18 Modern Color Combinations to Bring Charm to Your Home (1)

Today, I suggest you take a look at the best and modern color combinations to bring charm to your home. The following color combinations are just what your home needs to be trendy this year.

1. Turquoise and Marigold

Turquoise and Marigold (1)

Turquoise and Marigold, yellow, are back in trend. These colors are a vintage classic that can be used together or separately. Nothing better to create a focal point in a room. You can use these colors as shades or as main colors.

2. Pink and Gray

Pink and Gray (1)

A powder pink shade is a safe bet. It is a color that was once widely used and is becoming fashionable again. Even though it is a vintage color, when paired with a gray color, this color becomes trendy and modern. This color combination will bring some light to your space and give it a unique character.

3. Multiple shades of blue

Multiple shades of blue (1)

Instead of working with several shades of different colors, consider using shades of blue, for example. This creates a color blockage. When using this technique, make the vivid hues become the main focus. It works wonderfully when you want to create an eclectic aesthetic.

4. Peach and Black

Peach and Black (1)

The peach color is a real trend this season because of its versatility; especially when paired with shades of black. Peach is one of those multi-faceted colors, it works for many spaces while providing a sophisticated and feminine charm. By adding black, the color becomes elegant and formal with a touch of chic.

5. Teal and Copper

Teal and Copper (1)

I love this color combination. It’s fresh, fun, and well worth trying out when you want to change up your home decor a bit. The mosaic feel of the teal color bounces off the copper, and gives a feeling of being one of a kind. This combination works exceptionally well in the kitchen.

6. Mint Green and Hot Pink

Mint Green and Hot Pink (1)

Then, the idea of ​​combining the mint green color and the hot pink color is quite classic but offers a quite modern rendering. The hot pink hue also works great when paired with mint green.

7. Bright Red and Bright Yellow

Bright Red and Bright Yellow (1)

These two shades combined are absolutely spectacular. They are very contemporary. Personally, I find them to work particularly well in the kitchen.

8. Orange and Pink

Orange and Pink (1)

The color orange is known to give a bit of dynamism in a room. But when paired with pink, the vibe becomes a bit mystical. The combination of these two colors is quite rare. If you want a different style than the others, then this is what you need!

9. Navy blue & millennial pink

Navy blue + millennial pink (1)

Sweet and romantic, this combination of pink and deep blue creates a perfect soothing backdrop for a bedroom! Blue is one of the most relaxing colors, painting one wall (or all walls) in your bedroom this shade will definitely help you relax after a long day! Pair it with soft-colored bedding for a tailor-made haven of peace!

10. Dark green & cognac

Dark green & cognac (1)

Green has been on the rise in popularity lately and we can see why! The deep color creates a hushed environment and pairs perfectly with the plants in the room. We particularly like the touch of cognac on the furniture, which creates a perfect contrast against a white backdrop. A great way to bring a touch of “nature” to the space!

11. Millennial pink, white and gray

Millennial pink, white and gray (1)

We have the impression that we will never get tired of the thousand-year-old pink! Once reserved for girls’ rooms, we now assume it everywhere in our decor, including on our front door! Paired with white and dark gray, pink takes on a more chic and distinguished look. We dare the pink!

12. Red, white and slate gray

Red, white and slate gray (1)

If you are a fan of red and want to integrate it into your room, I strongly suggest that you opt for red accessories rather than painting your walls. Walls of this color require several coats in order to achieve a uniform result (and are quite difficult to cover if you change your mind over the years). The best solution is to get a piece of furniture or an accessory in red color, which you place on a neutral backdrop so that it stands out from the decor.

13. Navy blue, white and gold

Navy blue, white and gold (1)

A timeless classic that still has its effect! Colorful kitchens flood social networks and win the hearts of many with their daring and style. Chic and a bit nautical, navy blue, white and gold coordinate beautifully and can serve as a color palette for any room! 

14. Teal, turquoise, cream and gold

Teal, turquoise, cream and gold (1)

A combo reminiscent of the seaside and which makes us want to travel! Blue-green paired with more neutral and warmer (complementary) hues create a beautiful, harmonious and inviting decor. Don’t hesitate to include several neutral shades in your decor (such as the patterned rug for example) to create a more eclectic look !

15. Taupe, black, white and peach

Taupe, black, white and peach (1)

Taupe is the new gray! To create a warm neutral decor, paint your walls (or part of your walls) a taupe color. Pair it with warm white and black to add a bit of contrast. Then add a subtle touch of color to wake up the room. Simple and elegant!

16. Olive, white and mustard yellow

Olive, white and mustard yellow (1)

A great way to decorate with originality is to use colors that you don’t often see in decor! By using them in small or medium doses and by combining them with white for example, you will get a chic and distinguished look! Guaranteed wow effect!

17. Navy blue, pinkish beige and mustard yellow

Navy blue, pinkish beige and mustard yellow (1)

For a feminine but-not-too-much decor , opt for this pretty combo combining dark and light shades! We like that the darker color is used on only one part of the wall to create a focal point for the reading nook. Mustard yellow wakes everything up and makes us want to go and sit down to read and drink a good coffee!

18. Sage green, white, millennial pink and natural wood

Sage green, white, millennial pink and natural wood (1)

The ultimate Scandinavian color palette! The sage green of the walls instantly makes us want to rest and the pink lends a little just enough feminine touch to the space. Paired with white and a few touches of natural wood, these colors will literally transport you to the Nordic countries!