25 Inspirations to Create a Friendly Living Room (1)

A place of welcome and reunion, but also of relaxation, the living room is intended to be warm. Create a friendly living room by copying these 25 ingenious inspirations.

1. Poufs for a multicolored living room

Poufs for a multicolored living room (1)

In this colorful living room, the ottomans give a childish and joyful touch to the decoration. In addition, their colors have been selected according to those of the multicolored sofa and the ceiling lights in order to have a perfect harmony.

2. A red pouf in a modern living room

A red pouf in a modern living room (1)

The red ottoman with knitted border in this living room enhances the modern and contemporary style of the decor, while adding a warm and pleasant note to the room. It fits well in this modern design to which it brings an innovative and charming touch.

3. Pink and white poufs in a Scandinavian living room

Pink and white poufs in a Scandinavian living room (1)

Scandinavian atmosphere in this living room with simple decor, but chic and 100% friendly! The poufs covered with pink and white fabric come to sow charm and color for a fresh and trendy atmosphere.

4. A blooming rug in a classic living room

A blooming rug in a classic living room (1)

The floral carpet in this living room is the only one to sow color and pep. It is chic, designer and makes disappear the classic character of the original decoration of the room which is based on the gray color of the sofa, on the white color of the modern chair and on the yellow tint of the lighting.

5. A zebra rug in a retro living room

A zebra rug in a retro living room (1)

The zebra skin rug in this living room gives warmth to the retro style of the room. It goes well with the retro-style black and white sofas installed there, while attenuating the varnished wood color of the parquet which contrasts with the dominant colors of the living room.

6. A Moroccan rug in a summer living room

A Moroccan rug in a summer living room (1)

Enjoy a warm and summery atmosphere with this colorful Moroccan rug. Its patterns and design on a white background make it the centerpiece of the decor of this living room. It validly complements the neutral style of the sofas, the appeal of which is reinforced with red pillows.

Select the style of carpet according to the decor trend you want to adopt. A shaggy rug is suitable for a cocooning decor, a Moroccan rug for a trendy decor, a bohemian rug for a cozy or rustic style …

7. A fireplace as a central room

A fireplace as a central room (1)

This tip is ideal if you have a beautiful fireplace in your living room, because everyone loves to enjoy a moment of relaxation by the fireplace! Arrange the seating in the living room facing the fireplace, and use the angles around it to install the bookcase, shelves, light fixtures, etc. Also take inspiration from its colors (gray, brown, black) to create a rustic decor in the room.

8. A black stove to warm up a cocooning interior

A black stove to warm up a cocooning interior (1)

If you don’t have a chimney, no need to run into big installation costs: you can replace it with a good pellet stove. As in the case of the fireplace, the stove will be the centerpiece of the room. Around it, you can create a beautiful Scandinavian-style interior, or keep your initial decor.

9. A colored insert to warm up a colorful atmosphere

A colored insert to warm up a colorful atmosphere (1)

The traditional color of the heating stove is black, but to make your accessory part of the decoration, you can very well adopt another color! In the living room below, the frame of the insert is blue green and fits easily into the modern style of the decor made in yellow and red.

10. A favorite show

A favorite show (1)

Here is a chic living room that sums up all the ideas stated above. A yellow area rug can be seen under one of the white sofas, while a red and another black pouffe can be seen not far from the fireplace. Red and striped pillows complete the decor of the furniture that is installed around the fireplace, with the mini-library in the corner.

11. Choose cozy materials

Choose cozy materials (1)

Materials play a major role in the atmosphere of your living room. Wood is a warm and timeless material. It can be used in different ways: waxed, raw or painted. There are different types of wood in various colors.

At the same time, bet on natural textiles with linen, cotton or wool cushions. They will dress up your sofa and give that sought-after “cozy” aspect. You can also install a comfortable carpet, placed under a coffee table, it will act as a space divider.

12. Find the perfect lighting

Find the perfect lighting1 (1)

Lighting can really transform your living room. You can add multiple sources by creating light shows. Candles, table lamps, subdued lighting, pendant lights, lamppost … You can turn off some or turn on others depending on the desired lighting.

13. Organize your furniture well

Organize your furniture well (1)

A room where you feel good is also a room where the furniture is well arranged. If you are a fan of feng shui decoration , know that the sofa should not be facing the front door. Ideally, its place will be against a wall, where one feels safe.

If your living room is large, divide your room into several cozy spaces. If, on the contrary, it is small, adapt the size of your furniture and favor storage.

14. Find the right decorative balance

Find the right decorative balance (1)

Find the right balance and don’t clutter your space with too much furniture and decorations. Traffic must be facilitated and dusting it must not become a nightmare. Go straight to the point with the essential furniture and objects that are important to you.

15. Throws and cushions

Throws and cushions (2)

Accumulate plaids and multiple fabric cushions to create a welcoming effect on your seats. Velvet, short or long pile wool, cotton, with pompoms, we love them all in a friendly living room.

16. XXL rug

XXL rug1 (1)

Prefer a very soft carpet on the floor of your friendly living room. It will invite you to take refuge there for crispy confidences between friends or family. Moreover, opt for large models welcoming all your guests!

17. A wall rug

A wall rug (1)

In addition to the photo frames, bet on the carpet which easily dresses the walls of your living room. Better yet, it undoubtedly warms up this convivial room.

18. A large sofa

A large sofa (1)

Obviously in a friendly lounge, we want to welcome as many people as possible. Thus, all people must find their place. A corner sofa or very long is to be preferred!

19. Curtains

Curtains (2)

Often forgotten in the decor, the curtains are not necessarily ‘has been’. In a friendly living room, they are perfect for decorating windows and making them warm.

20. Candles

Candles (1)

It’s hard to miss the candles to create a friendly decor in the living room. Yes, they form a welcoming atmosphere that calls for warmth.

21. Sofas

sofas (1)

Not all living rooms can afford to install sofas. And if yours is small, it can be quite user-friendly thanks to armchairs. Even more welcoming than large seats.

22. Plant

Plant (1)

Very trendy in recent years, green plants are invading all decor. This contribution of the exterior to the interior promotes exchange and conviviality.

23. Poufs

Poufs (1)

You never have enough seats in a friendly living room. To do this, add ottomans in all corners and of all sizes. Functional and practical, some models are easily stored.

24. Decor on a fireplace

Decor on a fireplace (1)

In the collective imagination, the fireplace calls for reunions and therefore conviviality. So don’t leave it empty, which could make your living room sad. If you are not the proud owner of a fireplace, install a fake one!

25. Some reasons

Some reasons (1)

To add warmth to this friendly living room, add exotic patterns in touches without overdoing it. We like them on cushions, rugs, sometimes on ottomans.