Western fashion has seen remarkable growth in popularity over the years, especially amongst women, who have effortlessly found clothing items that complement their existing styles. From authentic, Native jewelry to denim jeans, cowboy boots, hats, vests, and skirts, Western clothing exudes versatility and tradition. Many might know Western fashion as a trend of the now, however, that is not the case.

In the late 1800s, the era of the cowgirls began as they embarked on adventurous journeys alongside their fellow cowboys. One of the most notable cowgirls is Annie Oakly, a female sharpshooter. She emerged into the limelight in 1887, and famously developed hunting skills to provide for her family that were impoverished. Although Annie preferred to dress modestly and less flashy, the image of cowgirls in society and media began to change simply from her remarkable skillset.

Flowy, split skirts slowly turned into frontier pants and the embellished, flashy look became more popular as ruggedness left the picture. These daring cowgirls were able to get down and dirty while tending to cattle on horseback or roping and riding broncs, yet managed to maintain a trendy, chic, and powerful appearance. Cowgirls exemplified the beauty of the countryside all with the power of fashion.

One standout item in their wardrobe is the Cowgirl hat, which made its appearance roughly 40 years after the emergence of cowgirls. Adorned with rhinestones, ribbons, feathers, even branded, these hats can elevate any outfit. Crafted from straw to shield from the sun in summer or durable felt to withstand the harsh elements of fall and winter, Cowgirl hats sport a shorter brim and lower crown than their cowboy hat counterparts to embody more of an elegant feel to the rustic appearance.

Cowgirl boots are another noteworthy item. These versatile shoes are often associated with winter or fall, especially on social media during the sweater weather craze! They make a stylish statement piece with stones, ribbons, bows, and authentic carved patterns right on the leather, derived from traditional cowboy boots. Interestingly, Cowgirl boots are now a trend even in the scorching months of summer, pairing beautifully with shapely leggings or even denim skirts.

Last but not least, we turn our attention to a captivating accessory that draws the gaze of many – Real Native Turquoise Jewelry. The unique hue of turquoise gemstones has been observed in various parts of the world, with the earliest sightings in the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt. Since the 1880s, Native Americans have been crafting silver jewelry designs adorned with turquoise gemstones. These exquisite pieces, such as necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and cuffs, serve as perfect complements to your Western attire, including your hat and boots.

Western clothing and accessories know no boundaries when it comes to authenticity. The distinctive designs of cowgirl boots, Cowgirl hats, and Native American jewelry allow everyone to integrate these versatile accessories into their wardrobes and make them their own.

These accessories bring an extra flair to Western AND non-Western outfits, illustrating the fluidity of Western culture in women’s fashion. At E&M Western Couture LLC, we embrace this fusion of culture and timeless fashion. Our company offers a diverse range of stylish designs to cater to those who are passionate or simply curious about the Western fashion scene.