30 Decorating Ideas of Exposed Stone Walls in the Living Room

The natural stone wall brings an elegant, warm and authentic note to the living room. However, when it comes to putting the finishing touches on the decor, it is important not to miss it. Here are 30 simple or more sophisticated ideas to highlight your exposed stone wall.

1. Freestone wall

Freestone wall (1)

Transform your living room into a warm and authentic cocoon thanks to a freestone wall in pink tones.

2. Briquette and Mortar Wall

Briquette and Mortar Wall (1)

This interior brick wall covered with white mortar is perfect for keeping an interior with light and bright tones, while adding a vintage and industrial touch to your living room.

3. Large Gray Granite Slabs

Large Gray Granite Slabs (1)

One thing is certain, a wall like this will not leave anyone indifferent! The imposing granite slabs cut in the mass combine perfectly with the sobriety of the living room with modern gray design, and bring elegance and serenity to your interior decoration.

4. Provencal Dry Stone Wall

Proven├žal Dry Stone Wall (1)

Nothing more warm and soothing than a magnificent dry stone wall from Provence. The shades of lighter and darker tones go particularly well with a contrasting decor (white + brown leather in this case), and make your living room a cozy little nest that you will never want to come out of again.

5. Unite Stone Wall and Classic Living Room

Unite Stone Wall and Classic Living Room (1)

For a style that is both elegant and authentic, nothing better than a combination of a stone wall in light tones and classic furniture in shades of gray.

6. Paint your Stone Wall

Paint your Stone Wall (1)

If you find that your stone wall does not fit particularly well into the visual world of your living room, nothing prevents you from painting it the color you want. Here, the wall covered in dark gray paint contrasts with the ceiling and white walls, and pairs perfectly with the concrete bench seat and pops of bright color.

7. Mix Minimalism and Finesse

Mix Minimalism and Finesse (1)

Warm up the minimalist decor of your living room with a dry stone wall in beige-orange shades.

8. Dark Bricks and Industrial Style

Dark Bricks and Industrial Style (1)

For all fans of vintage industrial style, a dark brick wall bound by a light-colored mortar will always give an inimitable character to your living room.

9. Fine Cut Stone Wall

Fine Cut Stone Wall (1)

A fine cut stone wall, a wood stove, a modern and elegant decor, this is all you need for your living room to create a welcoming and warm atmosphere.

10. Play with Shades

Play with Shades (1)

A red brick wall in an interior like this would have contrasted a bit too much with the light tones in the rest of the room. But by adding a layer of white mortar roughly spread over it, the shades of red are perfectly diluted and blend seamlessly into the calm and relaxed atmosphere of the living room.

11. Gray Walls and Kitsch Furniture

Gray Walls and Kitsch Furniture (1)

Yet another interesting contrast: a gray stone wall accompanied by vintage / Kitsch style furniture.

12. Stone or Painting?

Stone or Painting1 (1)

Can’t decide between exposed stone and traditional painting? Good news ! You don’t have to choose! A wall like this is the perfect combination of light-toned stones and beige paint.

13. Concrete block wall

Concrete block wall (1)

The combination of designer and refined furniture with a wall of rough cinder blocks covered with white paint creates an interesting and visually very pleasant style opposition.

14. Limestone wall

Limestone wall (1)

Enjoy a cozy and warm interior with this pretty limestone wall accompanied by its traditional wooden decor.

15. Combine Red Bricks and Cement Base

Combine Red Bricks and Cement Base (1)

The red bricks + cement slabs combo gives birth to a raw and rather original industrial look. Add to that a leather sofa and vintage accessories and you are sure to get an atmosphere that is sure to intrigue your guests.

16. Large Slabs of Pink Stones

Large Slabs of Pink Stones (1)

If you think your living room lacks character and authenticity, it may be time to take a look at stone walls in pink tones. Easy to install, these tiles will radically change the visual appearance of your interior.

17. Traditional Stone Wall

Traditional Stone Wall (1)

A light brown colored stone wall will go particularly well with a dark parquet floor.

18. Old Stone Wall

Old Stone Wall (1)

The traditional and indestructible look of a stone wall like this is unmistakable. To give your living room all its cachet and its atmosphere of yesteryear, forget about painting and trust in limestone-colored freestone.

19. Sublimate the exposed stone

Sublimate the exposed stone (1)

In this interior of character, the exposed stone walls are combined with a rich and deep color with a matte finish. A relevant choice: the atmosphere of the show is soft, friendly and very cozy. In this setting in perfect balance between naturalness and sophistication, the stones are sublimated. We therefore opt for a claimed stripping, in order to better highlight them.

20. Avoid wall decorations

Avoid wall decorations (1)

In a small living room, the exposed stone wall is sufficient on its own. We will carefully avoid wall decorations, so as not to visually overload the room. On the other hand, we gladly play it as a backdrop, for example by opting for a suspension that we drop very low.

21. Wood stove and its pipe transform into a decorative element

wood stove and its pipe that transform into a decorative element (1)

In this living room that plays with codes, it is the wood stove and its pipe that transform into a decorative element to enhance the exposed stone wall. The contrast between stone and metal is a classic, but it still has its effect. Especially when the ground is involved, as here: we fall for the very successful mineral opposition between elegant stone on the wall and raw concrete on the ground.

22. Temptation of the section of wall

temptation of the section of wall (1)

In beautiful volumes, beware of the temptation of the section of wall entirely in room: the result could be overwhelming. For a long time, we contented ourselves with alternating exposed stone and a section of white wall. For a more original trendy decor, however, we will dare the metal effect, ideal for sublimating stones.

23. The exposed stone wall makes the show

The exposed stone wall makes the show (1)

This living room with an exposed stone wall displays a resolutely ethnic chic decoration . A style which gives pride of place to raw materials, such as wood and metal, and which allows a touch of exuberance. We therefore arranged several pieces of wall decoration. The good idea: the artisanal plastron-style necklace, the refinement of which contrasts with the raw stone, without going overboard.

24. Breathe a little lightness

Breathe a little lightness (1)

In this very mineral living room, the idea was to breathe a little lightness into the room. We therefore opted for an XXL curtain. The fabric indeed offers a dimension much greater than what one would have expected, because it is less a question of closing the window than of balancing the decoration. A task brilliantly accomplished, just by using a few folds of fabric!

25. Natural stone wall

natural stone wall (1)

In the living room, the natural stone wall goes wonderfully with an industrial decoration. Now is the time to dare the industrial clock, opting for a 100% metal and openwork model: a piece that combines the very raw character of the factory spirit, without overdoing it.

26. Elegantly decorate the exposed stone wall

elegantly decorate the exposed stone wall (1)

In order to elegantly decorate the exposed stone wall in the living room, one should first of all take into account the variety of the stone in question. With a light stone, we play on the contrast by focusing on darker shades. With a dark stone, we allow ourselves the tone on sound, for a cozy, sophisticated and a bit mysterious rendering. Here, the fireplace and the vases are available in an almost monochrome version, and it works wonderfully!

27. Contrast of colors and materials

contrast of colors and materials (1)

While it is wise to play with the contrast of colors and materials to decorate the exposed stone wall of a living room, it is just as smart to dare the opposition between ancestral natural stone and technology. We therefore dare the resolutely high-tech insert, for example by using the television as a decorative element in its own right!

28. Mineral stone is sublime

mineral stone is sublime (1)

If the mineral stone is sublime, it can turn out to be a little strict for a convivial living room. To soften and warm it, it is traditionally associated with wood. The good idea: combine practicality and aesthetics by using the niche. Here, it is an XXL model which decorates the exposed stone wall of the living room, allowing at the same time to benefit from a substantial reserve of wood.

29. Fall for the retro trend

fall for the retro trend (1)

Do you fall for the retro trend? Fall for the irresistible sun mirror by favoring a rattan model. Depending on the dimensions of the exposed stone wall in your living room, you can use it solo or combine several mismatched models.

30. Refined decoration

refined decoration (1)

If the exposed stone wall prefers a refined decoration, it may be necessary to opt for a shelf in order to cram a few books in the living room, for example. In this case, bet on wood. A vegetal note is welcome. This is a great opportunity to exhibit a ceramic vase or soliflore, the delicacy of which will enhance the raw aspect of the stones.