20 Stunning Traditional Kitchen Ideas to Inspire You (1)

A traditional kitchen decoration is defined by the meeting between the beautiful and the natural, which then creates a beautiful and light appearance with a warm and cozy note. A traditional kitchen is most often a place where the whole family gathers in the morning to enjoy breakfast. A traditional kitchen is also a spacious place including the dining room. She is usually the center of the house where the whole family gathers in joy, for chatter and also to plan the day. It has one or more islands as the main element, as well as simple and classic cupboards. Check out some impressive kitchen design examples below, showcasing the beautiful traditional style.

1. A beautiful classic kitchen

A beautiful classic kitchen (1)

The beautiful and subtle texture of these cream-colored cupboards with the kitchen island featuring several traditional shelves creates balance and a charming look in this room. Arched windows infiltrate natural light and provide a natural, airy ambiance.

2. A black and white design

A black and white design (1)

The designer has managed to provide a modern and natural look to this place through the contrast of the smooth white colored cupboards with the black kitchen island featuring a glossy sleek looking worktop.

3. A bright kitchen

A bright kitchen (1)

The sunny look of this casual kitchen comes from the bright yellow cupboards with a matching kitchen island that features a glass worktop. The monochromatic look doesn’t create a dull, boring effect as you might expect; on the contrary, it gives a pleasant, jovial and charming feeling.

4. A bright decor

A bright decor (1)

This huge kitchen island with a stunning wooden base and smooth textured worktop is definitely the essence and focal point of this traditional family kitchen. The stone part offers a rustic and artisanal setting.

5. A casual decoration with a creamy color

A casual decoration with a creamy color (1)

Cream and soft color tones are effective for an airy and pleasant note in a kitchen. The rounded kitchen island, accompanied by bar chairs made with natural materials, brings a certain note of freshness to the interior.

6. A colorful kitchen

A colorful kitchen (1)

Here is a bold mix between tangerine colored cupboards and sky blue walls, spreading two different energies that merge, and create a perfect balance in this beautiful traditional family kitchen.

7. Spacious kitchen

spacious kitchen (1)

The natural light streaming in through the large windows provides this spacious kitchen with a predominance of gray color a natural and airy look. The striped rug is a great accent and the large black kitchen island gives this kitchen a formal, serious and traditional note.

8. With a coffered ceiling

With a coffered ceiling (1)

The high coffered ceiling with wooden beams is certainly the focal point of this beautiful traditional kitchen. The predominance of white color and creamy tones, combined with the color of the walnut floor, gives it a friendly and natural feeling.

9. As modern as it is traditional

As modern as it is traditional (1)

Here is a really charming and beautiful traditional kitchen decoration. The white elements match perfectly with the oak floor to establish a pleasant and charming setting.

10. Bet on natural colors for a classic kitchen

Bet on natural colors for a classic kitchen (1)

A classic kitchen does not have to be white . You can personalize it by opting for natural shades: beige, cream, brown, etc. All combined with a marble floor in the same tones will result in a harmonious classic kitchen.

11. A classic zen kitchen

A classic zen kitchen (1)

Gray is an increasingly popular color in today’s interiors. Transform your classic kitchen into a more contemporary one by opting for a gray palette . Add some dark gray or white accessories for a zen and soothing room.

12. Classic cream kitchen with wallpaper

Classic cream kitchen with wallpaper (1)

Add a touch of whimsy to your classic rustic kitchen . Long outdated, wallpaper is making a comeback and brightening up the walls of your home and even those of your kitchen. Dare a floral pattern in a white kitchen for an even more inviting and rustic effect.

13. Classic rustic and country style kitchen

Classic rustic and country style kitchen (1)

Classic style kitchen with its rustic and country atmosphere with its numerous storage spaces and its elegant dining table

14. Cement tiles in the kitchen

Cement tiles in the kitchen (1)

The first thing that comes to mind is cement tiles. They are part of the essential elements in a classic chic kitchen but above all they have the ability to send us directly to a bygone era. They are synonymous with old and charming. And we find them both on the floor and on the wall.

On the floor, cement tiles can cover the entire surface but it is common to combine them with other coverings such as tiles (plain and neutral) or even parquet. Creating a covering carpet is not necessarily complicated when you like to DIY. And it makes it possible to highlight a part of the kitchen: its center or the space around the central island for example.

On the wall, the cement tile is often used as a credenza near the worktop. It is at eye level and the pattern like the colors of the coating will energize a kitchen that is a little too simple or even a little too modern. Generally, we avoid using a cement tile both on the wall and on the floor. It may be a little too much unless you’re looking to create a specific effect.

15. Earthenware sink for an authentic kitchen

Earthenware sink for an authentic kitchen (1)

What generally pleases in the classic chic style is that there is an idea of ​​authenticity. And to help you create that feeling in the kitchen, there’s nothing like an antique sink, or at least a sink that looks like an antique sink. We forget the stainless steel sink. We go to a white earthenware sink in a rectangular format. If you ever come across an old sink at a flea market, for example, make sure it is not porous. This is essential for it to be practical on a daily basis. If it’s porous it will stain super easily and you’ll never really have it white. To complete the washing-up area, don’t forget to pair your sink with a classic-looking faucet too. It’s the little details that make the difference and that will give you the feeling ofe you the feeling of.

16. Colorful furniture

Colorful furniture (1)

We move on to a major point: kitchen furniture. Regardless of the style, they always have a significant place in a decoration project. We cannot leave them aside. In the classic chic style, the kitchen furniture is generally colored and worked. The facades will have relief, simple but present. (Avoid too many frills on the kitchen fronts, don’t forget that it is imperative to wash them once in a while!) On the color side, I will come back to this later, but we can first note a predominance of neutral and soft colors. We will find kitchen furniture in gray or beige but also blue or green furniture. These are colors that bring peace. White can also be an option in a classic chic kitchen to tone down too many patterns or to make the brighter space. As with the history of the faucet, for kitchen furniture in the classic style, it is the door handles and knobs that will make the difference. Choose small hardware carefully.

17. A dresser to showcase the pretty crockery 

A dresser to showcase the pretty crockery  (1)

Still in the furniture category, we can think of adding a dresser in the kitchen. It offers you additional storage but it also decorates, especially when the upper part is in the form of a showcase. You can stage your dishes. We nevertheless avoid overflowing with dishes because 1/ the bazaar is not very pretty 2/ 50 years ago, it was not common to have too many dishes, in general, we had the necessary. Overconsumption had no place. Personally, I’m a fan of plain crockery but in a classic chic kitchen to put a touch of decoration in the dresser, you can hunt for some old plates with a nice decor. This will accentuate the effect of authenticity of your decoration.

18. Neutral colors for a classic and bright kitchen

Neutral colors for a classic and bright kitchen (1)

Colors play an important part in creating your classic chic vibe in the kitchen. We will find them everywhere: on the furniture, on the floor, on the walls. We are no longer in the modern and easy association of white and wood. Nevertheless, we can stay on neutral colors to decorate the kitchen. We can have fun declining a color in shades. What is interesting with neutral colors is that they are generally light and bright. Handy when you have a kitchen that doesn’t get a lot of natural light.

19. Powdery colors for a classic and soft kitchen

Powdery colors for a classic and soft kitchen (1)

If you don’t fancy neutrals, why not opt ​​for a more powdery color? You can choose green or blue. These are easy everyday colors, restful colors. Pink can also have its place in a classic chic kitchen, but it is rarer. It is often too feminine and too modern. These colors are often associated with white or a very light neutral on the walls so as not to lose brightness.

20. Dark colors for a intimate kitchen

Dark colors for a intimate kitchen (1)

Dark colors are popular. And they can have their place in a classic chic style. This is the case for all rooms in the house. There is no reason for the kitchen to be an exception. If you want a dark color in the kitchen, there are two things to consider. The first is the brightness of your room. If it is not bright enough, cooking will be painful. The second is the small details. They will allow you not to fall into a too modern atmosphere. It will therefore be necessary to choose carefully the fittings, the cupboard door handles, the lighting… What I like with classic and dark kitchens is that they create an intimate and comforting universe. Black, anthracite gray are quite cozy.