30 Mistakes to Avoid While Decorating an Open Kitchen (1)

Designing a small room requires special attention. The lack of space forces us to think carefully about the whole layout. This year, and for some time now, the kitchen opens onto the living / dining room for the need to expand the space! So what are the deco mistakes you shouldn’t make when setting up a small open kitchen?

The trend is towards the open kitchen. When you have a small room, what are the mistakes not to make in decorating and furnishing?

1. Ignoring odor issues

Ignoring odor issues (1)

One of the risks of an open kitchen is that you have cooking smells that spread throughout the living room. The solution : invest in a very good hood to combat kitchen odors.

2. Disregard noise issues

Disregard noise issues (1)

With an open kitchen, you risk having problems with noise pollution, just like with odors. It will therefore be necessary to think carefully about limiting noise pollution. The solution : Provide household appliances that are as quiet as possible. Especially for the dishwasher and the hood.

3. Incorrectly positioning the hob and sink

Incorrectly positioning the hob and sink (1)

Do not place the hotplates and the sink on the reception area, like the central island. The solution: respect the same activity triangle as a closed kitchen by installing them under the window. By making sure they won’t get in the way.

4. Neglecting storage

Neglecting storage (1)

An open and uncluttered kitchen, ouch it gets stuck when you receive guests. So it is essential to favor practical and aesthetic storage. The solution : list all the storage you will need, to find the appropriate storage solutions: wall units, clever storage under the central island …

5. Furnish the kitchen with too many appliances

Furnish the kitchen with too many appliances (1)

Again, the open kitchen (and everything inside) will be visible from the living room and dining room. We then think of aesthetics by “hiding” as much as possible its household appliances. The solution : turn to integrated appliances behind a facade with the same furniture as the rest of the kitchen. This will allow you to create style continuity. For smaller appliances, consider matching them with the decor of your kitchen (color, aesthetics …).

6. Install the wrong size dining table

Install the wrong size dining table (1)

Open to the dining room, the kitchen has its daily table, which is also used on special occasions. If it’s too big, it will clutter up the space and hide your kitchen. The solution : Choose a coffee table with dimensions adapted to the room, with extensions.

7. Do not delimit it with the living room or the dining room

Do not delimit it with the living room or the dining room (1)

Even if the open kitchen opens onto the living room or the dining room, it should not be forgotten that this is a room in its own right. We then think of delimiting it with a few tips. The solution : choose floor coverings in a different color or material than the living room. Ditto for the color of the wall.

8. Wanting to develop an island at all costs

Wanting to develop an island at all costs (1)

It is not because we have an open kitchen that we can necessarily create an island. This element does not always work especially in small kitchens. The solution : First think about the usefulness of this island according to the layout of the kitchen. If this element is not compatible, other solutions are available to you such as the high bar, smaller than the island and just as effective for delimiting the rooms.

9. Neglect the lighting

Neglect the lighting (1)

When cooking, it is important to have your worktop well lit, just like the rest of the kitchen. And just because the kitchen is open to the living room, doesn’t mean you have to neglect its lighting. The solution : for example, install built-in spotlights below wall units for good illumination of the worktop. Also consider softer lighting at dinner parties.

10. Choosing the wrong coatings

Choosing the wrong coatings1

The open kitchen necessarily opens onto the living room or the dining room, so it is visible. Remember to take care of the visual and especially to choose sober and easy to clean coverings. The solution : On the floor, opt for a classic tiling or for the same parquet as that of the living room or the dining room. On the wall side, choose a light shade instead.

11. Neglect the materials and finishes of the kitchen

Neglect the materials and finishes of the kitchen (1)

As with the coverings, it is important to choose the materials and finishes of the kitchen (visible from the living room). A word of advice: no first-price kitchen … The solution : As the open kitchen is open to view, consider investing in a kitchen with quality materials from the start. For example, choose a wood or stone countertop.

12. Neglecting the layout

Neglecting the layout (1)

A kitchen, we tend to overload it and multiply the elements. Bad choice, storage as well as the arrangement of it is very important. The solution : consider arranging the open kitchen around the activity triangle so that it is as functional as possible.

13. Forget the white

Forget the white (1)

If being original can be interesting, the total look can be as well! To this end, white remains a safe bet and it would be a shame to go without. The solution: go for white if you are looking for both calming and luminous. The alternation of material can also suit you if you want your kitchen not to be completely white.

14. Neglecting the work plan

Neglecting the work plan (1)

The open kitchen, as interesting and original as it is, should not distract you from certain imperatives such as that of the worktop. This should be of good quality and if possible match the colors and finishes of the open kitchen. The solution: calculate the area you will need to install it or even think of tailor-made if you can afford it, you will not regret!

15. Ensure the delimitation of spaces

Ensure the delimitation of spaces (1)

The living room should not be transformed into a second kitchen or an annex in which one would find utensils and other accessories of all kinds. The solution: it lies in habits! Give priority to storage spaces in the kitchen and be careful not to scatter yourself!

16. Do not attempt originality

Do not attempt originality (1)

Whether in terms of materials or furniture, we tend to find the same classics which, although effective, are seen and reviewed. The solution: be original! Subvert the function of certain pieces of furniture, find them in flea markets … Let your imagination run wild!

17. Vary the storage

Vary the storage (1)

A small space can prevent you from having several accessories and utensils or can cause you to pile them up, which can be unsightly. The solution: think of hanging storage! They will be original, will save you space and will continue to let light into your interior!

18. Spread out your open kitchen

Spread out your open kitchen (1)

A trend among Americans, open kitchens are often huge. While having space is important, a sprawling kitchen in your home will weigh it down. The solution : when setting up, consider delineating the room cleverly to combine circulation space and adequate proportions.

19. Not delineating the space

not delineating the space (1)

Just because your small kitchen is open to the living room doesn’t mean they have to be one. The ideal is to have a delimitation such as a glass roof or a bar, for example.

20. Not having the wall colors as the living room

Not having the wall colors as the living room (1)

Indeed, if we are talking about the delimitation of the two rooms, the too clear separation by two choices of colors is not glorious. We advise you to opt for the same shade on all the walls then to have fun on the furniture of the small open kitchen or the decorative accessories.

21. Not letting the light flow

not letting the light flow (1)

Warning ! Even if you have opened your small kitchen, make sure that natural light is always present by not obscuring the window for example, nor those in the living room.

22. Not having the right lights

not having the right lights (1)

Natural light is not enough, of course. You are therefore obliged to choose suitable lighting. Be aware that not all small open kitchens have the same needs. Some will prefer large ceiling lights, others wall lights, while LED spotlights will adapt to worktops.

23. Bet only on aesthetics

bet only on aesthetics (1)

Thinking about the beauty of your small open kitchen is good. We can only understand your joy in decorating this room. But, in the kitchen, everything must above all be ultra practical!

24. The total white look

the total white look (1)

Of course, this is a divisive error. However, we recommend that you add a touch of color to warm up the brightness of the white. The advantage is that everything is suitable for white, you just have to choose from wood, black, pink, red, blue…

25. Only having closed cupboards

only having closed cupboards (1)

If the closed cupboards in a small open kitchen provide the necessary order, they can very quickly give a feeling of sad severity…

26. Only having open closets

only having open closets (1)

Conversely, if you have bet on a multitude of open cupboards, ouch. Showing off your very decorative dishes is one thing, but it quickly overloads the space. You will understand, you have to mix the two!

27. Cluttering up the worktop

cluttering up the worktop (1)

In a small open kitchen, the worktop is rarely XXL. We therefore absolutely avoid cluttering it. Make a clean sweep to expand your space.

28. Thinking badly about your storage

thinking badly about your storage (1)

Each corner of the small open kitchen must be optimized, for that, think upstream about the arrangement of all your storage. The master word ? Practice !

29. The dining area takes up too much space

The dining area takes up too much space (1)

It’s a choice. Some small open kitchens do not have a dedicated dining area, which is in the dining room. However, if you want to install one, consider that it doesn’t take up all the space. The best is to choose a folding table model.

30. Forgetting the credenza

forgetting the credenza (1)

And this goes for all kitchens, large, small, open or closed, the splashback is essential. In addition to protecting the walls of your room, it is a real decorative element that dresses easily!