20 Inspirations of rustic and stylish lounges (1)

Do you dream of a living room with rustic decoration but you lack inspiration? You are in the right place ! We make you discover 20 country lounges completely differently furnished to help you adopt the bucolic style in your living room …

1. Scandinavian country living room

Scandinavian country living room

This country-style living room is inspired by the codes of the Scandinavian style, namely: the use of sober and clear colors, natural materials and furniture with a simple and functional design. The rattan chest and the hat are there to recall the bucolic spirit of the country houses.

2. Ethnic country living room

Ethnic country living room (1)

In this rustic living room, the ethnic style is in the spotlight with a mix and match of materials that could not be more successful. Here, wood from tropical species coexists happily with woven plant fibers, felt and cotton linens, leather furniture and waxed concrete coverings. The whole thing gives a result to die for, doesn’t it?

3. Traditional country living room

Traditional country living room (1)

For a traditional country-style living room, fall for vintage furniture such as this chaise longue or for this display cabinet. Complete with curtains and cushions in linen, silk satin for a delicate and poetic atmosphere. To you the open windows naps to relax with the singing of the birds!

4. Modern country living room

Modern country living room (1)

If you are more of a modern style, nothing prevents you from adopting the country spirit in your living room by revisiting it in a more contemporary way. Get inspired by this living room where artisanal creations (pottery, bust, sculpture) combine wonderfully with more contemporary works of art such as posters with graphic and unstructured patterns.

5. Country loft style living room

Country loft style living room (1)

A country living room furnished in a loft style? This is the successful bet of this inspiration where we find the elements of the countryside through the terracotta tiles on the floor, the exposed wooden beams and some vintage and recycled furniture. As for the industrial style, it manifests itself through contemporary furniture: from leather benches to designer armchairs and XXL rugs.

6. Mediterranean country living room

Mediterranean country living room (1)

A rustic living room inspired by the Mediterranean countryside, what do you think? Get inspired by this interior with its natural decor and totally exotic. We totally fall for the spice yellow and khaki green which give a warm and welcoming look to the room. We also fell in love with the light straw pendant lights that remind us of pretty aerial jellyfish …

7. Cozy country lounge

Cozy country lounge (1)

If you want a country-style and cozy living room, set up a small relaxation area in the image of this inspiration. The best of the best? Install a hanging chair or hammock near a bookcase and / or fireplace. Relaxing atmosphere guaranteed!

8. Chic country lounge

Chic country lounge (1)

We end our selection of the most beautiful country-style living rooms by proving to you that this style, although it is of rustic origin, can also be perfectly integrated into chic and elegant interiors. For that, it is enough simply to adopt sober colors in predominant hues like white and white which one associates with warm and natural colors like brown and beige as well as some nuances of gold.

9. Ethnic notes in the rustic living room

Ethnic notes in the rustic living room 1 (1)

In this rustic living room, influences of character meet. A bit wild, the irregularly cut coffee table seems freshly carved from oak. While the animal head displayed like a trophy above the fireplace serves as a stylish wall decoration. To appease the decoration of the living room, chic ethnic accessories were brought. Like the Berber carpet and printed cushions. For a contrasting living room.

10. Attic living room, rustic style filled!

Attic living room, rustic style filled (1)

Charm guaranteed for this lounge fitted out under the roofs. Thanks to its exposed beams and wooden coffee table, the rustic atmosphere prevails in the living space. A raw appearance that contrasts with the modern silhouette of the braided armchair, whose color evokes the trend of black . The good idea to steal? The weathered wooden shutter affixed as a decorative object.

11. Old world charm in the rustic living room

Old world charm in the rustic living room (1)

How to resist the charm of the old? Exposed beams, miller’s ladder, patinated coffee table, this living room brings together all the elements of the rustic style. Soothing the traditional atmosphere of the place, white also modernizes this living room. The contemporary touch is brought by the accumulation of black and white portraits above the sofa. Flawless guaranteed!

12. Color to boost a rustic living room

Color to boost a rustic living room (1)

The rustic atmosphere also goes well with the strong colors. To add a twist to a parquet that has lived in, a guarantee of authenticity, all you need to do is adopt antique pieces. On the velvet sofas , the ocher adds pep to the living room and matches the vitamin tones of the ethnic-patterned cushions. The little extra of this rustic and eclectic living room? The houseplants , bang on trend!

13. Rustic living room at Nordic time

Rustic living room at Nordic time (1)

In this living room, there is no doubt that the centerpiece is none other than the coffee table. Inspired by salvage with its wooden pallet and aged wheels, it embodies the rustic style in the Scandinavian atmosphere that reigns here. The crumpled linen textures, also from country living rooms, are tinted with pure white and powder pink. Shades typical of the Scandinavian style and yet marked by the dated patina of the furniture.

14. A rustic living room in shades of beige

A rustic living room in shades of beige (1)

Available in a neat palette, the living room seats play the card of simplicity. Painted in shades of beige, the ceiling, walls and shutters of the front door breathe modernity into the traditional profile of this living room. The furniture, mainly made of light wood, brings a touch of authenticity to the place. The openwork wooden pendant light gives the living room a designer touch.

15. Mix of materials to warm up a rustic living room

Mix of materials to warm up a rustic living room (1)

Want a more cozy rustic living room ? Why not play with the accumulation of materials? Crumpled linen and weathered wood interact with the thick fur of the carpet and the light fabric of the luminaire. All in light shades, from pearl gray to off-white, the living room furniture forms a cozy cocoon where it is good to curl up.

16. Rustic rug for living room with character

Rustic rug for living room with character (1)

Spice up your rustic living room with the rug! Influenced by the West Coast of the United States, the decor revolves around animal skin. The carpet, a real centerpiece, characterizes and sets the tone for the rest of the living room. In this two-tone look, between white and wood, the vintage cutouts of the pedestal table and the lacquered walnut armchair bring a plush note to the rustic spirit. Enough to create a charismatic salon.

17. Rustic living room, between old and contemporary

Rustic living room, between old and contemporary (1)

Immaculate, this living room confronts styles. If the openwork black armchair and the charcoal lighting are resolutely contemporary, they contrast with the rustic spirit of the coffee table and the wooded beam. Ethnic rugs, leather sofa and mottled chest of drawers complete the contrast of genres.

18. Rustic living room with Provencal accents

Rustic living room with Provencal accents (1)

Improvised bench, coffee table in weathered wood, woven pendant light … The furniture looks straight out of a flea market. Eclectic but always chic, the furniture harmonizes in the rustic living room thanks to harmonious tones. As for the Provencal touch, it is provided by the sapphire blue plates, displayed in a jumble above the fireplace.

19. Bleached wooden ceiling

Bleached wooden ceiling (1)

The white walls and the lightly bleached wooden ceiling bring a lot of freshness to this room. We also like the rustic elements that blend perfectly with the very current colors.

20. White vintage living room

White vintage living room (1)

In this living room, the atmosphere is authentic, but the presence of white infuses the room with a certain freshness and modernity.