12 Masculine Headboard Ideas for the Perfect Bedroom (1)

Male interior design isn’t all about dark colors. It can be modern, well ventilated and lighted. Nevertheless, some masculine touches should always be felt. Today we are going to offer you some ideas to complete a beautiful masculine decoration. Discover in this post some splendid masculine headboards for a perfect bedroom.

1. Headboards covered with fabrics

Headboards covered with fabrics (1)

Fabric is the most common material when it comes to headboards. Why? Simply because it’s comfortable and cozy. There are fabric headboards which are soft in nature and others which are wood and upholstered in fabrics. When choosing a fabric for a male headboard, it is preferable to choose between the following colors: black, different shades of gray, brown… and possibly other colors already present in your color palette. When it comes to patterns, tartan and stripes are best suited.

2. Tufted headboards

Tufted headboards (1)

Tufted headboards are more or less traditional models. They are particularly comfortable and elegant. A tufted headboard can be upholstered in any fabric or leather. The leather one is easy to clean but also stains easily.

3. Leather headboards 

Leather headboards (1)

The headboard model you choose will depend on your decorating style. In the case of industrial and modern styles for example, the tufted style is not very recommended. Instead, we focus on leather models without tufting. A metallic or wooden headboard covered with leather in the color of your choice can create an especially sexy decor.

4. Wooden headboards

Wooden headboards (1)

Headboards made from reclaimed wood and many other types of wood are more than welcome in a masculine and vintage, rustic or modern bedroom. If you are a handyman, you can make yourself one quickly.

5. Metallic headboards

Metallic headboards (1)

Metal is neither the material par excellence, nor the typical material for a headboard. However, it can wow you when the design of the bedroom in question is industrial or modern. In this case, the metallic headboard brings a sexy and masculine touch at the same time.

6. Headboards made up of storage

Headboards made up of storage (1)

Space optimization occupies an important place in interior design; at least until now. We then invest in the most practical furniture for storage and we try to find the best way to furnish a room. To have extra space, why not opt ​​for a headboard made up of storage compartments? Male headboards made up of storage can hide your cushions, books and various other things.

7. Original ideas for a male headboard

original ideas for a male headboard (1)

Why not use a poster or other interesting objects as a headboard? You will thus have a beautiful original decoration.

8. Dark colors and cozy atmosophere

Dark colors and cozy atmosophere (1)

If you like dark colors – very trendy in recent years – the masculine style may be the one for you. They have a place of choice in the creation of an atmosphere at the same time felted, soft and enveloping. They are found in the form of paints, textiles and even on furniture. The most daring will even dare to color the ceiling to accentuate the intimate side relating to this range of colors. There is a lot of black, charcoal gray. It is also possible to find green or even blue but always in a dark and sustained shade. Sobriety and elegance can also be found in the bedroom thanks to this color palette.

9. Room predominantly white for a masculine style

Room predominantly white for a masculine style (1)

If you are afraid to use a dark color in large quantities, that’s okay. The masculine style in the bedroom is also available on a white base that we will accessorize with darker colors. We will use paint to highlight a detail, such as the radiator or the baseboards. Textiles having a great importance in the bedroom, they will also be the means to bring a touch of darker color: carpet, bed runner, curtains, blinds, headboard and of course bed linen. The latter is not necessarily united. It can be a mixture of colors, patterns and textiles. The goal is to create a warm bed that invites you to snuggle up and rest.

10. Robest and raw materials

Robest and raw materials (1)

Colors are not the only element that will allow you to create a masculine atmosphere in your sleeping space. Materials have a role of choice. We will find wood and not only in the form of parquet or furniture. Wood finds its place on the walls as a wall covering. Always in the idea of ​​robustness and naturalness, we will have leather by little touch: cushions, the headboard, why not a leather armchair in the corner of the bedroom. In a more loft and industrial vein, we can also think of brick (even stone) or even metal. Raw materials that can symbolize the raw man of formwork and yet warm.

11. Minimalism

Minimalism (1)

With materials that have a strong decorative value, we can easily do without unnecessary decoration. We only keep the essentials. Moreover, I had already mentioned the subject in the article devoted to the male-style living room. But what is essential in the bedroom? The bed (obviously) with a simple, no-frills shape. We also need storage for clothes. Whether it is in the appearance of the furniture or in the quantity of clothing, minimalism goes through this. And then, we will find some objects that will be both decorative and practical. A night table that meets your needs, a bedside lamp, a chair to put your clothes on in the evening before going to bed.

12. Niches and practical storage

Niches and practical storage (1)

Let’s take a look at storage. I just wrote, in a room decorated in a more masculine style, we will seek both aesthetics and functionality. We will therefore have simple and effective shapes, clever storage, unexpected niches. I insist, but this type of storage corresponds perfectly to minimalism. They will lose their charm if they collapse under clothes or other things lying around.