10 Ways to Decorate a Bedroom With Eclectic Style

One thing comes to mind when we talk about the term eclectic in interior design: the absence of rules, a room where old meets new, where stripes go with animal prints, where color red comes with green and pink. It is in a way a space where each detail has its individuality, its character and its specific history and yet where all are united for a coherent whole. The key to creating an eclectic bedroom is to decorate it with your own instinct and perception of aesthetics without following pre-established rules, which is extremely interesting. We present you some eclectic bedroom designs that can inspire you for the decoration of yours.

1. A well-lit room

A well-lit room

The designer of this bedroom wanted to break up the boring plain white walls, so he put in a tufted headboard in a cream beige color. The accent ceiling provides a nice visual effect and the glazed walls let the sunlight in while bringing an eclectic and airy feel.

2. Bold


The overall appearance of this bedroom is the result of a combination of vintage and contemporary. The vintage nightstand contrasts with the animal print accent chair and contemporary art board; everything is enhanced by an ethnic striped rug and other ethnic motifs.

3. A sublime room

A sublime room

Here, the bright and cheerful colors break up the simple look of the plain white walls and create a dazzling ambiance that gives the eclectic essence to this bedroom. The colorful geometric rug, accompanied by the patterned bedding set also sets an eclectic setting.

4. A chic decor

A chic decor

An antique beige wrought iron bed with a gold finish, accompanied by a striped bohemian rug, a glamorous chandelier and a brightly colored modern art board are the key elements for creating this eclectic bedroom.

5. Cool


This urban eclectic bedroom has a light and airy note behind its entire eclectic arrangement. We especially love the yellow painted cabinet doors with designs that imbue a bright and cool touch to this room.

6. Distinguished


The black walls broken by the cheerfulness of the art paintings are the details that give the super cool and eclectic look of this bedroom. A contrast effect is obtained by the presence of the bed with an ethnic quilt and a tufted headboard.

7. Special


In this spacious bedroom, the designer used a neutral color palette to save the heavy look that comes from bold patterns, silky texture, as well as industrial pendant lights.

8. Black and white

black and white

The black and white striped rug with a striking look is balanced against the pastel pink wall which brings a soft feel to this eclectic bedroom. The vintage iron bed stands out perfectly with a chic note.

9. Glamour


It’s the perfect archetype of an eclectic bedroom. All of the details found here are of different natures and styles, but together they complete a beautiful picture of a modern and contemporary eclectic bedroom.

10. Industrial and eclectic

industrial and eclectic

Here is an industrial and eclectic romantic bedroom. It radiates beauty and a soft appearance with a combination of raw materials and soft textures.