25 Ideas & Tips for Decorating a Baby Room (1)

Far from clichés and the total blue or pink look, the decoration of the baby’s room is reinvented. Without much surprise, today it sticks to the major trends that punctuate the other rooms of the house: natural look, Scandinavian spirit, retro atmosphere, jungle style …

1. A trendy bed canopy

A trendy bed canopy (1)

To give the crib a cozy touch, we do not deprive ourselves of a pretty bed canopy in waffle cotton. The latter, in addition to infusing a cocoon spirit, structures and warmly dresses the sleeping area in the room.

2. A brass wall decoration

A brass wall decoration (1)

Poetry on the walls ! In this bedroom, a pretty brass kite is enjoyed alongside black and white wallpaper. Simple and efficient !

3. Floral wallpaper

floral wallpaper (1)

Since wallpaper with XXL motifs is more popular than ever in our interiors, why not dare it even in the baby’s room? In this little girl’s space, it’s a soft and floral print that sublimates everything.

4. A vintage decorative touch

A vintage decorative touch (1)

No doubt, vintage decorative pieces are the charm of an interior. In the baby’s room, it is often in the form of a mottled bed or found in the family attic that the retro touch materializes, as here, with this vintage wrought iron model.

5. A poetic night light

A poetic night light (1)

An essential element of the nursery, the night light takes height with this wall model in the shape of a poetic moon. On a dark background, the result is superb.

6. Plush trophies

Plush trophies (1)

Rabbits, elephants, lions, pandas… trophy-style cuddly toys can be found on the bedroom walls. A real menagerie with a timeless decorative effect.

7. A koala shelf

A koala shelf (1)

This pastel-colored shelf with the features of a koala is the playful and practical touch of the baby’s room . Installed above the changing table, it allows you to slide toiletries for example.

8. An XXL plush

An XXL plush (1)

Add height to the decor by focusing on XXL accessories . Here, it’s a giraffe plush that gives the room all its personality. The little ones will never tire of contemplating it!

9. A mountain decor on the wall

A mountain decor on the wall (1)

Creating a childlike escape in the bedroom involves adding travel decorations to the wall. In this room, a mountain range materialized with a little imagination, paint and elbow grease.

10. Unisex colors

Unisex colors (1)

Water green, mustard yellow, rust, gray … for a baby’s room that is intended to be mixed, a multitude of unisex colors are at your disposal.

11. A garland of pennants

A garland of pennants (1)

She’s on the rise in the baby’s room. The fabric pennant garland is available in many ways , and for the unisex bedroom, it is adorned with mineral colors such as mustard yellow and mouse gray.

12. Natural materials

Natural materials (1)

Macrame, blond wood, rattan … this room which gives pride of place to natural materials can perfectly suit a little girl and a little boy.

13. The first name on the wall

The first name on the wall (1)

Very beautiful stripes for this baby boy’s room. The wooden letters representing the baby’s first name bring the personal touch of decoration, easy to achieve!

14. A tree and clouds sticker on the wall

A tree and clouds sticker on the wall (1)

Beautiful bedroom with blue and gray trends for a baby boy. We really like the cloud decoration on the wall as well as the tree sticker. The many soft toys add a touch of comfort.

15. A soothing decoration

A soothing decoration (1)

There is something really calm and calming about this baby boy bedroom decoration… It is most certainly thanks to the very careful choice of paint colors.

16. Tree wall stickers

Tree wall stickers (1)

A very pretty room for baby boy with a mix of gray, blue, orange and white. We particularly like the use of the tree sticker with the small birdhouse and the painted branches simply positioned in the pretty blue vase which contrasts very well with the orange!

17. A jungle inspiration

A jungle inspiration (1)

Inspiration from the jungle for this very playful and funny baby boy room. The smiling giraffe immediately puts you in a good mood!

18. Shades of blue

Shades of blue (1)

A very beautiful room for baby boy in shades of blue. The result is a very relaxing and chic bedroom at the same time. We really like the wardrobe and the hanging lamp.

19. A mixture of gray & turquoise

A mixture of gray & turquoise (1)

We particularly like the very nice mix of the dominant gray and turquoise colors of this modern and very functional baby room. The bed incorporates storage as well as the changing table, practical!

20. Clouds on the Ceiling

Clouds on the Ceiling (1)

A very large bedroom for a baby boy. If you have the space (and a significant budget), this baby boy room decoration is really beautiful. We love the ceiling as well as the top of the walls with the discreet and airy clouds! We also love the oversized rug which helps bring a cozy touch to this room.

21. A tipi hut

A tipi hut (1)

A room to inspire adventure … The tipi hut, easy to DIY or buy, blends very well with the large world map on the wall and the carpet with pretty black patterns.

22. A “chic” jungle decoration

A “chic” jungle decoration (1)

Difficult in reality to catalog this room in a precise style. We really like its “chic” and simple side while taking inspiration from the jungle trend (very popular at the moment). Very bright thanks to the large window, this baby room is also very relaxing and calm.

23. Vintage decoration

Vintage decoration (1)

A very beautiful vintage bedroom for a baby boy. The tricolor curtains are beautiful! We also love the multi-part posters and of course the cute airplane model hanging from the ceiling that seems to fly around the room.

24. An elephant laundry basket

An elephant laundry basket (1)

A room for a baby boy in shades of gray and blue. We love the very relaxing aspect of this room. The elephant laundry basket is on sale at homedecorators.com and the rug is on overstock.com.

25. Stars on the wall and hanging planets

Stars on the wall and hanging planets (1)

Above, a baby room decoration for a little explorer. The stars on the wall as well as on the cover give a very nice touch of decoration, just like the hanging planets and the Star Wars posters. The copper pendant light brings a chic aspect to the bedroom.