25 Ideas of Gothic Bedroom Decorations (1)

It turns out that the Gothic style is not everyone’s favorite decoration style, because in general, the Gothic culture is often associated with the dark atmosphere and unconventional religious worship, which is a misconception of the style. Even though the Gothic style features a lot of black color, it can be quite elegant and sultry. Gothic design for a bedroom looks much more elegant compared to the stereotypes associated with this style. In order to show you that gothic design can be truly stunning and inspiring, we have collected a series of few bedrooms in this design below.

1. Impressive

Impressive (1)

The all-gothic design of this bedroom is utterly spectacular in elegance; no ? From the first look, you feel stunned by the opulence of the patterns, the sensuality of the colors that are boldly applied in this bedroom.

2. Modern

Modern (1)

We love the beauty of this ultra modern gothic bedroom. Even though attention is drawn to the remarkable dazzling wrought iron bed, the brick wall that accentuates the bed’s striking appearance also sets the room apart.

3. Bold

Bold (1)

Here is another gothic bedroom design. So impressive with its unique design bed. The designer did not use excessive colors or an overloaded decorative palette, because the bed with these bold pillars is enough to provide a bold note.

4. Elegant and enlightened

Elegant and enlightened (1)

As you can see here, a wrought iron bed with a particular design is the essence of a Gothic bedroom. The wrought iron bed stands out perfectly in this white painted room and gives it a coquettish, spectacular and dynamic air.

5. Glamour

Glamour (1)

Here is a gothic themed room that can be characterized as glamorous. The black and white damask wall makes a great focal point and background for the antique velvet bed, which itself completes the striking look of this gothic bedroom.

6. Contemporary

Contemporary (1)

The pink painted wall forms a dynamic and sensual background for the Gothic style of this interior; which is furnished with an enormous black antique bed and adorned with Gothic decorative elements; such as the chandelier and accent mirrors on the wall.

7. Theatrical


This canopy bed is characterized as an accent piece not only with its black curtains, but it is also placed on a platform decorated with shaggy rugs. The whole thing is truly theatrical.

8.  Original

Original (1)

Let’s talk about the bed! A four-poster bed in black wrought iron, in the shape of a Gothic cathedral, with a huge upholstered headboard, in brown; it’s the king of beds in the king of bedrooms!

9. Monochromatic appearance

monochromatic appearance (1)

The monochromatic appearance of this super modern gothic bedroom is broken up by a few golden details that add sensuality to the decoration.

10. Bedroom with black walls


A gothic chic bedroom with black walls, a dramatic black four poster bed with gauze, crimson bedding and crystal lamps.

11. Bedorom with gray curtains

bedorom with gray curtains (1)

A glam gothic bedorom with gray curtains, black leather bed, statement chandelier and lamps and dusty rose bedding.

12. Graphite gray woodwork

Graphite gray woodwork (1)

A gothic space with graphite gray woodwork, fine furniture, a wrought iron bed, a crystal chandelier and dark linens.

13. Vampire bedroom

Vampire bedroom (1)

A breathtaking vampire bedroom with printed wallpaper, a four-poster bed, an elaborate chandelier and wall sconces.

14. Modern gothic bedroom

Modern gothic bedroom

A luxurious modern gothic bedroom with textured walls and an exposed brick wall, black furniture, a built-in white shelf, a bubble chandelier and lots of quirky details.

15. Bedroom with black paneled walls

bedroom with black paneled walls (1)

A modern gothic bedroom with black paneled walls, an abstract print wardrobe, dark furniture, potted plants and a black beaded chandelier.

16. Light artwork

light artwork (1)

A modern gothic bedroom with black walls, light artwork, a round mirror, a crystal chandelier and potted plants.

17. Refined modern gothic space

refined modern gothic space (1)

A refined modern gothic space with gray walls, purple draperies, a carved black bed, a chic crystal chandelier and a shiny ceiling.

18. Bedroom with a gothic touch

bedroom with a gothic touch (1)

A refined bedroom with a gothic touch – a statement mirror, refined furniture and two crystal chandeliers.

19. Colorful touch

Colorful touch (1)

A refined gothic bedroom with black walls, purple curtains, sophisticated furniture, a chic chandelier and details.

20. Super dark gothic bedroom

super dark gothic bedroom (1)

A super dark gothic bedroom with gray walls and floor, exquisitely designed black furniture, cnopies and draperies.

21. Elegant bedroom

elegant bedroom (1)

An elegant bedroom with a touch of gothic style, an exquisite black bed, chest of drawers and bedside tables as well as black lamps and vases.

22. Exquisite gothic-inspired dark bedroom

exquisite gothic-inspired dark bedroom (1)

An exquisite gothic-inspired dark bedroom, with refined furniture and gilded lamps and a chandelier that looks like a statement.

23. Vintage feel 

vintage feel (1)

a refined gothic bedroom with printed wallpaper, exquisite furniture, a crystal chandelier and wall sconces for a vintage feel.

24. Black and pink glam gothic bedroom

black and pink glam gothic bedroom (1)

A black and pink glam gothic bedroom with black walls, built-in shelves with a fuchsia rack, refiend furniture and a stunning crystal chandelier.

25. Chic gothic bedroom

chic gothic bedroom (1)

A chic gothic bedroom with black paneled walls, a carved black wooden bed, dark furniture and textiles and a fuchsia bedside table.