Personalized gifts are perfect for just about any gift giving occasion. The biggest reason personalized gifts are loved and appreciated by all is that just about anything can be personalized. Whether it’s kitchenware, plush toys, home decor or jewelry, you can make it a one of a kind original that you, your family and your friends will always love. It doesn’t matter the reason for the gift, you’re sure to help create the memory of a lifetime with some custom engraving, etching or monogramming.

When we are giving our loved ones and family gifts, we tend to want it to be a thoughtful gift that the person will appreciate and be able to enjoy. Personalizing a gift gives you the ability to create something that is a symbol of your connection. And receiving a personalized present is extremely heartwarming. These unique gifts tend to hold a lot of sentimental weight and often become cherished possessions that can be passed down from generation to generation to keep the memories of loved ones alive and thriving.

1. Jewelry

One of the best and most common personalized gifts has to be jewelry. And when you’re considering gifting someone custom jewelry, you don’t have to purchase a new piece to personalize. For example, you can customize your necklace with birthstones, names, letters, numbers or whatever else your imagination can conjure up. Creativity is at the center of personalizable gift ideas. It is this creativity that makes an engraved bracelet or locket or customized ring a unique piece of beauty that the recipient will always love.

Both men and women enjoy jewelry and making it unique to an individual makes it all the more cherished. If you’re looking to surprise someone, it may be easier to get sizing from a piece of jewelry that they already own, but there are plenty of other stealthy ways to get this information without ruining the surprise, you just have to get creative. And depending on the type of personalization you are going for, you may not need to have as large of a lead time as some other personalized gifts. You can usually get the engraving done in 24 to 48 hours. But if you are conducting the transaction online, you may need to wait up to two weeks. Just check with your chosen jeweler.

2. Photo Quilt or Blanket

Quilts and blankets are part of so many cultures. Archaeologists have found countless burial sites and ruins that include blankets or quilts. Blankets are typically used to wrap ourselves in. Whether it is for comfort or to keep warm, it always makes us feel good. Perhaps this is why they were used by many ancient cultures as burial shrouds. Giving the gift of a personalized photo blanket is always a great choice. You can put pictures of the family or of the recipient.

Blankets are very versatile. You can choose the dimensions as well as the design. People of all ages, from birth to elders, can appreciate and feel comforted by a personalized photo blanket or quilt. A common practice when it comes to custom photo quilts is to put pictures of a baby or maternity shots. Another favorite is to put a favorite quote or pictures of beloved deceased family members. Be advised that if you choose to give this gift, you really need to plan ahead. You will need enough time to create the layout, choose the pictures or the quote and leave a large enough window to have it both made and shipped.

3. Monogrammed Linen

Have you ever gone to someone’s home and in the bathroom were monogrammed towels? Towels are a common choice for monogramming, but you can also get handkerchiefs, tote bags, clothing, bed sheets, blankets, and many other items monogrammed. If you choose to give a monogrammed gift, you can choose the colors, the font and the material used. You can truly create a unique gift that can be used for many years to come.

Linen isn’t the only thing that you can have monogrammed, either. You can also have monogrammed home decor. Some ideas include mantelpieces, spice jars, door hangings and more. Just about anything you think of can be monogrammed, so if you know someone who loves their initials or just got married, you may want to consider gifting them something monogrammed. Monogramming isn’t something that is oftentimes regifted.

4. Custom Doormat

Whether you live in an apartment, a townhome or a house, odds are, you can use a doormat. No one wants the muck and mire from outside tracked all over their living space. A doormat isn’t something most people would consider when thinking of a gift to give, but if you throw in a little personalization, it certainly can become a great gift that someone would love to receive.

When you decide to choose a personalized doormat or welcome mat, you are in charge. You can choose the size, the material, and the message. You can create a mat that has your family name on it or a custom message or image. A personalized doormat can change the whole meaning of “Home sweet home.” Maybe you want to have an image of your family or a flower or a family symbol. The only limitation is your imagination. This gift will likely require some planning ahead. So make sure that you place your order in time for the gift-giving occasion.

5. Decanter Set

Every host and hostess can appreciate an engraved decanter set. It can go in the hutch with the good china that only comes out on special occasions or live on your home bar waiting to be tipped and poured. Of course, you don’t need a decanter to store your spirits, but it sure does make a spectacle of them. A decanter set is refined and allows the color and texture of the alcohol to be showcased.

6. Clock

Timepieces have become central to our modern lives, which is why a personalized clock is a lovely gift. Big or small, metal or wooden, this is a classic and heartwarming gift. Whether it’s for a desk, wall or mantle, a clock is both a functional and decorative part of any decor. You can personalize the clock face or have the casing engraved. You can even choose the type of wood if you want a wooden wall clock. They make wonderful gifts for anniversaries, marriages, birthdays, graduations and retirements.

7. Cutting Board

Both the culinary enthusiast in your life and anyone with a kitchen can appreciate a custom cutting board. Gifting a wooden or butcher’s block cutting board is a gift that can last a lifetime. Has it engraved with a monogram, name, date, picture or whatever else your imagination can think up? Carving boards can have moats to keep messes contained, personalized cheese boards can add a certain elegance to your table, and chopping blocks just may make you look like a TV chef. Cutting boards can also be customized according to shape, thickness and wood choice. Depending on how unique the design you choose, you may need up to a two week lead time.

8. Flask

A personalized flask is a very classic and practical custom gift to give someone. Depending on the flask style you choose, it can also be used as a decorative piece. Flasks are all about capturing personality, so make sure that your font choice is fitting for your recipient. You can choose from the basic curved shape or something more ornate and vintage looking. Having a picture engraved onto a flask is a great option when you want something different.

9. Car Mats

Personalized car mats are a great gift for the car enthusiast in your life. When you choose custom car mats, you can specify the size of the mats, the color and what is printed on them. Maybe the recipient has named their vehicle or you want to put the family name on them. Perhaps there is an image, like their first car or their dad’s car, that you want to have put on the mats. Embroidered personalized car mats make a custom car job complete.

10. Photo Book

A custom photo book is a great gift that will be cherished for many years to come. They can commemorate anniversaries, births and deaths, birthdays, family reunions, retirement and so much more. Just about every aspect of a photo book can be personalized, from the cover art to the layout itself. They don’t even have to be exclusively pictures, you can also add sayings, song lyrics, poems and any other non-photographic elements you wish. Photo books tend to take a lot of thought and consideration, so make sure you have enough time. You’ll need to gather the photos you want to potentially use, choose the layout, book style, and other embellishments, and allow time for the book to be printed and delivered.

With all of these choices, why wouldn’t you want to turn an average present into a one of a kind treasure? Don’t be afraid to be a stand out gift giver, the next time the opportunity presents itself. Adding some personalization will truly make any occasion memorable.