You will scare boys away with too much make or think you are a drama queen from the onset and would avoid you like a hot potato.