30 Ideas for Arranging an Office Area in Your Bedroom (1)

The space problem is very common whether we are talking about a house or an apartment. Surprisingly, people rarely have enough space. Optimizing space is therefore a very important point when furnishing, furnishing and decorating a room or an apartment. Several solutions are used to remedy the lack of space. Multifunctional furniture, the combination of two parts into one and many other options are chosen with this in mind. Today we are going to focus on assigning two functions to one part. To be more precise, it is about having your bedroom and your home office in the same room. But how to arrange an office area in the bedroom without upsetting all the decor and atmosphere in it.

1. A separate area or an office table tucked away in a corner

A separate area or an office table tucked away in a corner (1)

Your workspace can represent an independent zone in your bedroom or it can be characterized by a small office table tucked away in a corner of the room. It depends on you and how much space you have. To successfully combine the bedroom and the office in one room, in general, the office should not stand out as a main element that steals the show from the bedroom. Its style must be adapted to that of the room and it should rather blend in with the decor without going unnoticed.

2. Discreet and uncluttered

Discreet and uncluttered (1)

In order to succeed in the bedroom office association, it is generally advisable to opt for a clean and minimalist office. It should roughly play the role (visually) that another piece of furniture in the bedroom plays; whether it is a chest of drawers, a dressing table or a bedside table in the decor. The office chair is generally sober; but here it is a matter of choice.

3. Independent workspaces in the bedrooms

Independent workspaces in the bedrooms (1)

In the case of a sufficiently spacious room, it is quite possible, and recommended moreover, to separate the office space from the bedroom. Choose the location that inspires you since you have no space constraints. Either way, the style of the office should be in harmony with the room it is in.

4. A desk by the window

A desk by the window (1)

The most common location when it comes to arranging an office area in the bedroom is by the window. In this way, the occupant has enough natural light to work and to be well awake. In this case, it is not advisable to invest in a large office table with shelves that will give you shade.

5. A desk near the bed

A desk near the bed (1)

For small bedrooms, it would be best to place the desk near the bed. If necessary, replace one of the bedside tables with a desk table. You can always put your lamp and your books there.

6. The seaside- inspired decor to the neo art deco bedroom

the seaside- inspired decor to the neo art deco bedroom (1)

In a room with spacious rooms, you can simply isolate the office area by installing a screen. From the seaside- inspired decor to the neo art deco bedroom, including a very chic classic decor, this piece comes in all styles.

7. Set up a well-equipped office area

set up a well-equipped office area (1)

If you have a niche, you can set up a well-equipped office area. Do not hesitate to use color or wallpaper to give it depth and delimit the office area. The good idea: use shelves or storage modules to have a well-organized space.

8. Office intended for daily teleworking

office intended for daily teleworking (1)

If you want to set up an office intended for daily teleworking, it is essential to have sufficient space to combine worktop, storage and comfortable chair. The corner desk is then a good option.

9. Underside of window or section of wall in the attic

Underside of window or section of wall in the attic (1)

if you spot a lost space in the bedroom, the office area will easily find its place. With a little imagination, it is even possible to fit in as much storage space as possible.

10. Simply use the headboard as a partition

Simply use the headboard as a partition (1)

Do you have neither a section of wall nor any usable wasted space? Never mind: you can create one by simply using the headboard as a partition!

11. Bet for a modular option

bet for a modular option (1)

If you are definitely having trouble choosing the location of your office area, bet for a modular option: two trestles and a board, and here is a desk that you can move and remodel as you wish!

12. Folding wall desk

folding wall desk (1)

The folding wall desk is a very effective alternative for a functional office area, which knows how to be forgotten.

13. Dark wood essence, deep color and golden brass

Dark wood essence, deep color and golden brass (1)

Here is the perfect combination for the office corner of a neo art deco-inspired bedroom.

14. Rattan office desk if you decorated your bedroom in that way

Rattan office desk if you decorated your bedroom in that way (1)

Trend, rattan! If you have adopted the cane headboard , let yourself be tempted by a fitting desk. You can even dare the box model, which offers a generous capacity. With its openwork weaving, caning has the particularity of bringing lightness to massive pieces of furniture.

15. Scandinavian desk

Scandinavian desk (1)

The Scandinavian desk has a special knack for blending into the decor, especially if you opt for a light wood model.

16. Bohemian spirit

bohemian spirit (1)

In a room with a slow life or bohemian spirit , we fall for rattan. This supple wood also allows smooth, curved lines, which will make the desk appear smaller than it really is.

17. Shelves

Shelves (1)

Installing a desk corner in shelves makes it easy to optimize space.

18. Original decor

Original decor (1)

Shelves for an original and tidy office!

19. 2-in-1 office corner

2-in-1 office corner (1)

There, a pretty blond wood desk placed next to the bed fulfills both functions, very soft and sober.

20. Office area throughout

Office area throughout (1)

There are also large consoles commercially available that can fit into a small space.

21. Office corner all the way to free up space

Office corner all the way to free up space (1)

A large working space offers the possibility of several people sitting on the desk or deploying documents as they wish. This is a cheap solution because all you need is a sturdy board or a good countertop. We leave it white or we paint it to integrate it into the decoration.

22. Office corner in front of the window


Another bedroom, in the attic, had square meters lost at the bottom of the slope. This attic space now houses an office, directly above the roof window.

23. Office area at the foot of the bed

Office area at the foot of the bed (1)

In this country house, the bedroom has been tastefully renovated in a harmony of natural tones, taupe, beige and icy brown. It kept its white painted beams and decorative niche centered in the middle of the bed. In this peaceful atmosphere, unified by a floor covered with sisal, a desk has found its place at the end of the bed. The piece of furniture, chosen for its aesthetic simplicity – drawer top in stained wood, tapered base in dark wood – is found at the heart of the room but blends in completely with the decor. A solution to adopt when the walls are occupied by storage or large windows.

24. Hidden office area

Hidden office area (1)

Another very clever possibility if the bedroom has a niche or an alcove: install shelves over the entire height and a deeper shelf to serve as a work table. Between library and office …

25. Corner bookcase desk

Corner bookcase desk (1)

In this room, the office is invited in the corner. It comes with a shelf that offers a library space.

26. Desk dressing table

Desk dressing table (1)

This dressing table can be used as a desk. It is then a very practical little piece of furniture, for a mini bedroom.

27. Practical desk

practical desk (1)

A practical desk is a neat desk, like here with multi-function storage.

28. Discreet office area

Discreet office area (1)

In this room at the Okko hotel in Nantes, designer Patrick Norguet has created a real living space with bedroom, lounge area, office and bathroom. The small hanging wall secretary is simply composed of a tray and an elastic at the bottom to hold documents. A shelf and two small cupboards of different depths create rhythm and relief on the wall.

29. Storage

Storage (1)

Well seen these shelves and storage boxes above the desk to save as much space as possible!

30. Green plants

Green plants (1)

Bet on a few indoor plants to give your office a vegetated and lively side!