30 Best Decorating Ideas for a Bedroom

White encourages relaxation and can promote sleep. This is why white rooms are becoming more and more attractive in decoration. They are clean, minimalist and easy to decorate. White walls and bed linen are the key to a pleasant cocooning corner in summer and winter. If this color visually expands the space, then it can quickly look dull and cold, which is why it is necessary to combine it with the right accessories. Find out how to warm up a white bedroom and the essentials to decorate it.

1. Color per touch

Color per touch (1)

In this white bedroom, the color is inserted by touch, as here with the cushions.

2. Light shades

Light shades

The light shades gently awaken the decoration.

3. Wood

Wood (1)

The wooden furniture underlines a Scandinavian spirit in this room.

4. An anthracite gray headboard

An anthracite gray headboard (1)

To mark the bed nook and overturn the white vibe of the room, a charcoal gray headboard is a great idea. 

5. Plant-based atmosphere

Plant-based atmosphere (1)

In this white room, the plant has an important role. To recall hanging plants, the green duvet cover immerses the room in a real greenhouse.

6. Suspension

Suspension (1)

A rattan pendant lamp plunges the space into an atmosphere of relaxation. It goes wonderfully with the white walls while bringing a lot of elegance.

7. A beautiful parquet

A beautiful parquet (1)

Rather than installing white parquet or tile, add color to your floor. This gives a feeling of depth to the room.

8. Play with plants

Play with plants

To reverse the monotony of white, plants are ideal! They color the room while giving it life.

9. Warm the atmosphere

Warm the atmosphere (1)

To warm up your white, add a faux fur rug.

10. Play with shades of white

Play with shades of white

We play with the shades of white in the bedroom by choosing beige bed linen. 

11. Mix white and gray

Mix white and gray (1)

For a Scandinavian bedroom, we mix white and gray.

12. White and rattan

White and rattan (1)

Rattan brings a bohemian touch to the white bedroom

13. The call for relaxation

The call for relaxation (1)

In the branch room, the light garlands call for relaxation! 

14. Minimalist

Minimalist (1)

In this white bedroom, we opt for minimalism: everything in its place and furniture with clean lines. 

15. Plants

Plants (1)

We color the room white by adding indoor plants. 

16. Sleek furniture

Sleek furniture (1)

The furniture is refined in the white bedroom to create a trendy space. 

17. Mirrors

Mirrors (1)

We enlarge the white room by adding mirrors! 

18. Pom poms

Pom poms1 (1)

To energize the white room, a blanket with pom poms is a good idea!

19. Gray bed base

Gray bed base (1)

Contrast with the omnipresent white of the bedroom by opting for a gray box spring. It will highlight the bed. 

20. Natural

Natural (1)

In this room, different shades of white. This then creates a natural and pleasant cocoon. 

21. Some scratches

Some scratches (1)

To “break” the omnipresence of white, add a little navy touch, with blue striped white cushion covers. 

22. Vegetation

Vegetation (1)

A large green plant illuminates an entirely white room. 

23. A pallet bed base

A pallet bed base (1)

The wooden pallet base gives a raw side to the decor and brings character to the white of the bedroom. 

24. Garlands


The light garlands give a magical side to the room. Here, in the bedroom, it gives the sensation of a starry sky. 

25. Wooden furniture

Wooden furniture (1)

We rely on natural materials such as wood to give warmth to the room. 

26. Powder pink

Powder pink (1)

On this bed, a powder pink blanket illuminates the immaculate white. 

27. Color

Color (1)

Add color to your white bedroom with cushions. 

28. Wood and white

wood and white

The wood and white duo is a great idea in the bedroom! 

29. Dark bed linen

Dark bed linen (1)

Play with contrasts by opting for charcoal gray bed linen. 

30. A beige decor

A beige decor (1)

To give softness and warmth to your white bedroom, we put on beige decorative objects. All for a resolutely cocooning atmosphere.