Perfect Bedroom Decor Like Palace

We are looking for professional advice so that you understand how you should decorate this room to prioritize some aspects of the room. Among all the rooms in a house, some always occupy an important place because they are used the most: the bedroom and the kitchen.

Indeed, it is not without reason that the searches by references of these two rooms are so frequent. We are all looking for solutions to highlight this piece according to the size and the desired wish.

For this reason, we have decided to look for the best advice so that you can create a bedroom that looks like you and has all the codes of a successful bedroom. You’ll find inspirational advice from interior designer Celina Sales on precisely what needs to be done in this process and how it can happen in a discreet way that suits your style.

After all, how do you create the perfect bedroom?

First of all, forget the idea of ​​”mistakes”

First of all, forget the idea of ​​mistakes

Celina explains that there is no right or wrong when thinking about this environment, but a few considerations to consider.

“When we talk about the perfect bedroom, we think of a sacred temple, a space in which we relax and restore our energies, preparing ourselves for the challenges of tomorrow,” she explains.

Placing very bright colors on the wall, for example, leaving television in that space or putting up too much furniture, does not necessarily contribute to a relaxed atmosphere, as too much information can stimulate the brain and make you more restless at night.

Consider some Feng Shui teachings for the environment and imagine a space where you will feel comfortable and comfortable.

But how do you prioritize comfort?

But how do you prioritize comfort

For starters, layout: Arrange the furniture in a way that doesn’t disrupt the flow or the feeling you want to convey with the room.

It is also worth giving more attention and care to this particular space: as it is not the object of the visits, you may leave it last in the list of priorities at the level of everyday tasks.

Choose a good mattress, keep the sheets clean and opt for dim lighting, which does not depend solely on the intense light from the ceiling.

You must have points of light to create a point of light for evening reading. For example, I placed a rocking chair in my room near the end of the morning.

Seek a balance in the arrangement of furniture

Seek a balance in the arrangement of furniture

In our relationship to our home, the bedroom is the private, intimate space that surrounds us at the end of a long day. Thus, the “right” path should seek the union between aesthetics and functionality.

The first step to a successful project is looking closely at the environment and knowing precisely what the client wants to feel.

The furniture in the primary bedroom is the bed. So from there, we can start thinking about a layout that leads to a furniture layout that meets the client’s needs and the room.

I started with a bed with a large headboard, very soft to the touch of more than 1m56 high by 1m72 wide—a taupe beige bed with adornment in the same tones.

But what to do with a small bedroom?

But what to do with a small bedroom

It is possible to build a comfortable bedroom even with limited space. Going for a neutral color scheme is one way to start creating and give the environment a bigger feel. The appropriate colors are in a neutral tone, such as taupe, beige or light gray.

Ideally, if you want a textured wall (for example, burnt cement), it should be placed at the head of the bed. Thus, you will have a headboard marking the bedroom without going overboard.

Prioritize storage spaces

Prioritize storage spaces

Whether you’re dealing with a small space or a large room, it’s worth thinking of intelligent ways to keep it organized and the mood you want.

Also consider occupying the walls with shelves, using drawers under the bed.

What about wardrobe?

What about wardrobe

Celina said: “The closet needs to be thought out very carefully, as it takes up a reasonable amount of space in a room. Prioritizing its use by the couple is very important, as it defines their internal area (dimensions of shelves, number of drawers, etc.).

For the use of two people ideally, it is wise to have four very different spaces.

Sliding doors are recommended so as not to take up space. »

The watchword is “harmonization.”

The watchword is harmonization.

When talking about accessories, many things can be indispensable in a perfect double bedroom. It all starts with the first item on this list; you prioritize comfort and usability and discover the style you want to follow with the headboard and composition.

You can imagine elements that work well in the composition of a good room: a bedside table for everyday objects (glasses, cell phones, a glass of water, etc.) an armchair to encourage activities such as reading.

The headboard gives an extra charm to the whole environment, and the rugs add warmth to the space…

In short, there are many elements you can look for to completing this environment, but it all starts with an idea of ​​harmony: all objects should talk to each other.