18 Decorative Ideas of Gender-neutral Bedroom1 (1)

Decorating a newborn’s room without knowing the gender can be complicated. Just like for a mixed room. Here are 18 ideas for a non-gendered decoration.

1. Head in the clouds

Head in the clouds (1)

This theme is very sweet for a baby’s room, with a wide color palette all the same. We associate two dominant colors among: white and grey/blue or glossy brown. The clouds are present on each image: in stickers on the wall, in frames, on a mobile…

2. In the heart of the savannah

In the heart of the savannah (1)

Stories, baby can invent thousands! The savannah is represented by the colors wood and green. There are fake plants and savannah animals framed or stuffed.

3. Gigantic mountains

Gigantic mountains (1)

Here are 3 beautiful mountain themed bedroom layouts. Finally, the field of colors is very wide! The snow-capped mountains, with a dominant gray and wood, or in summer with more bright colors! We opt for paintings on the walls or stickers. As accessories, there is a plane, hot air balloons and birds to bring an aerial feeling.

4. The big trip

The big trip (1)

Here, many “natural” colors are present with shades of wood and blue. A mural to illustrate the theme or accessories hung on the wall: plane, world map, trophy, suitcases on the floor…

5. Walk in the forest

Walk in the forest (1)

Nature and animals invite themselves to a siesta! On this theme, the color of wood is predominant, in association with worms or grey. We will choose the famous cabin bed, and as accessories, forest animals in stuffed animals, in frames, stickers or murals.

6. Under the ocean

Under the ocean (1)

We dive to discover the marine world! Blue and white for the representation of the ocean, and why not a third color to add pep like the brown in the photo on the right. Fish and shellfish stuffed animals as well as pretty frames of whales or swordfish.

7. A vintage decoration

A vintage decoration (1)

Here is a theme that is perhaps less babyish than the previous ones and just as charming. Many natural colors, that of wood and white. Only the terracotta wall gives dynamics to the room. For an authentic effect, we will choose raw vintage furniture, bed, chest of drawers, shelf.

8. Sage green

sage green (1)

Sage green is a timeless yet mixed color that works equally well in a girl’s room or a boy’s room.

9. Terracotta

terracotta (1)

Enhance the white of the walls with touches of terracotta. This shade gives a warm look to the bedroom.

10. Natural materials

Natural materials (1)

Wood and other natural materials are classics that work in any type of bedroom.

11. Yellow


Put some sunshine in your child’s room with bright yellow cushions and curtains. For a warm and sparkling space.

12. Gray

Gray (1)

If your son and daughter share their bedroom, bet on neutral walls, like with gray.

13. Sky blue

sky blue (1)

No, blue is not just for boys. Sprinkled with other colorful touches, this shade is equally suitable for a girl’s room.

14. Midnight blue

midnight blue (1)

In addition to soothing, midnight blue is a genderless color. It brings an incredible softness to the bedroom.

15. Beige

beige (1)

Beige goes with all styles and warms the interior while remaining neutral.

16. A bunk bed

A bunk bed (1)

If your daughter and son share the same room, opt for a bunk bed and a neutral decoration.

17. White walls

white walls (1)

To be sure not to make a mistake in the decoration of a gender-neutral bedroom, bet on white walls. ©I ​​don’t know how to choose

18. Wallpaper

Wallpaper (1)

You can also choose a wallpaper that will take your child on a journey through the illustrated landscapes.