30 Ideas to Decorate Your Hallway

Often neglected, wrongly, the corridor nevertheless offers a beautiful space of decoration . It is good to remember that we go there every day! According to Camille Hermand, architect, it even acts as a zone of delimitation between the “bubbles of intimacy” that are the rooms. Why then put it aside?

Some corridors can even be real puzzles for their layout and decoration. Small, narrow, cramped,… But don’t despair! Just dig into the timeless decor ideas below to give you a new vision of decorating and designing a hallway.

1. Highlight your best photos

Highlight your best photos (1)

A very simple and terribly effective idea to easily makeover a hallway is to hang photos , posters or art on the walls. Dare to be original in the arrangement of the frames, as in the decoration of this gray and white corridor, to bring a unique and personal character to this place of passage.

2. “Cheat” by painting to give a feeling of space

Cheat by painting to give a feeling of space (1)

The hallway, as a place of passage, is particularly conducive to leave room for your creativity. You can indeed afford more extravagant things than in other rooms of the house or apartment, by installing a large framed poster for example.

A good tip for making a hallway feel spacious is to simply paint the walls two-tone horizontally. Opt for a dark color on the lower part and lighter on the upper part. This illusion will visually enlarge the space of your hallway. Above, the hallway is repainted in black and white, but don’t hesitate to use more “flashy” colors !

3. Visually enlarge the space with a mirror

Visually enlarge the space with a mirror (1)

Original or classic mirror, the choice is yours according to your preferences. This functional and decorative object will make it possible to visually enlarge the space in a small hallway while decorating it. If you already have a large enough hallway, why not go for an industrial mirror? On the contrary, in a small hallway or a small entrance, the barber mirror is a safe bet. We also saw hallways decorated with more than one mirror.

4. Mix the tiles

Mix the tiles (1)

What if you made your hallway the original room in your home? One idea we love is to mix cement tiles for an ultra graphic look, like a patchwork. Mix patterns, colors, textures… This idea is particularly suited to an entrance hallway and will give a unique first impression of your interior. Alternatively, if you don’t want to do any construction work, you can simply buy an imitation cement tile rug!

5. Bring a vitamin touch

Bring a vitamin touch (1)

If you really fancy a radical change, repaint the hallway walls in a flashy color that has “pep” and contrasts with the rest of the decoration of your apartment or house. You can simply start by repainting a section of the hallway.

6. Opt for smart and designer storage

Opt for smart and designer storage (1)

Looking to furnish and decorate a narrow hallway? Don’t put furniture aside! Choose a design and functional piece of furniture adapted to the characteristics of your hallway. Storage furniture can also be decorative objects in its own right.

7. Hide your laundry area with a beautiful barn door

Hide your laundry area with a beautiful barn door (1)

Another idea that brings a decorative and practical solution in the house! The barn door makes it possible to hide and conceal unsightly household appliances in a hallway. You can choose the style of the barn door, keep it ‘ original ‘ for a vintage look, or paint it to decorate the hallway in a more modern way.

8. Install a library

Install a library (1)

If you are lucky enough to be able to dedicate an entire room for the library in your home or apartment, take advantage! For others, a decorative and practical solution is to simply use the space available in your hallway. An idea that brings character to the hallway and to the entire interior. And for the warm touch, don’t forget the rug!

9. Fall for original and practical hooks

Fall for original and practical hooks (1)

We love decorative objects that combine the useful with the pleasant. Fall for original and designer hooks for your hallway. This allows you to decorate this room while having a functional hallway available. This idea is particularly suitable for an entrance hallway. The hooks will indeed replace the traditional coat rack.

10. Customize your hallway!

Customize YOUR hallway! (1)

This is your hallway, be proud of it and show it by adding personal touches with some decorative items that bring back memories. Perhaps it is time to consider the hallway as a room in its own right and thus let your creativity run free … For wall shelves in the hallway, think of wooden crates and crates!

11. Spread an artistic touch

Spread an artistic touch (2)

Rest assured, you don’t have to be a great collector to start hanging pictures on your hallway walls. You can even opt for original, quirky or funny posters. The Etsy.com site offers a lot of them! We also really like the idea of ​​hanging a sun mirror to create an interesting focal point at the end of the hallway.

12. Don’t forget the ceiling!

Don't forget the ceiling! (1)

We don’t necessarily think about it, and that’s a shame, because the hallway ceiling offers a great opportunity for a makeover. Dare to do original, colorful, personal and offbeat things, like here with paper lanterns.

13. Let your children decorate the hallway!

Let your children decorate the hallway! (1)

What if the hallway became a playful space for the little ones? Slate paint on cupboard doors and your long, narrow hallway is totally revamped. The decoration even changes with a stroke of chalk! Older children can also use this space to make their “ to do list ”.

14. Dare the wallpaper

Dare the wallpaper (2)

Wallpaper can really work wonders in a hallway. Choose a graphic model that appeals to you in order to bring an original and personal touch. Small tip: know that a wallpaper with vertical stripes will give a feeling of height to your hallway. A tip to remember if you feel “suffocated” every time you pass through the hallway! You can also use panoramic wallpaper to give your hallway a makeover.

15. Opt for a refined decor

Opt for a refined decor (1)

Black and white, natural with the wood of the parquet and a very effective refined decoration to give a look and a unique character to this hallway. It’s a good decor idea if you want a bigger and brighter looking hallway.

16. Do not consider the hallway as… a hallway anymore!

Do not consider the hallway as… a hallway anymore ! (1)

What if we stopped considering the corridor simply as a place of passage? If the dimensions and configuration allow it, think of your hallway as a separate room in your apartment or house. A change of perspective for a change of decor!

17. Use and abuse rugs

Use and abuse rugs (1)

The carpets and the hallway, a love story! But why limit yourself to just one mat? Use and abuse rugs for an original and cozy decoration of your hallway. They will bring an interesting graphic touch while offering a not insignificant comfortable aspect. Dare to mix up styles! Take a moment to visualize the hallway above without the rugs, and now look at the photo again. As you can see, rugs can really help revamp a hallway or a dull entry.

18. Hang the shelves

Hang the shelves (1)

You hesitate to install shelves for the arrangement of your hallway? An elegant and refined solution is to hang them! A nice graphic effect and a functional piece of furniture for a hallway at the top!

19. Make a custom shoe rack

Make a custom shoe rack (1)

Are you looking for an idea to store your shoes in the hallway? Get to your tools and make a custom piece of furniture! In addition to being perfectly adapted to the constraints of your hallway, it allows you to bring a unique character to the house or apartment, as soon as you step through the door.

20. Adapt the decoration to the season

adapt the decoration to the season (1)

A tip to never get bored of your hallway again. Simply adapt the decoration of this place to the season! For Christmas, for example, add a few objects or fairy lights to remind the holiday season. Halloween also offers a good opportunity to revamp your hallway with a terrifying decoration !

21. Set up an office area

set up an office area (1)

In this house, the huge passage has been converted into an elegant and functional office area. I really like the idea of ​​the wooden wall to make the place really cozy! If you have a narrower hallway, you can optionally go for a wall desk as they are usually shallow!

22. Bring a green touch

bring a green touch

A beautiful plant in a designer vase creates a strong visual focal point and brings a certain touch of vitality and freshness to a hallway. The hallway is the room in the house that you walk through the most. Often dark and abandoned, sometimes a simple lick of paint or a few decorative objects is enough to give it a makeover and bring it to life.

23. Playing with volumes


Painting is a great ally for creating volumes and thus accentuating the feeling of space . For the decoration of a narrow corridor, it is enough to be cunning by playing on the contrasts and the existing volumes. By differentiating the colors of the doors, walls and window frames, you will see that you can achieve a surprising 3D effect!

24. Multiply the mirrors for a stunning hallway

Multiply the mirrors for a stunning hallway (1)

It is an established fact, mirrors visually enlarge the space of a room and in the process bounce light. Multiplying them is an excellent alternative for decorating a narrow corridor, which will gain in perspective! Or associated with an entrance bench to create a decorative / storage space full of character and practical for everyday use.

25. A plethora of lights with a warm decor

A plethora of lights with a warm decor (1)

To obtain a warm atmosphere, nothing like lighting! Lamps, wall lights, suspensions or other ceiling lights are therefore highly recommended as part of a narrow hallway decoration. When multiplied, they can not only enhance a narrow hallway but also bring a most pleasant light.

26. Get off the beaten track with an oraginal decoration

Get off the beaten track with an oraginal decoration (1)

Do you like to stand out in interior decoration? The hallway is a great introduction to give way to your imagination and give in to your desires!

Get off the beaten track with an oraginal decoration 1 (1)

Unique wallpaper, “floor marking” or other arty associations are all ideas from which to draw for a modern and original hallway decoration.

27. Imagine a theatrical setting

Imagine a theatrical setting (1)

If you have a hallway with beautiful proportions, liven it up by imagining a theatrical setting, with beautiful pieces of furniture . In this Parisian apartment, for example, the immense flat area of ​​mat black contrasts with the high walls of immaculate white. We love the zebra carpet and the globes suspensions which add even more style to the decor.

28. With a dark color

With a dark color (1)

In this Haussmann-style apartment , the hallway walls have been painted a very deep blue, almost black. The ceiling moldings and door frames have remained white to create a graphic contrast that visually improves circulation.

29. Dare to color

Dare to color (1)

Color finds its place everywhere, even in the hallways! Here, the walls are adorned with a very soft green, which illuminates the room and gives it a welcoming atmosphere.

30. A decor with an assertive style

A decor with an assertive style (1)

Often the corridors are neglected, and yet these are the parts best suited to be decorated! Affirm your style by imagining a unique atmosphere that will reflect your personality. Here, we discover a hallway decorated in a very masculine style , with a very deep midnight blue, black, dark carpet and industrial-style accessories.