Summer may be difficult to dress for, but there are a few tried-and-true techniques to stay cool and comfortable in the blazing heat and humidity. You’ll even appear thinner! There are several methods to prepare your entire wardrobe for warmer weather. Here are a few examples.

Dress in light-colored garments

Choose bright hues and white skirts or slimming shorts and button-down shirts that reflect the sun’s rays rather than absorb them.

Choose between sleeveless or loose sleeves.

The purpose of summer clothing is to allow as much ventilation as possible. You don’t have to go completely strapless, but sleeveless camis and off-the-shoulder or puff-sleeve shirts are options. Another acceptable choice is short-sleeve button-ups.

Avoid wearing apparel that is too tight

 Staying cool in the summer requires loose-fitting clothes. Choose cropped, wide-leg slacks, loose shirts, slimming shorts, big blouses, and dresses and skirts with plenty of space for movement.

Improve your athleisure look

Technical fabrics are usually moisture-wicking, but they’re also tight, which isn’t necessarily ideal in the heat. If you like athleisure, try colorful cycling shorts and tank tops or short-sleeve crop tops instead of your traditional black leggings and hoodie.

Choose textiles that are breathable

 During the rest of the year, it may not make a difference, but in the summer, you’ll notice the difference between breathable materials and textiles that retain moisture. Synthetics are typically not breathable, so check garment labels to ensure that your clothes are made entirely of linen, cotton, or silk. Try eyelet and seersucker if you want to experiment with texture.

Remove your jeans

 Denim is one of the heaviest textiles available. Stretch or slim jeans may be too toasty for your summer look if you wear them. Instead, choose lightweight cotton or linen pants. If you must wear denim, choose wide-leg jeans that allow some air circulation.

Dresses are your best bet

 Dresses aren’t just for big events. When you don’t know what to wear, a comfortable summer dress is a great solution. Summer is the ideal season to wear tiny dresses, rompers, and miniskirts, but it’s also OK to go longer. Choose a sleeveless maxi dress or a long skirt for a Bohemian summer vibe. A tie-front dress allows you to get some extra air circulation.

Put on leather sandals.

 Flip-flops are fantastic for traveling to the beach, but for a more dressed-up look, decide on strappy sandals or espadrilles that still allow your toes to breathe. Leather sandals are more fashionable than regular foam flip-flops since they are comfier.

Minimize your accessories

 In the heat, hanging necklaces or bangles might adhere to your skin. Choose one eye-catching item, such as hoop earrings.

Finally, the most important thing in the summer is to be comfortable. Wear loose-fitting and breathable clothing, made of natural, lightweight fabrics. This allows you to comfortably go from the office to the café or the park.