22 Ideas of Tuscan Style Decor in the Whole Home (1)

In the heart of the Tuscan countryside hides, in the middle of the fields, an old house completely redecorated by Elodie Lesire and her architecture and interior design firm Dmesure. A true haven of peace surrounded by greenery, this country house lacks nothing.

1. Respectful and sustainable materials are in the spotlight

Respectful and sustainable materials are in the spotlight (1)

Whether limestone, sandstone, marble or wood, the genre of the Tuscan style places great importance on natural materials. We notice it both in the very structure of a house inspired by the Tuscan style, but also in its decorative elements. Indeed, it is not uncommon for the wooden beams of the building to be visible. Far from trying to camouflage them, we actually try to highlight them and emphasize their authentic side. Next to this, we also often notice beautiful marble elements (or failing that in Venetian plaster), whether decorative columns or even statues, very typical of the Tuscan style.

2. Earth colors

Earth colors (1)

In a house inspired by the Tuscan style, the color terracotta is king in all these shades. Indeed, the colors of this decorative trend have their source in the colors naturally present in Tuscany. We therefore find matte creams and earthy browns that sometimes draw on orange nuances reminiscent of terracotta. But also, there is a lot of dark green, reminiscent of olive branches, as well as light blue which echoes the cobalt earthenware tiles found on the west coast of the Peninsula.

3. When the plant takes over the decoration

When the plant takes over the decoration (1)

In order to give life to the decoration, the Tuscan style lets plants invade it. Whether it is real plants, or simply patterns, nature is once again very present. And this, in a very opulent way. Indeed, the tapestries like the murals that often adorn interiors in the style of the Tuscan style are very generous.

4. A gathering place conducive to sharing

A gathering place conducive to sharing (1)

As with all cultures where the culinary art occupies an important place, the kitchen is a real place of life. We eat there, of course. But it is also a place where we meet, with family or friends, to share special moments. The decoration of this room in the Tuscan style therefore follows this logic. The space is open, bright and very warm. In particular, there is a large table ready to welcome people.

5. Echoing previous generations through decoration

Echoing previous generations through decoration (1)

Kitchen is also synonymous with transmission in Italy. Generation after generation, the recipes are given. We learn from our grandmother how to make a good pesto and from our father the technique to make a focaccia the first time. And this is one thing that the Tuscan style brings to the decoration. As in other rooms, the elements pile up over time. In the kitchen, for example, we proudly display our old brass utensils and dusty cookbooks.

6. Whenever possible, take advantage of the sun

Whenever possible, take advantage of the sun (1)

Indeed, this type of building has a garden, but also an interior courtyard. Far from being neglected, these corners of nature are well equipped so that you can enjoy the outside of your home as soon as the weather allows it (that is to say, normally rather often). Marble benches, matching wrought iron table and chairs, whatever the way, so you necessarily have a small relaxation area. The watchwords: take the time and enjoy.

7. Require her to deal with her environment

Require her to deal with her environment (1)

Very often, this need to enjoy the outdoors is reflected in the presence of an Italian garden that can also include a vegetable garden. Open to the Italian countryside, it also historically reflects the ideal of openness of humanist thought.

8. Terrace with a view

Terrace with a view (1)

The best country houses, whatever their size, offer many little nooks, so that everyone has their place of rest. On the roofs of our Tuscan house, a pretty stone terrace is decorated with colorful cushions and allows you to enjoy a breathtaking view of the surrounding countryside.

9. A sheltered terrace

A sheltered terrace1 (1)

This terrace sheltered by a pretty awning allows the owners of the house to enjoy the outdoors until late in the year. Its comfortable benches are in fact placed near a fireplace which can warm the autumn evenings.

10. Beautiful stones inside

Beautiful stones inside (1)

The identity of this house has been preserved, inside and out. The furniture, as modern as it is, highlights its old stones. Here the kitchen opens to a large wooden dining table.

11. Visible beams

Visible beams1 (1)

In the living room, the rustic and modern style go hand in hand. The beautiful stone floors and exposed beams frame the modern furniture and abstract paintings very nicely.

12. Bedroom and office

Bedroom and office1 (1)

In this room under the roof, the bedroom area is separated from the study by a very large headboard. A nice way to convert two rooms into one.

13. A bedroom in light colors

A bedroom in light colors (1)

For this second bedroom, the exposed beams have been lightened to better match the pastel colors of the bed linen. The original elements of the piece? The bed is placed on a wooden platform and a wicker garden armchair hangs from the beams.

14. A bathroom fit for kings

A bathroom fit for kings1 (1)

Behind two old-fashioned wrought iron doors is a beautiful hip bath. At the end of the bathroom, a large screen made of wood panels.

15. A vintage yellow

A vintage yellow (1)

To give a sunny and warm touch to your terrace, choose an aged yellow for the facades.

16. A stone terrace

A stone terrace (1)

The stone terraces evoke romance and authenticity, two flagship atmospheres of the Italian style.

17. A furnished pergola

A furnished pergola (1)

Green the roof of a wrought iron pergola to enjoy a bucolic and poetic space where rest and freshness are welcome.

18. Flowers for a romantic terrace


Don’t skimp on flowers to infuse a sense of romanticism that is unique to Italian traditions.

19. A restful decor

A restful decor (1)

Do you have a stone house? And if you enhanced it with cyan blue shutters which bring softness and dynamism to your terrace? 

20. Italian authenticity

Italian authenticity (1)

Don’t try to have a perfect terrace. For a successful Italian style, opt for a friendly and spacious place where calm is present. 

21. Terracotta

Terracotta (1)

For a warm and sunny Mediterranean style, there’s nothing like a terracotta-colored waxed concrete wall. 

22. Provencal air

Provencal air (1)

The terraces in the Italian deco style are reminiscent of Provençal exteriors as the friendly aspect is felt.