Though practicing self-care should be 365 days a year, there are few habits that seem important during the summer time.

Summer means adventure, vacation, more time to relax, and of course, more daylight. The weather will be warm, nights will be short and the days will be longer and longer days means more time to take care of yourself.

Here we have seven self-caring tips to follow this summer. None of them are time-consuming and once you make it a habit, it will become a part of your life.

Drink more water: Water is the best for staying hydrated, especially in the summer. Always carry a water bottle whenever you step out of your home. You sweat more when the temperature is high. So, if you are not having enough water, your body may get some serious heat-related illnesses. Some individuals don’t like to drink plain water, in that case, you can add lemon, have flavored seltzer water or can go for ice tea. If you do a regular workout, drink water before, during and after a workout. Stock your refrigerator and prevent dehydration actively. Be kind to your body all summer long.

Keep up your skincare: In summers, whenever you go out, sun rays can affect your skin. Summer heat and strong UV rays can burn the exposed skin leaving it dry. This may lead to tight and itchy skin, cause premature aging and wrinkles. It is advised to apply sunscreen on your face, even if it’s cloudy outside. And do not forget the hands and neck. According to Dr. Bill Andrews from, the hands are one of the first parts of the body to show signs of aging. Using a moisturizer on your hands every day will help them look younger.
Spending a few minutes for your skincare will keep your skin soft and healthy.

Try morning workouts: In summer, according to science, it is easy to burn fat and build muscle. So, if you are planning to add any physical activity in your lifestyle, this is the best time to commit. Since the mornings are bright, early mornings are amazing to do outdoor exercises. Fresh air in the morning can re-energize you whether you do yoga in a park or go running or cycling at a beach. Opt for something you love that includes some physical movement, like gardening. But, don’t forget to take your water bottle along, take a drink after regular interval of time to avoid dehydration, even if you’re not thirsty.

Try something new: Everyday is a new opportunity to try something that you love or wish to do. Summers are quite relaxing. So take some time to build a hobby that was always in your bucket list. Doesn’t matter if it’s reading a new book, exploring new places or learning a new game, make time to do it, even if you have a packed schedule. Do something new and enjoy it. Few experience and memories later turn into great stories.

Get fresh fruits: Summers are all about delicious fruits and vegetables. Try a new fruit every week. Visit a local farmers market and learn about new fruits and variation of basic fruits such as berries.

Wear what makes you feel confident: You don’t need to adopt a fashion trend if that is not making you feel good. Whatever you wear makes a big difference not just by how you are recognized by others, but by how you feel about yourself. When you feel confident, you feel happier. Put clothes on your body that always empower you from the inside. What you wear is about you, compliments should be a second thought.

Prioritize your energies: Everyone energizes in different ways. Few individuals like to spend their time alone and there are some who like to be surrounded by the people they love. So, prioritize your happiness first. If you want to devote your time alone, do that. If you feel good with people around you, spend time with those who lift you up and bring out the best in you.
Summers are short, so make them valuable, make your priorities and be your best version every day, whether alone or with a company.

Make a small change in your life to build up and improve your health and happiness. Pamper yourself and embrace a healthy lifestyle. Choose to have a healthy diet, some regular workout and get enough sleep. This summer, get into the habits that will nourish your soul and body.