30 Essentials to Decorate a Cozy Living Room (1)

In the living room, comfort has become as fundamental as the design and practicality of the furniture. This is evidenced by the craze for houses with a cocooning spirit. And that’s good because all we want is to relax and warm up to the max in a cozy living room, after work or in the middle of winter. To create a cozy living room, don’t skimp on the choice of furniture! If the sofa remains the essential element in any living room worthy of the name, other parts/objects can increase the feeling of comfort. Here are 10 of them.

1. A cozy sofa

A cozy sofa (1)

The sofa embodies the very essence of the living room, without it, the living room does not have to exist… But not all sofa models contribute to creating a cozy living room. The seat should be as generous as possible, inviting relaxation and laziness. In terms of materials, thick fabrics are popular! We add a plaid and cozy cushions to make it the centerpiece of the living room at the height of cocooning.

2. A woolen plaid

woolen plaid

In all the cozy lounges seen in decoration magazines, not a sofa is decorated with a very soft and cozy plaid in which to nestle. To adopt urgently, preferably in wool and in a neutral or natural color!

3. A soft light

A soft light (1)

It is no secret that lighting determines the atmosphere of any room … and more than ever in a cozy living room ! We banish lighting with too white light or, on the contrary, lighting that is too dark a bit depressing. The good idea lies in the mix of light sources that can be switched off and on as desired according to the needs and the desired atmosphere. We alternate between suspensions on the ceiling, table lamps to install at the end of the sofa, candles on the windowsills and floor lamps next to the sofa or an armchair …

4. A very soft carpet

A very soft carpet (1)

No cozy living room without a carpet! In addition to bringing comfort and warmth to the living room, it helps to structure the space… what a benefit! Kilim rugs, thick rugs, graphic rugs, colored rugs, there is no preference for the model to choose for a cozy living room. We just make sure that it matches the primary style of the room.

5. Wooden nesting tables

Wooden nesting tables (1)

To have everything close at hand when you are warm on your sofa, you must have a coffee table spacious enough to place a mug, TV tray, magazines and co. The Scandinavians have understood this well with their nesting coffee tables! More than functional, they are also practical since they are infinitely flexible. They are preferably chosen in wood, the flagship material for warm interiors …

6. A rocking chair

A rocking chair (2)

For a moment of ultimate relaxation, there’s nothing like a rocking chair that swings back and forth and rocks you gently… Adopt it in your cozy living room whatever your style! Vintage in rattan or more modern, in wood and fabric, we add fleece cushions and a sheepskin to make it even more comfortable.

7. Cozy decorative accessories

Cozy decorative accessories1 (1)

A cozy living room essentially goes through the details and a juxtaposition of decorative accessories that directly echo the good times spent warm at home. In addition to the plaid and the candles , we adopt designer mugs , TV trays and tea sets to display on the coffee table.

8. Velvet cushions

Velvet cushions (1)

Indispensable in a living room, and even more so in the cozy living room, the cushions are dressed in velvet to be more than trendy. They are preferably chosen in a warm color that is pleasant to the eye.

9. Thick curtains

Thick curtains (1)

We cannot repeat it enough: the cozy living room loves curtains. They dress the windows with elegance and enhance the privacy of the room. How to do without it? To transform the living room into a real cocoon, we prefer them in a very thick and opaque fabric.

10. Rattan storage baskets

Rattan storage baskets (1)

The cozy living room is a room in which you feel good … and that goes (also) through the storage ! Nothing should be messy, everything should be organized and tidy so as not to disturb the look and get in the way. We therefore rely on storage baskets , preferably rattan , in natural or neutral colors, so that they blend in with the overall decoration of the living room .

11. Multiply the plaids and cushions

Multiply the plaids and cushions (1)

To give your accommodation a cozy feel, don’t hesitate to accessorize your chairs, armchairs and sofa with plaids and cushions. These decorative and comfortable elements will be real calls for cocooning and relaxation.

12. Treat yourself to beautiful flowers

Treat yourself to beautiful flowers (1)

Do not wait for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day to brighten up your home with pretty flowers! Whether you prefer lilies, roses or daisies, treat yourself to a small bouquet every now and then. Beautiful vase is  Placed on your coffee table, it will bring a touch of freshness to your home!

13. Surround yourself with colors that put you in a good mood

Surround yourself with colors that put you in a good mood (1)

Do you have a favorite color? Whether it’s light blue, burgundy red or an elegant taupe gray, incorporate this color into your rooms. If white soothes you, why not treat yourself to a beautiful white medallion chair from Kare, which will put you in a good mood every day?

14. Bring art into your home!

Bring art into your home! (1)

If you want your apartment or house to have a unique style, do not hesitate to place beautiful works of art in it. Paintings, sculptures, photographs, all these little artistic touches will make your interior a pleasant and lively environment.

15. Cocooning sofa

Cocooning sofa (1)

With a plaid and cushions. 

16. Cocooning egg chair

Cocooning egg chair (1)

With warm colors. 

17. Cocooning lounge composed of a carpet, cushions and a plaid

Cocooning lounge composed of a carpet, cushions and a plaid (1)

The rug, always a good idea!

18. Cocooning sofa with cushions

Cocooning sofa with cushions (1)

For a touch of conviviality.

19. Sofa composed of many cushions

Sofa composed of many cushions (1)

In natural and pleasant colors.

20. Cocooning sofa and different light sources

Cocooning sofa and different light sources (1)

Do you also have only one desire is to snuggle up in this sofa?

21. Cocooning lounge

Cocooning lounge (1)

We love it!

22. The carpet warms the living room

The carpet warms the living room (1)

An interior ready for winter!

23. The light garland illuminates the cocooning lounge

The light garland illuminates the cocooning lounge (1)

Nothing more cocooning!

24. Soft and pastel shades

Soft and pastel shades (1)

It’s warm and heartwarming. 

25. Throws and cushions

Throws and cushions (1)

The charm of this salon. 

26. A raw wooden table

A raw wooden table (1)

For a 100% bohemian and cocooning decor. 

27. Through an armchair

Through an armchair (1)

To be able to rest as you wish.

28. Mix of styles

Mix of styles (1)

Dare the industrial decor associated with cocooning accessories for an interior full of softness.

29. Decorated walls

Decorated walls (1)

Decorate your walls with decorative accessories, plants and paintings with rounded shapes.

30. Bricks

Bricks (1)

We validate this interior with subtle and enveloping colors nuanced by a brick wall.