20 Inspiring Ideas to Decorate Your Child's Room in Green (1)

Green is a naturally relaxing color for the eyes. Doctors say that when your eyes are tired, you should look at something green in the distance for a while. Green exists in different shades which also convey different meanings. Using mint green color in your bedroom will make it cool and relaxing. If you mix it with other colors, your room will have a chic look or a masculine design. Green is also known as the color of growth; that’s why we propose it here for the decoration of your child’s room. Also, we invite you to discover below different designs of children’s room dressed in green.

1. An impressive bedroom decorated in white and green

An impressive bedroom decorated in white and green (1)

This bedroom decoration in white and green is accentuated by details in red. The furniture is white, only the shelves and the table leg are red.

2. Neat and clean

Neat and clean (1)

Add lots of green hues to an all-white bedroom; you will manage to achieve a really neat and organized look like the one in this nursery. What gives the latter a neat look are the multiple drawers on rollers, which facilitate storage.

3. Lime green and yellow

Lime green and yellow (1)

Mix green and yellow and you will have a vibrant room for your child. Use an appropriate base color for the floor and walls and you won’t have to worry about the furniture even if its color is bright.

4. Elegant in mint green

Elegant in mint green (1)

This stylish kids bedroom dressed in mint is for teenagers. It is perfect with the table lamp and the shelves for books.

5. Fabulous bedroom in mint green

Fabulous bedroom in mint green (1)

This mint green decorated kids room features tinted glass doors, neutral wood for the walls, and a glossy white floor that provides it with a very fresh and relaxing air.

6. A harmonious decor

A harmonious decor (1)

To bring some balance to your child’s room, choose wooden furniture and add a rug for texture. Your boy will appreciate the neutral colors in his nest.

7. A great shade of green

A great shade of green (1)

Change the shade of green and you will feel the difference inside the bedroom. In a child’s room like this, you will be able to feel a lot of energy, vitality and joy thanks to the green color that tends towards yellow.

8. A good dose of freshness

A good dose of freshness (1)

This children’s room has a very spacious study area, a large closet and a colorful bed. The large windows give a nice view of the outside, which adds a feeling of freshness inside.

9. Beautiful colors

beautiful colors (1)

Similar to a design that we have already seen a little above, this design promotes wooden furniture, but we used a dark base color for the floor and part of the wall. We can see the colors of the ocean in this bedroom.

10. Two-tone universe

two-tone universe (1)

This duality also allows you to have fun with patterns. On the one hand, the decoration of the bedroom will look demure. On the other hand, the patterns on the walls will bring originality and poetry to the aesthetics of the room. A beautiful evocation of this tender age at the beginning of life where stimulating discoveries and moments of tenderness rock daily life.

11. Graphic patterns on the walls

Graphic patterns on the walls (1)

The patterns give a more playful and less serious aspect to the development of a child’s room. These designs also bring joy to the world of the piece. In order to finalize the creation of a beautiful bedroom atmosphere, play the originality card to the end with small objects, garlands and fun wall decorations.

12. Furniture colored in water green

Furniture colored in water green (1)

Let’s now leave the decoration of the walls to focus on the furnishing of the baby’s room. The color also invites itself on the furniture of the room. This small chest of drawers in water green is a good example for decorating a baby’s room with colorful furniture. The cupboards, the cradle, the shelves or even the bookcases are available in pastel versions to create a decor full of charm and delicacy.

13. The most beautiful pastel textiles

The most beautiful pastel textiles (1)

If you are afraid of quickly getting tired of the water green color, you can also bring color into the baby’s room with textiles. Bed linen, curtains and other colorful textiles are easier to change if the style of the bedroom no longer suits you.

14. The alliance of wood, white and water green

The alliance of wood, white and water green (1)

The water green blends perfectly with wooden furniture and light parquet. White, light wood and pastel green form an alliance of harmonious and soft shades.

15. The shade inspired by Scandinavian bedrooms

The shade inspired by Scandinavian bedrooms (1)

Pastel shades are a staple in decorations inspired by Nordic designs. These colors apply to the walls and textiles of your baby’s room to give it style and charm.

16. The marriage of water green and white

The marriage of water green and white (1)

The water green paint goes very well with the white. If you are thinking of repainting the room a light shade of green, also consider buying white furniture for your child’s room. This duotone is particularly fashionable. The simplicity and lightness of its look are two major assets for furnishing a beautiful bedroom.

17. A large water green rug in the baby’s room

A large water green rug in the baby's room (1)

In front of the baby’s cradle is a magnificent water-green and white carpet. Its round silhouette accentuates the softness of the bedroom atmosphere.

18. Two distinct spaces

Two distinct spaces (1)

Children’s room with two very distinct spaces in a spirit of nature, cabin and adventure.

19. Trendy children’s room

trendy children's room (1)

100% trendy children’s room: cactus wallpaper, a comfortable rug, a bistro chair painted green, a ball basket to store everything and a board to encourage creativity.

20. Touches of green

Touches of green (1)

Child’s room entirely white with touches of green: furniture, accessories, toys…