20 Ideas for Organizing and Decorating a Teenager's Room (1)

Your boy has grown up and you realize that he is no longer a child? It’s time to redecorate his room to adapt it to the preferences and needs of a teenager. A teenager’s bedroom should consist of a few well-organized and comfortable areas. Your son will need a space to sleep, another to study, a corner for him to have fun and welcome his friends and a fourth corner for storage. Do not forget to define above all the style of decoration of the room according to what your son appreciates: industrial, vintage, modern, etc.

1. The decor around the sleeping area

The decor around the sleeping area (1)

The sleeping area is obviously the most important area of ​​a teenager’s bedroom; as in the case of any other room for that matter. Create the style that pleases him while taking into account his passions and hobbies. For example, for a teenager who likes sports, it would be nice to find wall decorations related to sports to embellish the wall. If he has won medals or special prizes, do not forget to place them in his personal space. You could opt for a headboard on which is fixed a jersey or a sports item. If industrial design appeals to your son, a faux brick wall and pipes are to be integrated into the decor of his room.

2. A space to study

A space to study (1)

It is important that your son has a special space to study and not just any. This second zone must be comfortable and motivating. The office table is the main element for this space. As much as possible, install it near the window in order to benefit from natural lighting. If the room is small, you can place the desk table near the bed. There is another solution for small spaces: a desk fixed on the wall. This second zone must respect the style of decoration of the room. For an industrial-style teenager’s bedroom, a metal table would be perfect. For a modern design, a long, thin wall-mounted table is recommended. If you could paint a section of wall with slate paint so that your son would take notes or express his passion; that would be great.

3. A space to store clothes and shoes

A space to store clothes and shoes (1)

Boys, to be more precise, teenagers, tend to leave their things lying around everywhere. It is therefore common for a teenager’s room to be messy. You, parents, can nevertheless help and guide them so that this is not the case. Provide your son with a practical large sliding door closet with enough compartments for the various clothes, shoes and items he would need to store. If you can’t fit a big closet, try to find practical storage that would help your teen stick to good habits.

4. An area to receive

An area to receive (1)

Arrange a space for your son to receive his friends to play music, video games or whatever he likes. Create a nice zone according to his passions and hobbies and according to the space you have.

5. Occupy the ceiling height

Occupy the ceiling height (1)

When there is not enough floor space, do not hesitate to invest the walls. Closed or open storage can find their place. Shelves with boxes or cupboards in height will be welcome above the bed or the desk, it offers the possibility of storing many things. Also think about the mezzanine, today there are many systems that allow you to put the sleeping area up high and clear the bottom to put a desk or a sofa and transform this place to receive friends. A sofa bed and a rug are enough. The sofa bed is practical, because it allows a friend to spend the night.

6. Delimit the spaces

Delimit the spaces (1)

Even if the bedroom is small, you can delimit the spaces without partitioning this room of course. The bedding will, for example, be isolated by a shallow shelf or a glass -type partition in order to provide maximum privacy. It is also possible to play with a headboard that will hide a dressing room or provide storage and a place to put the lamp and the things your teenager needs for the night without having an extra bedside table. Just know that these separations, whatever they are, must let the light through to enlarge the room by illuminating it. Moreover, clear the place from which the natural light comes and work the artificial lights in different forms and powers, to modulate according to the activities.

7. Perfectly optimized with a sleeping area, office and storage

perfectly optimized with a sleeping area, office and storage (1)

The area of ​​this bedroom is absolutely perfectly optimized with a sleeping area, office and storage and even a small relaxation area without taking up the volume of the room. The mezzanine is an optimal solution.

8. Practical area

Practical area (1)

The retractable lily and the poufs that slide under the worktop are two ideas to take up again, without hesitation as they are practical when square meters are lacking.

9. Clothing storage

Clothing storage (1)

Clothing storage is important and necessary. In this small bedroom, it has been optimized thanks to the dressing room and the clothes rack.

10. Feminine room

feminine room (1)

This feminine room has been perfectly arranged around the desk with functional storage, but which does not weigh down this small room.

11. A bed and a bench

A bed and a bench (1)

A bed and a bench to receive, reception and sleep are thus assured. There is also a table serving as a desk.

12. Clever layout

clever layout (1)

A clever layout that favors sleeping space and multiple storage spaces.

13. Trellis separates the sleeping area

trellis separates the sleeping area (1)

In this pretty bedroom, the trellis separates the sleeping area from the office area while allowing light to pass through.

14. Color and pattern

Color and pattern (1)

Find the colors he particularly likes and have fun with paint test samples. Define what will be the color codes of the room. For the patterns, they can echo the decorative style chosen above or even a design that brings back good memories. A ski addict will appreciate the mountainous silhouettes, a wax pattern can serve as a Proust madeleine for a travel lover.

15. Opt for a neutral base and personalize with accessories

Opt for a neutral base and personalize with accessories (1)

At that age, as indeed throughout his life, tastes and desires change quite quickly. So I advise you to choose a neutral base such as white walls, wooden furniture without too many embellishments and to accessorize with more embodied objects: patterned duvet cover, colored carpets… So, in case of weariness, the changes will take place without resorting to too much work.

16. Comfortable bed to sleep well

Comfortable bed to sleep well (1)

Restful nights should be your first goal. For this, it is advisable to choose your mattress according to its inhabitant.

1. Foam mattress: support for the spine. It should be chosen with a minimum density of 35 kg/m³ for very comfortable daily use and excellent product life.

2. Pocket spring mattress: the most advanced spring technology. It is rather suitable for couples because the mattress dampens movements if one of the sleepers moves a lot. Latex mattress: versatile and of natural origin.

3. It is firm and comfortable. This model , for example, is an excellent choice.

17. Buy plain papers with floral patterns

Buy plain papers with floral patterns (1)

The right wallpaper to bring warmth and life to a bedroom. With nature wallpaper , you can dramatically change the mood of your bedroom. It is ideal to feel at ease in an environment which resembles us, and which calls for calm and rest. The energies must indeed be positive in your bedroom since that is where you sleep. For a restful and quality sleep, you have to feel good, and the decoration helps a lot with that. The floral tapestrygives life to a previously bare wall. With its patterns, nature invites itself into your home and brings its share of colors and freshness. You can find beautiful quality wallpapers at the best price in just a few clicks. So that the decoration of your room does not ruin you, but brings a beautiful visual harmony, warm and soothing tones. You can discover a very large selection of patterns and colors, and choose the wallpaper that best suits your tastes. Moreover, the opinions left by previous customers can help you make your choice.

18. Shared bedroom: create a space for each occupant

Shared bedroom, create a space for each occupant (1)

It is essential to separate the spaces if several children occupy the room. If two teenagers live in the room , you can create a color code specific to each universe so that each is visually their own living space. This can go through decorative objects or a two-tone wall. Of course, you can also place a screen in the middle of the room. It will thus be easily divided into two and each will gain in privacy.

If your teenager shares his room with his little one or his little brother, I advise you to choose a loft bed for him. He will thus be able to have his own space, in height. But above all, if he tends to be on his phone late in the evening, the light from it will not disturb the youngest in his sleep.

19. Hanging chair cozy corner

Hanging chair cozy corner (1)

I love teenagers’ rooms that have a comfortable armchair so that they don’t have to spend their lives between the desk chair and the bed. So if the surface allows it, select together a nice hanging chair or a soft seat.

20. Furnish a teenager’s room with a large mirror

Furnish a teenager's room with a large mirror (1)

In line with the outfit, don’t forget to install a large mirror for a quick check from head to toe before going out.