You might have heard a lot about skin tints recently, but should you really believe the hype? In essence, the extent to which this currently trendy type of makeup product actually benefits you could largely depend on how you use it.

When used correctly, a skin tint can help you to capture that enviably ‘dewy’ look. Fortunately, it isn’t necessarily too difficult to use a skin tint ‘correctly’, for reasons that will become clear. It could also reassure you to know exactly how a skin tint works once placed on the face.

What is a Skin Tint?

HerZindagi succinctly describes a skin tint as “basically a foundation base that helps even out the skin”. However, you should be careful not to confuse a skin tint with either a foundation or a tinted moisturizer — as, compared to both, a skin tint is lightweight in consistency.

You are likely to notice this when the skin tint is resting on your face. This kind of beauty product ticks several boxes, as it keeps pores unclogged and allows the skin to breathe freely but will still give you an even skin tone.

How Can You Apply a Skin Tint?

We will initially give a short answer by saying: in quite a few different ways! Skin tints are available as powders and liquids, and can be applied with a brush or beauty sponge. Alternatively, you could just use your own fingertips, as could be especially convenient when you are in a hurry.

All three of these application methods can be used with — for example — the Super Smoother Blurring Skin Tint from ICONIC London.

As this beauty brand explains on its website, with the fingertip approach, “your body heat helps to warm up and ‘melt’ the product before you blend into skin for an even base layer of coverage!”

Tips for Maximizing Benefits of a Skin Tint  

On paper, it is quick and easy to use a skin tint — but there remain various little tips and tricks for helping you to make the most of it.

It is good practice for you to wash your face thoroughly before using your index finger to fetch a small amount of skin tint and dab it in dots right across your face and neck.

That’s when you can proceed to gently blend the deposited solution, though you should be careful not to rub it in lest you inadvertently create unsightly lines. Remember to blend outwards and subsequently use a loose powder to finish off.

What Results Can You Expect with a Skin Tint?

Given how lightly a skin tint sits on the face, you shouldn’t be surprised to see how natural the skin looks after this cosmetics product has been applied.

In an article for healthnews, board-certified dermatologist Dr. Jennifer T. Trent enthuses that skin tints “combine skincare and makeup to give you luminous coverage while helping your skin look radiant.”

She also notes that skin tints “can mask minor imperfections” and, being light in weight, “are especially useful in hot, humid climates.”