Christmas is here, right at the door, and you haven’t had time to think about the decoration yet! The Christmas tree, the holiday table, the living room, the windows… there are only a few days or hours left to add decorative touches to the house before Santa Claus comes by! Don’t panic, we have selected 25 easy-to-make last-minute ideas for your Christmas decor for young and old alike!

Christmas jars on the table

Christmas jars on the table (1)

We go to its jar reserve to pick up the containers which will be filled for some with coarse salt, cranberries, or other red berries and a few fir branches to finish, and for others with coarse salt and a candle. We then alternate the jars on the table for a decorative and recyclable Christmas!

Christmas designs on the windows

Christmas designs on the windows (1)

A chalk marker or a white posca felt in hand, we draw on the windows of the windows Christmas scenes, pretty houses, hanging balls, reindeer and fir trees or even snowflakes, which will decorate in no time. time home for the holidays! A perfect, quick, and last-minute idea for your Christmas decoration!

Masking Tape candles

Masking Tape candles (1)

The Masking Tape is out for Christmas! Glitter, blue, and gold, we simply glue them on tea lights, which immediately dress up in a thousand lights for the Holidays! A super-fast little DIY for a flash and sparkling Christmas decoration!

Holly balloons

Holly balloons (1)

To place on the table, to prick in a vase, to hang in the Christmas tree, or to use as ” Photobooth ” accessories, these holly balloons are super simple to make and ideal to add a touch of fun to your decoration. 

Christmas momentum

Christmas momentum (1)

Easy to make at the last minute with the children, this cute little Christmas elk will be a perfect decoration to brighten up the Christmas tree or the New Year’s table! To make it, nothing could be simpler: pine cones, brown pipe cleaners, wiggly eyes, and little red pompoms for the muzzles.

Santa Claus and Christmas tree napkins

Santa Claus and Christmas tree napkins (1)

Santa Claus and Christmas trees invite themselves to the holiday table with these very pretty napkins. Perfect for a quick decoration, just follow the folding and place them delicately on the plates.

A garland of knots

A garland of knots (1)

Very easy to make with a string and colored and golden ribbons, this Christmas garland will give a festive and traditional touch to its Christmas decoration!

An origami fir forest

An origami fir forest (1)

That’s it, it’s Christmas and you have to quickly decorate the New Year’s table! This is a last-minute idea simple to do: a pine forest in origami to achieve with large and small kids and have a table centerpiece.

Christmas decoration with pipe cleaners

Christmas decoration with pipe cleaners (1)

Children love to use pipe cleaners or chenille yarns to imagine things. So here, they will be able to have fun quickly making pretty sparkling decorations to install in the Christmas tree or to adorn the New Year’s table.

Candy canes at Christmas

Candy canes at Christmas (1)

Hanging on the Christmas tree, hanging from the windows, or even placed on the New Year’s Eve table as a place card, barley candy canes immediately participate in the Christmas spirit and offer plenty of decoration ideas!

Paper snowflakes

Paper snowflakes (1)

Whether or not it snow falls at Christmas, this year there will be plenty of snowflakes on the windows, on the walls, on the mirrors, or even on the holiday table runner! Scissors and simple white paper, that’s all it will take to make this quick Christmas decoration!

Holly in the water

Holly in the water (1)

If you’re lucky to have holly in your garden, cut a few branches with little red balls that you plunge into a glass container filled with water for a quick and elegant Christmas decoration.

A Snowman door

A Snowman door (1)

Nothing like this snowman door to welcome us happily on Christmas Eve! Very easy and quick to make with simple colored sheets cut out, it will appeal to everyone, young and old!

Christmas decorations for a holiday dessert

Christmas decorations for a holiday dessert (1)

To end the Christmas meal in style, these decorations or “cake toppers” will sublimate the cake or the Yule log. Simple and quick to make with ribbon bows hanging from paper straws or wooden skewers, they 

Mini Christmas trees

Mini Christmas trees (1)

These mini Christmas trees made with corks and pieces of fir branches add a little touch of fantasy to the Christmas decoration and can also serve as place cards on the New Year’s table!

Branch stars

Branch stars (1)

The direction the garden, to collect some small light branches and without leaves. After cutting them all roughly to the same size, we paint them roughly with a little white paint (optional), then we assemble them into stars with heavy string or raffia. A light garland hanging from the stars and the magic of Christmas operates!

Small and fake decorative Christmas gifts

Small and fake decorative Christmas gifts (1)

No Christmas without a gift of course! But for the decoration, fake gifts will suffice: small cardboard boxes to find in the kitchen cupboard. Once wrapped with gift wrapping paper and Bolduc, they are placed at the center of the Christmas Eve table or hung on the branches of the Christmas tree.

Gingerbread houses to make

Gingerbread houses to make (1)

True symbols of Christmas, these gingerbread houses to assemble, will immediately bring magic under the Christmas tree or on the festive table!

Snowflakes and fir trees in Masking Tape

Snowflakes and fir trees in Masking Tape (1)

Even if there is no time to find Christmas decorations, you can quickly immerse the house in the magic of Christmas by creating pretty snowflakes on the walls or a beautiful Christmas tree in Masking Tape.

A garland of crepe paper for the Christmas tree

A garland of crepe paper for the Christmas tree (1)

This last-minute DIY idea, very easy to do, is perfectly achievable by children. Just cut out strips of colored crepe paper and place them on the branches of the Christmas tree.

Popcorn garland

Popcorn garland (1)

Simple and fun to make, this Christmas popcorn garland will perfume your whole home and look great on the Christmas tree!

An enchanted winter village

An enchanted winter village (1)

This winter village immediately plunges us into the magical world of Christmas. To make it, all you have to do is cut out a landscape in a black Canson-type sheet, to be positioned at the bottom of the jar illuminated by an artificial candle or a light garland. Simple, easy, a perfect decoration for Christmas!

Rudolph The Christmas Reindeer

Rudolph The Christmas Reindeer

Crisp and super easy to make at the last moment, this little reindeer from Santa Claus and his friends will quickly find their place on the Christmas tree or the New Year’s Eve table. Champagne corks, pipe cleaners or chenille threads, paint markers, and here it is!

Alternatives to the Christmas tree

Alternatives to the Christmas tree (1)

In case you’ve decided not to have a Christmas tree this year but just changed your mind, then this idea is for you. You can very well use a potted Rosemary tree. It can be left as is or decorated with snowflakes or the decorative balls you used last year.

Alternatives to the Christmas tree 1 (1)

Whether it’s your Christmas rosemary or another green plant in a pot, consider covering the pot with a burlap. It is a simple but ideal decoration for the Christmas party.

Alternatives to the Christmas tree 2 (1)

For an even easier decoration to set up, consider simply putting greenery in a transparent vase. You can put it on the console table or use it as a centerpiece. Nevertheless, for a centerpiece, it would be better to group at least three vases.

Decorative accessories ready in record time

Decorative accessories ready in record time (1)

Have you managed to find a Christmas tree but no longer have the time to buy the decorative accessories? Make garlands yourself with colorful threads and wooden beads.

Decorative accessories ready in record time 1 (1)

Create a focal point in the living room by grouping a few wreaths. Hang them from the side of the window using red ribbon and you will have your Christmas decoration.

Centerpieces very easy to set up

Decorative accessories ready in record time 1 (1)

Contrary to what one might often imagine, centerpieces are not always complicated to make. With the minimum of decorative accessories that symbolize Christmas, you can have the centerpiece of your dreams. 

Showcase colorful and glittery decorative balls in a clear container to admire their beauty from all angles. It’s very simple and yet it can completely transform the decoration of your table.

Decorative ideas for the fireplace

Decorative ideas for the coat (1)

For the fireplace mantel, think of mini Christmas trees or decorative balls. If you don’t have a fireplace, you can always simulate one and embellish it with washi tape.

Decorative ideas for the coat 1 (1)

Napkin folding

Napkin folding (1)

Bring a little relief and fantasy to your table with a simple and original napkin folding! 


Flake (1)

In the hollow of the plate, this snowflake will make all the difference when it comes to eating! 



A cinnamon stick, a small fir branch, a little string and you get the detail that will make the difference on your table.

Minute placemark

Minute place mark (1)

This little personalized attention to be done in less than a minute will inevitably have a lot of effects! 

Gift packages

Gift packages (3)

Have your gifts been sleeping under your bed for a few weeks? How about placing them at the foot of the tree? The colorful paper will easily decorate your room!

Take care of the light

Take care of the light (1)

Create a soft and warm atmosphere by sifting the light! The mini trick, a maxi effect!

Splash of color

Splash of color (1)

You have no more time. So focus on a touch of color that will be THE star of your decoration. On the table, the fireplace, or the sideboard…

At the same place

At the same place (1)

Don’t be too thin, you don’t have time. Advice? Gather all your small decorations in one place rather than putting them all over the place.

On the door

On the door (1)

Install the little detail on the front door that will make your guests smile.

Towards the garden

Towards the garden (1)

Run in your garden to pick some flowers and branches to dress the table and the house. 

Play with food

Play with food (1)

It’s time to shoot your last card! Head to the kitchen to dress up your dishes, which will become your best decoration allies!

Christmas tree napkin

Christmas tree napkin

A folding napkin in the shape of a Christmas tree will make all the difference!

Wall decoration

Wall decoration (2)

Pretty wall decoration in the shape of an iron star to decorate with eucalyptus!

A stunning decor

A stunning decor (1)

Have you ever thought of this unusual trick? Turn wine glasses upside down and place tea lights on their feet.

Christmas balls

Christmas balls (1)

Hang Christmas baubles from your plants to easily decorate them. 

Amber Apple

Amber apple

We make amber apples to enjoy a good scent in the house while decorating the Christmas table.

Customized plates

Customized plates (1)

Customize plates to create original dishes!

Place tag

Place tag (2)

On the Christmas table, create place cards! 

A little train

A little train

Your offspring surely has a small train circuit in their room! Stitch it and put it on your festive table for an express return to childhood!